Ads pgs 1-3.indd 1 52616 414 PM 2 3 Cape Features 36 SUN SPLASH FAMILY WATERPARK Crazy fun on 14 acres of slides, pools and rivers makes the Capes Sun Splash coolest getaway in Southwest Florida. Special Section People places making our lives better. 42 HEALTH PROFESSIONALS 44 WOMEN IN BUSINESS Floridas difference-makers. On Cover The Family Waterpark is hot, all 595,000 gallons wet fun. Read more about this mega-attraction page 36. 4 TOTI.COM JULYAUG 2016 JA16_CCL_TOC.indd 53016 310 Your Monopoly scratch-off game Natalias best chance to attend medical school. TM E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C A T N. Since 1997, Florida Lottery has been creating a brighter future for through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through scholarship, than 725,000 students have earned opportunity college. education they received allowing them give back community boost economy, while helping fund next generation students. So remember, you play, wins. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 5 419 Departments 30 Greetings 10 Mayor Marni Sawicki Style 33 34 Radar 12 Whats Store Summer Silouettes Book 73 Doctored Credentials Jessica Cosden Commerce Beauty 16 Health Pets 76 New Development 45 Medical Apps 46 Gulf Coast Village 48 Food as Medicine 50 End Road 74 Bracing Bangs Booms Astrology Stargazing Best Face Forward Art 22 24 Outdoors 52 56 60 Cultural Park Theatre Pathway Discovery Bike Trails Coral Burrowing Owls Scene 78 79 Red, White Boom Home Stay 26 Place Retire Month Culinary Services Shot 80 Fireworks Professionals 62 Where Wine Lovers Sip Savor 64 Guide Dining SW Lobster Season Explore Calendar 68 Happening Dixie Roadhouse CAPE CORAL LIVING ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. Kids 72 Have You Seen Me OUR NEXT ISSUE We celebrate unlimited capacity creative expression SeptOct issue. They say art eye beholder, we aim an eyeful painting, architecture, dance, music more. Plus well explore design trends fashion. If creativity your thing, issue will both satisfy inspire. 6 6116 802 AM 7 PUBLISHER Margo Williams ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund ART Andrew Cantor PROOFREADER ONLINE Heather Gray EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Daniela E. Jaeger Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Balogh, Gina Birch, William R. Cox, Gallogly, Garrett, Joyce, Luberecki, Renee Novelle, Ann Marie OPhelan, Dr. Jasmine M. Reese, Sawicki, Nanci Theoret, Terry Allen PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Jaeger, Dan Tudor, OF SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING 100 Friedrich 102 104 Ted Rodman 107 Kimberly Paulus 108 Dru Anne Doyle 109 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.comcapecoralliving twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 239-395-2125 York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Group PublisherVPC.O.O. Vice Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Times Islands Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 8 Masthead.indd 944 9 421 Guest Editorial Message From elcome, Living magazine. am looking forward seeing many stories highlighting what city special. This exciting time mayor Coral. With nearly 170,000 residents, once again ranked among fastest-growing cities nation--and its easy see why. offers 400 miles beautiful waterways with their amenities ideal, year-round climate incredibly friendly atmosphere. Our south area enjoyed rapid growth opening variety new entertainment venues, microbreweries some most delicious quaint restaurants North continues offer nature scenes, also business opportunities that come having regions 240,000-squarefoot VA Healthcare Center Diplomat Parkway. That facility already exceeded original projections patients staffing. real estate affordable--at same offering selections from top builders nation. As local government, working hard at building maintaining relationships community. result, made several lists throughout To name few No. Future Job Growth, Top Coastal Towns Retire, Safest City overall 27 Cities Live U.S. W major highlights 2015 total 25,328 permits pulled commercial residential up percent over 2014. Commercial 183 two years. conference center being built Westin Resort Tarpon Point, which draw visitors around Completed 90 interconnecting bike routes affording us Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community status. In this, my third mayor, theme one opportunity. At 122 square miles, less out. possibilities smart phenomenal. year, developing Economic Master Plan, Parks Plan rewrite Land Use Regulations, zoning district Bimini Basin attract developers. Many mayors before me contemplated idea destination however, due past economic downturns were never able accomplish it. determined make it happen development attracting larger companies remain goal year. Its enough market these must diversity them. Diversity means innovation, ideas constant renewal. Ive seen giving one. invite readers discover so know--the charm living Sincerely, GuestEditorialchosen.indd 53116 537 PHOTO COURTESY MAYOR MARNI SAWICKI 11 422 Councilwoman wants expanded J CapeRadar.indd 425 JESSICA COSDEN essica asking fairness--legally. councilwoman requested citywide rules protect transgender workers who employed job citys private sector. Federal laws prohibit discrimination based sexual orientation, but suggesting similar wording books Ordinance language was drafted Corals legal department, says, stressing her vision civil-rights recognition workers, mirroring so-called bathroom Carolina. 10th largest city, she needs done. moved after resident complained rental housing denied womens orientation. Although federal such discrimination, ordinance prohibiting identity would fortify notion supports every worker, says. It shouldnt too controversial, says proposals. Oasis nations schools High School countrys challenging, according figures compiled Washington Post. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate other testing, divided graduating seniors, qualified Posts Challenge Index. America. --Craig PHOTOS BY CRAIG GARRETT 13 541 CCL.JA16_Blurb.indd District back-shelf project readies, hopeful, others sure CapeCommerc.indd 530 ON THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE t off shelf decades. Now appears moving toward reality. awaiting state review changes 51-acre paper creates downtown believe lacking planners envision hub centered waterway Some suggest offices high-rise bring fresh look vibrancy static Others arent sure, registering concerns noise traffic public forums. amended mixed high-rises, ground-floor storeswhich gateway potential developer, officials say. along Parkway first 1950s. surrounded today mostly housing, park businesses. feeds into Caloosahatchee River, meandering canals lining neighborhoods. states approve changes, return additions deny altogether, rare. council May agreed unanimously land use consideration. Upon approval, phase include hiring manager, begin fitting pieces puzzle, Still, hearings thousand details lie ahead, explains, shovel sand dug. just critical area, Basin. And rezoning preliminary setting stage. relatively new, considering ARCHITECTS PROPOSE OPENING WATER TRAFFIC TO THE CALOOSAHATCHEE, ULTIMATELY GULF. Jack Leonard Rosen 1957 purchased Harney christened Rosens set out lure retirees Northerners, dredging selling parcels touring isolated spot bus plane. later said 700,000 investment million returns. estimated current population 162,000 double 2032. Bimini, hopes, centerpiece growth, albeit decade late. frustrated, havent proactive telling story. seems like get own way. accelerate project, 2014 paid urban study University South Graduate three proposals redevelop each envisioning walkable anchored water, offices, shopping recreation. timeframe skeletal overlay five years, eventual buildout insist. Amended speed process. Final plans require partnership builders, surrounding landowners, pacified locals everyone involved longtime residents adding huge overburdened road system right, yet understand inevitable. Elmer Tabors family 1960, instance, grocery store Tabor still owns office, stands near Big John, 28-foot mascot former grocery. cant stop Tabor, better do something accommodate Editor-In-Chief Media. DEVELOPMENT WOULD TRANSFORM BASIN DISTRICT RUNNING ALONG PARKWAY. Study young vibrant tremendous room growth. However, potential, severely lacks density. St. Augustine hundreds years old. But zoomed since founding pair brothers Baltimore. until then cattle ranching vegetable farming. Loggers 1940s had cleared cypress pine, leaving scrub wetlands. ALL 15 52916 747 Are lipstick lover face cream fanatic Then youre right place. Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup everything in-between. Because whether laidback surfer babe product junkie, know thing good feel. BETH LUBERECKI PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD lucky blessed truly flawless skin, Bsame Cosmetics can help. Brightening Powder helps address common complaints redness, dullness sallow complexion formulations different skin tones issues. Free parabens, sulfates phthalates, translucent matte powder only corrects problems, sets makeup, absorbs oil, brightens subtly any added shine shimmer. Ingredients vitamin C, squalene lecithin soothe hydrate multiple applications day buildup. Want try Head Sephora Coconut Point Estero 239-390-9889, NATURAL APPROACH heavy makeup. Thats why Jane Iredales summer collection called Skin Is no-makeup look. Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit 58 features highly pigmented easy-to-wear shadows shades soft pink gray brown combine GreatShape Eyebrow 35 play peepers. Infused antioxidants, Flawless PurePressed Blush delivers peachy-pink color used eyes lips cheeks, Tea PureGloss Lip Gloss gives sheer tint golden caramel hydration courtesy ingredients avocado oil. products highlight yourself. Find Iredale locally spots Evas Hair 239-822-1899 Azul Cosmetic Surgery Spa Fort Myers 239-415-7576, JA16_CCL_Beauty.indd 429 SUMMER ESCAPE European isnt cards continental vibe routine help Lancmes Bliss collection. Inspired colors landscape France, boasts ranging warm neutrals sunny corals. Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trio fluid 38 Power bronzer 42.50 radiant, sunkissed look, Vernis Love long-lasting nail polish Orangeade Glace 15.50 adds bright pop digits. attention Ombre Hypnse Stylo eyeshadow 27. Pick Lancme retailers Saks Fifth Avenue Bell Tower Shops 239-489-0980,, Dillards Edison Mall 239-936-1441, 239390-9889, SKIN SAVIOR visit dermatologist DDFs Pro-Retinol Complex Moisturizer 65 might thing. Gentle daytime use, retinol, niacinamide B3 firm minimize appearance wrinkles pores restore healthy glow. should tell if awhile youve doctor. DDF Ulta 239-334-0659, 239-992-0361. KEEP IT SIMPLE dry ultra-sensitive, probably want choose care free chemicals unnecessary ingredients. JSNs Basics doesnt petrolatum, sodium lauryl laureth fragrances. Instead, facial cleanser 11.99, lotion 16.99, cleansing towelettes 6.99 night 16.99 borage omega-3 fatty acid aids hydration. mild lotions provide all-day moisturization, cleansers gently remove dirt, oil JSN Target locations. 17 430 performances 1960s CULTURAL PARK THEATRE IS AN INTIMATE 184 SEATS, MOSTLY SOLD OUT DURING ITS RUN THROUGH MAY. SOME 12,000 GUESTS VISITED 2015-16 SEASON. Ja16_Cult_CuturalParkTheater.indd 548 B ig theater fun, no question. theres intoxicating theater--the intimacy, perhaps friend production-- things pop. especially true Coral, where date 1960s, whose players always neighbors, friends. sort history played groups production delayed because John F. Kennedys death. become ingrained community, fact, season often overlapped rehearsals productions, Michael Moran, theaters executive director stage actor. busiest little Florida, Moran theater. Things werent bright. Players began small detachment storefronts, fire stations, school auditoriums, anywhere group could gather watch solid musical, script authentic theater, frugal, saved money, he allowed building. 19 6316 832 HEARTBEAT LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Theatres Broadway runs September May. Concerts typically one-day events weekend. kicked May, running September. Tickets adults, children under 12. 528 Blvd. 239-772-5862 20 549 TOP BOTTOM AT GLANCE Unfortunately, builder bolted construction funds, unfinished shell became hangout unsavory types, walls overlaid graffiti, Threatening building, foundation partnered, using grants complete providing theatregoers find today184 seats performances, tribute acts, lectures, workshops, concerts camps. wrote overview complex Boulevard allows people comfort zone. surprise vitalask Shakespeare. Marlon Brandos mother recommended Henry Fonda playhouse production. Untold millions thrilled productions vaudeville amateur dating Colonial Massachusetts founded 1877 reportedly longest continuing playhouse. attracted patrons 201516 season, near-record placed operational black. While produces two-dozen shows, camps players, backstage volunteers carry day, picking details, lighting construction. Those off-spotlight roles visualize imagine opening-night curtain lifts. keeps capacity, work volunteers. Weve technicians starting kids now adults. thrive 21 433 Five Reasons routinely ranks high RENE NOVELLE un-drenched stranger Places organizations CNBC, Bankrate, MONEY Magazine, Movoto WalletHub. multiple-year nominee recently coveted spot, coming Forbes 2016. reason--the ideal climate, cost blossoming cultural offerings picturesque place call home during Cost Flourishing strong economy falls four points below national average, enjoying bountiful increased active way life. really puts map. median 210,000, modest retirement appreciate promise reasonable mortgage. Low Crime Another key consideration families move low amount serious crime. consistently identified safest incidents violent non-violent crimes per capita. 2012 2013 FBI report confirmed second-safest size. Police Department Capt. Tony Sizemore sees improvement even ranking safe feel leave doors unlocked, particularly when comes vehicles parked driveway. Vehicle burglaries count significantly alleviated simple vigilance, explains--thereby top. Public Transportation known plethora convenient sidewalks, reasonably priced reliable transportation. Prices seniors discounted 75 cents trip, 31-day pass 23. Additional services Mini-Bus service, Trolley Good Wheels necessary, well. Local scene exploded enthusiasts bringing exhibitions world. 125 galleries, studios museums within hours drive--as performing arts yearly festivals area--its easier ever taste culture. enjoy long-standing Festival Arts. Meander displays 300 fine artists, jewelry makers metalworkers, others--across two-day event January. Or CCL_JA16_CapeHome_Retire.indd 434 wealth diverse options nearby. Arts Studio take class, view exhibit browse offerings. For interested arts, cozy hosts full line-up shows musical suit taste. go here quite live plays, notes popular TripAdvisor site. smaller theatre, acoustics talent very good. Nearby Entertainment Dont despair browsing priority--Cape Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, 365-acre protected green space, pristine walking trails, veterans memorial seasonal kayak rentals adventurers heart. Awake early catch eagles, herons wildlife action, participate centers ecological programs heading extended hike. Baseball fans need fret area. Minnesota Twins spring training Hammond Stadium Myers--recognized Americas Top-5 Spring Training facilities--and Boston Red Sox train Jet Blue Myers. frequently teams Yankees, Colorado Rockies Baltimore Orioles, out-of-state favorite teams. Active annual Tour Cape, 5K run paths between miles--perfect novice advanced participants. Drink scenic tour offer, end shops Harbour. journalist author LOCATIONS 4533 Coronado 33904 239-574-0802 33990 Preserve 2500 SE 24th 239-549-4606 14100 Six Cypress Myers, 33912 JetBlue 11500 Fenway Drive 33913 5848 Harbour 33914 239-573-3128 23 828 Luxury buyers shifting modernism, spacing demands Sweet ape Don Koogler witnessed plenty Aside slide 2008, luxury remarkable strides, notably design, Mediterranean style modern contemporary, outside, his team lead modernist movement, home, showcasing future-forward, near-minimalist There deliberate shift cleaner lines change palettes, MODERN CONTEMPORARY ARE DISPLACING MEDITERRANEAN LUXURY HOUSING DESIGN. browns, example. Kitchen countertops likely quartz, refrigerators drawersa throughout, Kooglers Island Series. Room-sized pantries popular. customers entire space dedicated pantry, food preparation activity behind-the-scenes master suite coffee bar complementary equipment, nestled spacious sitting areas MASTER SUITES CAN INCLUDE COFFEE BAR LARGER WINDOWS, CREATING COZY OPEN SENSATION. INFINITY POOLS MINIMALIST DCOR HEIGHTEN EXCITEMENT OUTDOOR LIVING. KITCHENS LIKELY GRAYS OVER BROWNS, FUN CONVENIENCES SUCH AS DOUBLE-DRAWER FRIDGES. JA16_CCL_Home_HomeoftheMonth.indd 536 KOOGLER HOMES KOOGLERS HARBOUR ABODE ONE-OF-A-KIND RESIDENCE. AMENITIES MAY YETI PREMIUM COOLERS STANDARD REFRIGERATORS. featuring big windows cellars wine lovers otherwise unused spaces stairway. outdoor areas, clients extra edgechoose Yeti premium coolers traditional refrigerators, tastes Details 239-542-4540, EMPTY SPACE GOOD USE HOMES. TODAYS FEATURE QUARTZ GRANITE. 25 437 Fever Gearing mini-season, planning bug Keys NANCI THEORET youll fitness wellness amenities, marina expert lobster hunters. boat booked months Pritt, shop manager instructor Dive Duck Key, dive charter resort. mini-season last consecutive Wednesday Thursday July 27-28, begins promptly minute midnight concludes day. recreational divers snorkelers head start fishermen. Unlike cold-water kin, lobsters lack claws, additional gram fat calories cholesterol. grow feet, although average pounds, Pritt Monroe County person, dayexcept lanning summertime Be ready dose fever, cured plunging turquoise-tinged waters armed tickle sticks. kicks twoday spiny mini-seasona prelude session Augustand dinner. Middle Keys, Islamorada Marathon, prime hunting grounds lobster, clawless crustaceans nicknamed bugs tangle appendages. Seventy harvested County. approach typical vacay, wee-hours nightlife Key West early-morning crow roosters. Hawks Cay LOBSTER CATCH DIVE DUCK KEY ABOVE ADD UP. THERES ALWAYS SUNSET HAWKS CAY RESORT. JA16_CCL_Stay_Lobster.indd 831 RESORT marine sanctuaries parks. regular Aug. March 31. warmer snorkeling shallow bayside. matter destination5 offshore 30-foot deep water free-diving bay shorelinelobstering leisurely activity. Poke wrong 2-foot stick, lose Startled backward quickly. stick coaxes hiding protecting reef. Hunters wear gloves mesh bag basket, aka hotel, waists. Theyre fast, lobsters. famous large reason college buddies Michigan, 29-hour trip annually week grilled tails melted butter upon return. stay friends parents house hang night. resort rooms suites two- fourbedroom villas neighborhoods scattered property. relaxation rejuvenation bucket-list experienceswimming dolphins. TICKLE STICKS RIGHT COAX LOBSTERS FROM HIDING SPOTS. SOUTH FLORIDA LIMITS MINI-SEASONS DAILY SIX PER PERSON. LEARN ABOUT SEASON, WALK ASK HOW THEY TRY IT. --JESSICA PRITT, 834 MILE MARKER 61 FEATURES LAGOON OTHER OCEANFRONT GOODIES. REUBEN BELOW KEYS FISHERIES MARATHON SIGNATURE SANDWICH. MIDDLE KEYS, ISLAMORADA MARATHON, PRIME HUNTING GROUNDS LOBSTER. Theres center, adult-only pools, tidal-fed lagoon beach, Calm Waters treatment rooms, Vichy shower, exercise classes specials. bikes, paddleboards kayaks exploring. scuba trips, provides onsite certification. guests inquire lobstering overhearing conversations Guests learn walk ask how it, Pritt. consolation luck resorts dishes, including sliders, tempura, thermidor, mac n cheese ceviche, chef Ryan. Theyll cook catch. travel world fishing diving indulge seafood for, Ryan Complete quest quick town Mara- thons no-frills Fisheries Market Marina, sign tab sales signature Reuben sandwich. travel, lifestyle writer Theoret contributes regularly regional publications. daily newspaper reporter magazine editor recognized writing photography Kentucky press associations., 305-743-9633, 877-496-6023 Marina, 866-743-4353 saltwater license permit. 28 837 29 440 Kickin country hot KLAUDIA BALOGH Design_JA16_CCL_Explore_DixieRoad.indd 533 DIXIE ROADHOUSE ive, six, seven, eight step left, together, cross turn. sound complicated. voice performer Luke Bryan background taking roads, remember other. there iscountry line dancing. American dance linked dances Native Americans Europeans. culture Johnny Cash picked guitar stomped boots music, becoming decade. went spree pick yeee-haa spirit. put headed Friday floor classes, mood evening. danced girl, dancing me. theyve steps birth, rather confused Wait, left right. Wait. Turn. Oh, Im facing again. wasnt discouraging. alone lots eager learn. Dancing considered hottest Owner Townsend Chicago 2011 decision partner, Lynn Pippenger, regretted. When relocate Roadhouse, looked available spaces, trips finally found spot. awesome us, relationship police country. crowd, knew unique entertainment, buffet, drink specials classes. Cathy Vary, instructor, long teaching country, Her career Illinois, Roadhouses previous location, taught passion itself, taught, turned teaching. Throughout p.m. till a.m., alternates One great age matter. --James Fitzwater, another James Fitzwater. learned choreographies shoulder shoulder, beginners dancers took floor. close 5050 mix men women. Fitzwater front, seemed courage join. 1987 started military. He often, meet people. social activity, Hes opened skeptical first, maybe intimidated. usually encourage lesson thats super easy. way, encouragement them, noting crowd becomes confident, introduce bit harder matter, 21-year-olds, gentleman least him grandpa. literally 82 ended direction, Vary told mistakes, variations. advice lost, experienced dancer front you. Assistant Go 1023 47th Terrace, Dance 730, 830, 930, 1130 230 a.m. Wednesday, Saturday women 31 FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD GET FAVORITE MAGAZINE COMING ADDITIONAL YEARS SAVE OFF COVER PRICE Year Years 39 SUBSCRIBE Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Online rates apply Internet orders only. Visit Web site TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions online SubPage_JA16.indd 32 JA16_CCL_Style.indd 507 451 GINA BIRCH Guilt-Free Goodies Simply Sharis gluten-free shortbread cookies chewy moist plain, zesty lemon aromatic almond chocolate chip fudge brownies. 4.99-5.99. Ants Pants Protect yourself Zika virus staying fashionable flat-front, canvas-cotton pants. Treated permethrin, pants stylish practical. 47 Root-Beer Floats Keep hand. Always Fits festive beverage boats, colorful flowers, flamingo donuts. 14.99 MEDIA, INC. ANDOR AFFILIATES CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE CHANGES, WRITING MISTAKES OR PRODUCTS STOCK. 552 Hot Breezy Silhouettes nder scorching heat August, Floridians fabric layers apparel. Which weve fallen love light, airy looks Aqua Beachwear season. Bursts glamour wear, transition accessories. Pair kimono crop bikini evening dramatic maxi jeweled clutch sandals stunning dinner ensemble beat style. La Moda Maxi Dress, 98 Lovestitch Tote, Double Strand Tassel Necklace, 24. Ale Alessandra Sands Pants, LSpace Kimono 299 Shore Pooja 148. JA16-CCL-Style.indd 442 Young, Fabulous Broke 207 African DiscsCharm 330. Subtle Kimono, Black Wrap 39. Gottex 318 Antik Batik Clutch, 243. AVAILABLE 2075 Periwinkle Way Fashion Editor 443 OFFERS ACRES SLIDES THAT DESIGNED VARIETY THRILL SEEKERS. M ANN ARI PHE LAN JA16_CCL_FEAT_SUNSPLASH.indd 757 LEFT 37 444 onsidering 266 days sun, lot sense. After all, growing cool splashing refreshing water--all Waterparks spread filled rivers, white-knuckler slides--X-celerator, Thunder Bump Terror Tube. These slides feet drop quickly runouts bottom, aquatic supervisor Jeremy prefer kick drift Main Stream River Tube Ride. walk, swim float tube, Younger ones designed Pro- 839 NOW HOSTS 120,000 VISITORS MORE THAN HALF THEM OUTSIDE CORAL. MANAGER SANDRA GREINER IF YOU GO Santa Barbara Blvd., 239-574-0558, HOURS June 5, Saturdays Sundays, 9, daily, Sept. 25, Check calendar schedule, holidays late-night select days. website schedule subject notice inclement weather unforeseen circumstances. Racers foot half Tot Spot newly renovated Interactive Water Structure. located Boulevard, Veterans Pine Road, open months--from enter gates wind nights splashing, certainly works appetite. Luckily options. Calypso Caf serves ribs burgers salads snacks, craving desserts snacks Ice Cream Shop Dippin Dots stand. Also poolside lounge chairs, cabanas, lockers items suntan lotion, towels, hats cameras easily stored. party pavilion people, choice celebration. built, figured What surprising soon attraction outside Sandra Greiner. Besides ensuring memorable park, dedication safety foremost Splash. rated five-star Starfish Aquatics Institute Greiner, distinction facilities United States have. certification process takes effort maintain. lifeguard minimum stringent testing. given lifeguards duty. waterparks South, Swim lessons offered ages abilities. junior monthly awareness clinics parents, responsible children. class tips risks associated Furthermore, complimentary lifejackets guests--from infant size adult sizes. Mary Mangone, coordinator, worked industry She Splashs instructors. highest pool drowning States, important instructors willing teach proper swimming survival techniques Mangone. backyards, knowing imperative safety, splash much enjoy. OPhelan loves water. 40 840 ANY GIVEN DAY, THERE MINIMUM LIFEGUARDS DUTY. WE ONE SAFEST WATERPARKS SOUTH. AQUATICS SUPERVISOR JEREMY MYERS SUNSPLASH 41 535 HANGER CLINICIAN PETER DIPAOLO FOREGROUND TESTS PROSTHETIC LEG STEVE OLIVER BEFORE FITTING FORT OFFICE. Saint Looks Like TERRY ALLEN WILLIAMS Hanger Clinic story company Civil War amputee JA16_CCL_Health_Hanger.indd 544 dont saint like, think do. dedicate themselves others. visited met saint, somebody consider category. Peter DiPaolo Hangers chief clinician prosthetist orthotist. didnt terms, theyre board certified licensed fit upper lower limbs manage patient care. DiPaolo, 41, pleasant bald smile, greets client, Steve Oliver, 74. Oliver prosthetic leg, beneath knee. His motion fluid. follow white perform followup leg amputated 2015. fusion surgery performed formed cyst, tells immobilized doctor point doing fusion. bone died. Fortunately, Olivers limband came in, 1861 Edward Hanger, Confederate soldier lost cannonball. Wars amputee. fashioned wood replacement barrel staves patented device 1871. death 1919, J.E. Co. offices. Today 750 53 rightfully gained recent fame dolphin tail. fitted Hampshire, connected winter Oftentimes, traumatic accidents, fittings complicated, conducts examination. Lee Steves wife, broke tears husband spoke Hanger. clinicians with, Paul Jenkins Hampshire down here, terrific. extremely happy husband, brags passing driving test month fitted. pain, wiping tears, functioning normal human credits steering field. wanted My that. exactly how. UConn Connecticut, studying physical therapy, happened research performance custom sports braces. research, someone suggested field and, well, happened. do, saying success success, clients. technical level, aspects interface, touches socket external component case foot. side fitting. depends attitude, feeling limb lifelike experience possible ultimate goal. naively, thinking getting artificial kind buying TV Walmart. bought device, simply purchasing body part. actually process, sometimes sanctioned sense, him, striving health service damaged life, pretty darn close. writer, photographer traveler. PASSED DRIVING TEST SHORTLY AFTER BEING FITTED NEW LIMB. CLINIC WAS STARTED CIVIL WAR SOLDIER. 43 311 Physicians Primary Care Answering teen questions, doctors DR. JASMINE REESE media, driving, substance Addressing goals, dynamics peer utmost importance. Sometimes challenging difficult caregivers, visits teens M.D., pediatrician specializing adolescent medicine JA16_CCL.Health_Dr.Jasmine.indd 833 . arents childs Has child puberty son going spurt swings hormones daughter teenager, gynecologist excellent questions. answers discussions families. Pediatricians professionals strive advocates adults adolescents. achieved preventive measures order guide successful future. Adolescence youth backgrounds cultures, needs. adolescence evolution teens, occurring physically, mentally emotionally. life provider important, openly discuss obstacles challenges facing. providers various maintenance topics, screen high-risk behaviors, appropriate. physicians together performance, extracurricular activities, sexuality, sleep habits, diet, cultures. Parents achieve Adolescent information allow trusted teen. excited engage adolescents, trusted, pride reach potential. practices specializes medicine. celebrating 20-year anniversary, pediatrics, medicine, internal obstetrics gynecology. Other Lehigh Acres. Smartphones keep pocket, click away 247. activate chart, activation code visiting physician. Most Physician Convenient Neurology service. MyChart track medications, wont worry forgetting treated hospital appointment. proxy access option members connect account. mychart. lingering sore throat seem choice--but waiting coughing sneezing Am worse Thanks todays technology, smartphone apps iPhone Android results, blood-sugar level check, first-aid guidance board-certified via video calls. Here priority to-do list. First Aid Cross prepared accident happens else Standing helplessly emergency occurs situation avoid. app guides CPR, cover wound cut, treat burn situations. mind, calling 911 action. By answering questions related injury, users control contain problem ambulance arrives scene. solution responding hand save redcross.orgget-helpprepare-for-emergenciesmobile-apps Doctor Demand Getting FaceTiming. Adding symptoms connects physician psychologist diagnose problem, prescribe medication, necessary. Doctors examination majority cases, either prescription nonprescription therapy--and germfilled room. conditions cold, flu, throat, minor injuries, depression, issues rashes. examine phone tablets camera, practice telemedicine. issues, meant replace primary physicians, chronic conditions. Downloading free, range 95 certain insurances accepted. mySugr diabetes, managing eat consume burden break log blood glucose level. end, app, gamelike graphics monster avatar, logging entertaining. meter Bluetooth automatically logs results. add meal picture, take. estimates A1C percentage hemoglobin--a protein red cells carrying oxygen--is covered sugar. controlling sugar risk complications. fingertips Memorial System. convenient, personalized secure appointments refills. role serve electronic platform, records 315 CapeHealthApps.indd Retirement cited G ulf expansion underway. three-phase development. 130,980-squarefoot Palmview assisted-living memorysupport residences existing campus Boulevard. completion, 157 independent apartments, catered units 105 redeveloped skilled nursing beds, Kevin Ahmadi, Village, cites space. 2017. improved healthcare services, choices desired, Ah- madi statement. hope cares met, focus friends, activities most. Founded ago, Villages living-well educational, social, body, mind soul healthy, Ahmadi Depending lifestyles, interest condition, village options, assisted-living, specialized-memory support, rehab-care programs. sponsored Volunteers America, nonprofit quality affordable low- moderate-income households elderly. COMMUNITY LEADERS GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY EXPANSION PROJECT GULF COAST VILLAGE SEPTEMBER PARTICIPANTS JENNIFER GRIMES LEFT, EDWARD THORNE, TOM TURNBULL, MIKE KING, KEVIN AHMADI, LENNY NESTA, HAFER, SCOTT KASHMAN, THERESE EVERLY CHRIS HANSEN. JA16_CCL_SS_GulfCoastVillage.indd 435 RENDERING STUDIO 121 VOLUNTEERS AMERICA desired. --Kevin organization 19th century emphasizes professional long-term assisted living, senior communities operates million. scheduled completed 2017, Reservations accepted beginning late fall About America 1896 grown effective ranking, Affordable Housing Finance Magazine owner terms owned, 484 properties Puerto Rico. nationwide portfolio 19,426 includes complexes, rural developments, elderly multifamily disabilities. agency houses 25,000 AERIAL INNOVATION SHOTS ONGOING CONSTRUCTION BUILDING CALLED PALMVIEW. SHOULD END 547 Memorials innovative CCL.Health.indd 436 f Nelson Campbell world, citizenry munch fruit, nuts veggies. meat, dairy fewer processed foods. decree restrictions caffeine, salt, soda alcoholthe researchers insist unhealthiest planet. plant-based whole Campbell, nutrition Carolina documented film PlantPure Nation, weight, limit diseases, cancers father, pioneering nutritionist T. Colin co-authored China Study, Chinese villages showing stark advantages plant nutrition. book sold copies. resonated entered cooperative Campbells promotes diets. Nation packages. nutritional advocacy documentary public. begun prescribing diets light hypertension prediabeticweight problems. termed change, complemented statins medsentirely. partners exchange cash, Nelsons ideas, 10-day promoting veggie-style recipes. pods support forming meeting pod brought dozens curious embracing beans beef. Jumpstart programs, example, restrictive show sharp drops bad cholesterol risks, composed clear-headed, administrators meat gaining energy 7.3 vegetarians, choosing form veggie diet. Research one-third eating 40although week. diet weight-loss billion market, shows. Yet nation casualtiesa obese, 70 overweight, Centers Disease Control Prevention. Everyone clamors magic pill thinner pump pure blood. Recognizing did Improvement Program, CHIP, coronary departments. results COLIN CAMPBELL PIONEERING NUTRITIONIST, RESEARCHER AUTHOR. startling, say, prompting further partnership. introduced integrative Bonita naturopathy homeopathy treatments, blending Western technology Eastern methodology. insurance care, seeking door, Auld, director. example forwardlooking leadership, demonstrating genuine change. --Nelson founder Understanding publics zeal evidenced formal announcement More attended April Christian Church gathering revival-like feel--young old church pews hooted applauded message delivered remarks 1980s. explained China, hear pin drop. Study. science, wrote, buried clutter irrelevant harmful informationjunk fad propaganda. Scott Kashman, administrator Hospital, spoke. talked documentary, sequel filmed introducing minority communities. noted Midland, Texas, embrace choices. model sustainable, weeks visit. forward-looking 49 Story dying parent sons acceptance fter hospice, drove short distance lot. sun setting, humid. daze. Riding elevator mothers floor, remembered baseline, hospice representative negative chances. bounced back, thought bounce blonde nurse walked corner elevator. gaze. smartphone. shut. longer him. invisible. thought, hooked machines sleeping. stared while. thought. alive, longer. refused over. fighter, continued stand time. wouldnt discharge danger, None gone held hand, requesting. hug time, restrained affection mother, grandmother, British stiff upper-lipped. wanting weakness children, son. poodle died broken wept, remained stoic tearless. tougher, was. glanced mouthing slightly breathed. breathing point. definition, alive. liked place, JA16_CCL_Health_DyingLovedOne.indd HIS MOTHER DYING PRETTY NO LONGER LOOKED HIM. HE HAD BECOME INVISIBLE. sick nurses attractive game. lay recliner things, brunette smiled sleeping said. suppose yes, rest her. Do asked. ... not. hesitation. expected tough bird, said, checked vitals properly tubes. spend night, think, fine. sleep, let anything happens. watched movements clean precise doing. helpless bed, there, frozen immobility, shook core. caught extremes lively nurse, immobile mother. almost wished go, on. hated suffering this. Before stopped smiled. cast downward. No, Thanks. Just prayer mom, would. room, beauty piece excerpted novel Death Mother. 51 Greater Natural healing-- location MARIE OPHELAN lossoming gardens, inviting resting benches, revitalizing nautical sculptures pleasing components 1.7-mile Discovery. Tall trees portion pathway, shady pathway sounds neighborhood, wraps itself perimeter Tracey Anderson, Wellness Pro hospitals Center, uses workweeks. garden pond, addition employees, members, schoolchildren, actively pathways PAVED PATHWAYS EXERCISE STATIONS WHERE WALKERS CHALLENGE THEMSELVES LITTLE FURTHER, WHILE MAKING THEIR WAY WEAVING PATHWAY. PATHWAY DISCOVERY HELP CHILDREN ADULTS NATURE CREATE OPTIMAL HEALING ENVIRONMENT. CapeOutdoors2.indd 800 Heart Association Teaching Garden. System memorandum understanding Recreation Department. Thus promoted Optimal Healing Environment--a concept created Samueli Institute, seeks ways build comprehensive approaches prevention, oneself recovery, connecting distinct paved pathway. Education butterfly garden, fruit plants, shrubs trees. encompasses AHA Garden NAUTICAL SCULPTURES INVITING BENCHES ALSO FOUND PATHWAY, THESE NEAR HEART HEALTHY POND. WRAPS AROUND HOSPITAL MANY WAYS PEDESTRIANS NATURE, WELLNESS EDUCATION 636 Del Prado Blvd 239 424-2000 Open frequent contributor 54 455 Kirsten Williams, therapist outpatient rehabilitation. therapy setting. Healthy Pond gushing fountain, equipment improve endurance, strength cardiovascular fitness, benches tranquility. native plants Courtyard vegetation, fountain sustainable furniture Pedestrian Connections brick crosswalks somewhat campuses across similar. healing gardens campuses. Swedish Covenant Hospital Chicago, Euclid Cleveland, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Durham, Carolina, gardens. examples initial inspired Joan Odorizzi, registered Hospitals environment partner. shared interior exterior continue administrative officer Hospital. Funding generated led Christin Collins, Systems pledge Impact Initiative announced Michel Doherty, leader. reflective today, continually colleagues explains Kashman. progress. Kashman Odorizzi art. groundbreaking ceremony phases Phase II Discovery, renovation, celebration store, doubt ever-evolving 55 Ad_Page.indd 623 617 Route Fun Pedal preserves CCL_JA16_BikeTrails.indd 457 CITY MILES INTERCONNECTED BIKE TRAILS MAKE BIKEFRIENDLY COMMUNITY. ENJOYED WIDE RIDERS, YOUNG OLD CASUAL ADVANCED BIKERS. SINGLE RIDERS GROUPS ENJOY OFFER PICTURESQUE VIEWS, INCLUDING THOSE WATERWAYS. WELL MAINTAINED CLEARLY MARKED, EASY NAVIGATE ENJOY. 122-square-mile well-marked, interconnected routes--comprised 49mile circular route city. bound multitude riders somewhere. Bicyclists Yacht Club Spur Route, beach. Team Aubuchon Parkway, meal. pedaling rent kayak. exercise, air. Mike Swanson volunteer Bike-Ped, allvolunteer organizations. riding lanes while, lacked connectivity. efforts Bike-Ped easy-to-navigate signage added. informational maps kiosks landmarks, routes. funding raised 2013, seven Works 2014, Carolyn Conant Bike-Ped. lanes, parties advantage already-in-place lanes. included share roadways sidewalks necessary canals. safer roads. Swanson. catalyst eighth Drum Link. 1-mile links Chamber Route. SOMETIMES POINT LUNCH PARK, TASTY ICE CREAM CONE STAND EVEN DINNER LOCAL RESTAURANT. THANKS ROUTES, TAKE PICK WANT RIDE. 57 downloadable Ride GPS turn-by-turn cue sheets segment mileage capecoral.netbicycling Points capecoral.netdepartment parks_and_recreation facebook.comCapeCoralBikePed Bus racks leegov.comleetran Caloosa Riders League bikeleague.orgBFA LANES ENOUGH ELBOW ROOM SAFELY AWAY MOTORIZED VEHICLES. EASY-TO-NAVIGATE SIGNAGE. 543 INSET MAP Swansons rides east north ends Horton Park. Both parks nice views member Club, comprised cyclists 1988. sightings burrowing owls, Estates, berm dozen owl nests, Conant. nests marked posts identify nesting told, 2,800 burrows, likelihood spotting delightful creatures great, owls reside long. joins distinguished 351 visionary award transforming bicycle-friendly bronze-level granted Bicyclists. Plans expand funded Metropolitan Planning Organization, consultants help, promising 90-plus routes, Once completed, reasons pedal. 59 Owl Cox JA16_CCL_Outdoors_BurrowingOwls.indd 459 DAN TUDOR Athene cunicularia floridana listed species special concern Administrative Code, Wildlife Code. nest loose colonies underground predominantly hunt dusk dawn. material nest. cow horse dung, grasses, feathers, bones rubbish. western subspecies A. c. hypugaea dig burrows talons, abandoned gopher tortoise Gopherus polyphemus burrow. race occupies mammal prairie dogs Cynomys spp. ground squirrels Citellus spp.. eastern nonmigratory Indies extreme south-central Canada Mexico. Historically habitat west Lake Okeechobee. expanding upland wetland habitats cleared, drained filled, converting pasture agriculture. expanses WILLIAM COX grass favorable owl. northern peninsula, Panhandle County, specifically birding observe species. statewide survey nonnative converted maintained grazing mowing. pastures, cemeteries, yards, easements, vacant lots, airports, fairgrounds golf courses. well-drained sandy soil, amenable digging yards length shelter breeding. palmetto pine flatwoods transformed owls. type, impacting studies conducted Fish Conservation Commission FFWCC abundance declined selected history. sexually mature bond fidelity. Breeding February June. fails, attempt second clutch. female lays eggs chamber approximately underground. male nesting, incubation brooding, guard burrow entrance nesting. Thus, lighter exposure sun. Incubation fledging each. Chicks Their starts foraging herself chicks old, collecting terrestrial insects, crayfish, mammals, birds, reptiles amphibians. feed carrion. declining result loss, automobile mortality, pesticide application reducing prey abundance, animal predation e.g., cats, harassment ants. reduced-speed zones streets adjacent limiting mitigating permitting aside preserves, monitoring trends, research. Friends CCFW instrumental involved, contact ecologist Papillon broadens palate SETTING CASUALLY UPSCALE UNPRETENTIOUS, WHICH MAKES PLACE MEET UP FRIENDS WORK WEEKEND. GILLES PICHETTE DONNA ELLIS PROPRIETORS PAPILLON CHAMPAGNE WINE BAR, CORALS FINEST BAR. CapeCulinary.indd 531 close, far away. refined, comfortable. wines focused, varied. Champagne Bar, refined atmosphere, prices selection. During evenings, bustling relax Kathy Chumley aficionado enjoys relaxed comfortable atmosphere Papillon. Founders owners Donna Ellis Gilles Pichette Chumleys are, recommend try, Chumley, Old Worldstyle reds Burgundy Bordeaux, Italy Spain. complexity artistry winemakers, Chumley. bubblies, glass Papillons club attends tastings, posted Facebook page. talk wine, tastings feature highlighted month. REGULAR TASTINGS LOCATION PINE ISLAND ROAD VETERANS BOULEVARD. ADDITION CHAMPAGNE, SPARKLING ARRAY FINE CHEESES CHOCOLATES. types memberships, Original varying degree benefits number bottles month, discounts tastings. Nonmembers welcome though individual fees apply. February, hosted Luigi Valori Abruzzo, presenting classic Italian montepulcianos trebbianos, Ellis. tasting Napa appellation cabernet sauvignons, tending higher-end wines. broaden palates pleasure selections, jazz blues playing background. flights, consisting 2-ounce glasses red, sparkling. sparkling ros wines, particular, who, Pichette, fan wine. snack nine cheeses assorted gourmet crackers, dried salami, pat bruschetta balsamico. domestics imports Italy, Holland, Spain, Germany France. list varieties flavors. knowledgeable staff pairing selection, Pichette. evening, truffles-- Dessert, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Jamaican Spice Dessert--all Gabriella Chocolates Confections Venice, testing facility, impressed companys products, tasty truffles bars carefully beer, carries selection craft brews. Selections selections. Boca Punta Gordas Fat Brewing, Beach Blonde Petersburgs Daughters Right Orlando brewers, Goose Brewery Belgium imports. venue completely personal sharing knowledge beer beers chocolates, sums adding, Bar 3015 114, 239-558-5367 Hours SundayMonday, closed TuesdayWednesday, 3-9 ThursdaySaturday, 3-10 63 Cooking Cork Soakers HANGOVER SANDWICH SWEET POTATO SALAD Serves Sandwich Ciabatta bun thick slices bologna applewood smoked bacon Arugula Egg Poblano Aioli Salad sized sweet potatoes, washedpeeled medium diced cup sour mayonnaise scallions Salt pepper Oil Toast ciabatta bun, aioli bottom reserve plate. Saut caramelized sides, transfer bun. Next goes bacon, arugula sunny-side egg, poblano aioli, roasted potato salad. Coat potatoes salt pepper. Roast oven 350 degrees firm. Let cool. cooling, mayo aside. Transfer bowl, scallion mixture coated mayosour CORK SOAKERS 239-542-6622, SWFL DINING GUIDE Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Accepted Banquet Facilities Cocktails Beer FORDS GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Ford parts, menu Model Carb-uretor. Fresh Angus beef topped fried egg mouth names Kona Wave 312. 1719 East, 239-540-3673, LADY SEAFOOD MARKET BISTRO Eclectic Cuisine. Whether Shrimp Grits breakfast Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Tail dinner, freshest extensive raw bar, burgers, sandwiches pasta landlubbers. Enjoy 1715 Units 3, 239-471-0136, 92 Nautically Nice. wood-fired pizza beyond Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. BLDR does ensure date. ahead detailed andor reservations establishments. EpicuriousListing.indd 500 5951 Silver King 239-541-5600, oastal Cui sine esher, r y e Youd Music Nightly 830-1130pm Owned Operated Mussel Monday 16.95 Snow Crab Tuesday 9.99 Bottle 10.00 Appetizer Nice Rack Great 24.95 Oyster Day 1.00 England Bake 29.95 d Large Curve ns cree Projection rite o Fav s Sports Game 9am - 10pm Daily BarBistro 11am-Midnight 8am-2pm Sat. Sun. 239-471-0136 501 MELOGRANO Quality Casual Luxury. Traditional recipes flavor Start vegan breadsticks medieval feast Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano pumpkin ravioli wood-roasted Limoncello tiramisu. dining Melograno, chefs faithful time-tested recipes, non-processed foods chemical additives. Wednesday-Saturday, p.m.-10 5971 239-214-6444, MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Chef Nico Bogert passionate food, proof palate, Monkey pork chop served apple relish Rum Pepper Painted Grouper, rice mango orange sauce Ahi Tuna Salad. Try steak, eatery title Steakhouse Indoor seating available, nightly. 1428 Lafayette Street, 239-549-8800, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Parmesan Truffle Wings Volcano Roll start. Hugo hand-selected ingredients, Steak Cheese Crust popular, miss truffle fries, specialty Kennebec potatoes. out, joining Cult Carne, experience. 927 Pkwy., 239-471-0295, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate relaxed, open-air energetic nightspot ranges splendid inside lounge, 1223 Way, 239-472-1771, TIMBERS RESTAURANT FISH Dine Yourself. Favorites calamari, platters crab cakes lump. fish menu. door market. 703 Bay 239-472-2722, 66 550 TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders emporium restaurant, evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, BEACHED WHALE Captain Ahabs Favorite Spot. Stop beachs barbecue, offerings, bar. Lookout Lounge, savor Mermaid Chicken watching Square. nightly, Deck perfect team. 1249 Beach, 239-463-5505, DOC BEACH RUM GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. restaurant fictional Randy Wayne character Matanzas Pass banana leaf snapper Texas baby-back ribs. afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239765-9660, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. Designed resemble delightful, Florida-style tropical landscaping, Cristofs McGregor hotspot. strip steak Louisiana crawfish bisque, receive generous portions 10231 239-791-8473 EDISON Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Thomas Edison, display historic photos. steeped culinary tradition, dishes chicken pot pie receiving raves diners. 3583 239-936-9348, 67 804 Paradise, 14341 Port Comfort 239-472-8443, WHAT DO Paint Escape painting TuesdaysSaturdays, 10am-6pm Ladies Night Friday, 6-9pm Ceramic ladies relaxing cheese. 808 St., 239945-2006, Conch Mondays-Thursdays Saturdays, 630pm Fridays,7pm 12pm beverages. materials provided on-site artist assists. 1242 239-673-6660, MangoMania 16-17, 10am mangos fruits, recipe contests, games contests ages, drinks. Sample beverages, table. Sponsored Commerce. German Social 2101 239-283-0888, 3rd Annual Bowling Bash 21, 5pm Enter 5-7pm 7-9pm. alley, shoot games, cornhole. Raffle prizes round cash Prizes awarded winning team, worst scores. Bowl Pelicans Arcade, 17651 San Carlos Beach. 239-454-7500, Sunset Cruise 22, 715pm Pure cruise listen Jon Dunnicliff sunset. Departs Ford, 2360 W. 239-919-2965, Mic French Press Wednesdays, 630 pm invites performers heard, environment. Afterward, coffee, pastry gelato, talents artists. 5789 Drive, 239542-0212, Stage Blues Jam Buckingham Sundays 3-6pm, Wednesdays 8-11pm Tommy Cook open-mic welcome. 5641 239-6937111, Walk 19, 6pm alive participating venues talent. 855-732-3836, 4, Celebrate Independence Bridge, booths foods, rock climb, 300-foot zip obstacle course, balloon Finish massive fireworks bridge. 239-573-3128, Parade Display Festivities parade minutes sunset Fishing Pier. Restaurants, lounges businesses join festivities Square 239-454-7500 Freedom Fest District, fest family. childrens culminates river Adventures Paradise Fourth 730pm tranquil fireworks. Complimentary drinks, bottled provided. required. Trains 1-Aug. 27, Fridays wacky culprit aboard train. guilty is, pay write clues discover. Clue collected final act, committed heinous prize sleuth car. Price five-course murder mystery ride. Seminole Railway, 2805 239-275-8487, Last 1-30, Wednesdays-Sundays, matinee Barney Cashman, middle-aged restaurateur married sweetheart. yearns extramarital affair marriage Realizing apartment Calendar.indd 515 afternoon, attempts seducing women--only succeed sinning. Palm Theatre, 1380 239-2784422, 101 Dalmatians 1, 1pm Based Disney animated film, funfilled fur-raising adventure Cruella De Vil adorable heroes paws 239-278-4422, Menopause Musical 2, lingerie sale nothing except black lace bra memory flashes, sweats, sex, sex Hilarious Celebration Women Change tunes 70s 80s laughing aisles. Deadly Doubles 3-Aug. 14, 530pm Thursdays, Tennis stars match wits against nouveau riche humorous twist champions. fivecourse 239275-8487, Wizard Oz 7-Aug. 13, Follow yellow beloved movies, Oz, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion Toto, too. Martin Lewis Tribute Show 22-24, Theater presents internationally acclaimed Dean Jerry Lewis, act straight man, comedic flair. Tom Stevens laughter touch converts alike. Theater, 239-772-5862, Frank, Liza Sammy Ultimate Concert 5-7, 1980s, Frank Sinatra, Minnelli Davis Jr. Event audiences Superstars individuals, combined vocal talents, banter, drew crowds wherever performed. stars. 239-7725862, 69 Murder Over Miami 17-Nov. 24, Journey era hilarious romp. 239-2758487, Flight 10-Year Anniversary 8-July 30, Opening reception 8, Alliance Arts, 10091 239-939-2787, Habitats Members Exhibit 5-Sept. 6-10 pm, galleries self-guided core Gardners Meet Artists demonstrations District. 239-337-5050, Dolphin Daily, departure Experience wild dolphins populations wading birds. Manatees waters, birds pelican eagle. Narrated captain mate. 70TOTI.COM 3_GM_JA16.indd PMAM 6616554 1046 Soft 239-4728443, Shelling Tuesdays, 830am Climb powered catamaran collecting. Take picnic lunch dine Barnacles Captiva. swimsuit, beach shoes shelling bag. umbrellas, drinks GreenMarket 9-acre campus, vendors present grown, cultivated foods--along sampling purchase. kids, gardening cooking demos Barter encouraged backyard trees, tomato kitchen berries gathered outing, trade need. 239939-2787, Historical Walking Thursdays 1030am 90-minute historical educates entertains history--and fathers mothers. Tours Franklin Shops, 2200 239-945-0405, Haunted History 8pm reveals darker history, buildings reputed paranormal 71 agencies ID kits tracking missing N JA16_CCL_Kids_Missing.indd 805 DANIELA JAEGER likes tool searching updated photographs fingerprint cards, drivers license. databases retrieve information, document emergency, supply kits, assist locating photograph, fingerprints, characteristics features, relevant Christine Chapelle Collier Sheriffs Youth Relations Bureau Kits identification card thumbprint secured ready, aggressive elementary schools, preschool locations visiting. information. Local, law enforcement kit, FBI, Football Coaches Association. tend detailed, involve trafficking exploitationinkless fingerprinting, wallet card, DNA envelope. 800,000 2,000 estimate fraction strangers. runaways disputes. exploitation trafficking, National Missing Exploited Children 4.2 calls, circulated billions photos finding 218,000 reports. 1980s abduction 6-year-old boy, astonished discovered tools response, Congress enacted Childrens Act 1982 enabled databases. Recovery 97 percent, advertisements milk cartons, Amber Alerts, media effort, report. functions sheriff agencies. Mom, dad guardian waiver photographed thumbprinted. package returned parentguardian safekeepingthere record databases, advised stranger-danger strategies kids. issued thousands CPL. SPRENGER ADVOCATES CHILD PROGRAM COLLIER COUNTY SHERIFFS KNOW Prescription disaster, PEGASUS PUBLISHING esmond Donahue saw ocean. stood beside desolate cliff Irelands coast hed heaven. Wrong Ian OConnor Pegasus Publishing Group, 2016, 14.95 convoluted journey. Donahue, Irish poor survived government checks 1940s. everyone, though, proved Donahues salvation. graduation, traveled London work. Starting company, advanced, eventually following dream General epiphany Ireland accepted, arrived informed attend. Unwilling dream, deception. lectures participated students, acting belonged skills guile skill deception practicing Ireland, later, accident, diligent investigator uncovered past, web lies fell apart. man integrity pursuit price. justify Desmond surely no. fascinating us. Jackie, 806 JA16_CCL_Books.indd spectacular pets Pet radio television soothing channel mask fireworks, Galloway. refrain pets-- festivities--as slip collars pull leash off. keeping safe, plan ahead. Collars up-to-date tag, microchipping suggested. Also, pet flyers distributed. According Society Prevention Cruelty Animals, animals recovered DOGS HEARING QUITE SENSITIVE, THUS ESPECIALLY PRONE LOUD NOISES FIREWORKS DISPLAYS. DOUGHBOY FOREVER HOME, HUMANE SOCIETY. bang, boom crackle canvas skies to. dreadful. Dogs, cats pocket hamsters, gerbils guinea pigs loud noises alarming, unnerving hair-raising. adverse reaction hoopla partly fact suddenly occurring. hurt ears--a dogs. Dogs capable perceiving frequencies twice humans, distinguish humans. amplified. holiday States. Pyrotechnics Association, roughly 14,000 sky Fourth. shelters. July, busy shelters escape Sadly, injured lost. innate flight called. fear respond mom dads Jennifer Galloway, Humane Luckily, alleviate fears pets. safely noises, Ria Brown, Domestic Animal Brown comforted subjected noises. soothed blankets wearing ThunderShirt, shirt dog cat applies gentle pressure relief anxiety fears. over-the-counter Remedy D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone--both natural calming aids. Mutt Muffs, hearing protection Veterinarians medication anxieties extreme. JA16_CCL_Pets_Boom.indd 521 SPINK PHOTOGRAPHY CATS AFFECTED NOISES, SO PETS INSIDE FESTIVITIES. MYRA AWAITS ADOPTION RECENT GCHS NATIONAL DOG DAY RIGHT, STAFF JOGGED SHELTER MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. BOULEVARD MYERS. EXECUTIVE GALLOWAY SITS HER ZEKE, WIL ACHERON. SOCIETY action taken owners. gets check immediate missing, distribute shelters--many post pictures descriptions ASPCA pets, recovery kit digital flyer. Download aspca.orgpet-caregeneral-pet-careaspca-mobile-app. on, careful turn blast all. contributor. MYERS-BASED LEE DOMESTIC ANIMAL SERVICES PET ADOPTIONS, SPAY NEUTER SERVICES, LICENSING, TRAINING MORE. INFORMATION adoptable dogs, rabbits, ferrets spayed neutered, vaccines microchipped. Each veterinary clinic, spay neuter clinic licensing 2010 Arcadia 239-332-0364, 5600 Banner 239-533-7387, 807 ELIZABETH JOYCE 4th moon brings balance natal chart astrologer smile. born 1776, Cancer, 0 6. 240th birthday, indication election president. Capricorn disruption Uranus-in-Aries square. Uranus bully, forcing directions, square-- moon, Uranus--indicating pushy disturbing completing difficult. August 2nd Leo push project. strengthening track. vitalized spare heart celestial signal beginnings. Know whatever March, 18th Aquarius perspective. magnetism dealings anyone, boss, banker ARIES MARCH APRIL loved ones. Around 5th concerning redoing entertaining money matters end. resolved spontaneous events. love, Aries, permanence predictability. Consider romance TAURUS Personal Signs cookouts gatherings content concerned business, review, about. success. reasons. relationship, so. goodbye, but, GEMINI JUNE outings news arrival. list, romance, stability restored 20th shortly thereafter. meaning elderly, August. mid-month, cancel Any disputes battles CANCER JULY warn chauffeur drastically cut. Get grill. relationshiporiented hugs definitely order. supportive. same. Generous Jupiter siblings, neighbors oldest LEO AUGUST June, Leo, normally argument homefront point, attention. Ready higher-up, pays playtime. Prepare convince anyone anything. temporarily endowed superpower. Please VIRGO opens, leadership currently leaderless. Becoming den father skirmish 11th, speak. 20th. hobby, full-size business. JA16_CCL_Astrology.indd 522 LIBRA OCTOBER Libras involving fun-loving, romantic trysts. Youre star show. perform, regardless whom, expect delicious. elder mind. rough times. problems ignoring matters. errors solving SCORPIO NOVEMBER promises wonderful Scorpios. fill single, flame married, cookout. Youll lonely, sure. refreshed rejuvenated walks finances, pickle. Watch impulsive saving. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER Early hanging love. ruling planet, Jupiter, loving financial gains, education, specialties. Needless vacation, Mars Time stuff CAPRICORN JANUARY puttering significant spruce sections coat paint. strikes fancy. 18th, anticipation exciting, experiences. bored, exploring friend. trying earn bread, Luck side. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY closeness weekend 8th brand-new member. wraps, introductions. of. money. overspending plastic. traveling group. Yes, socialize, mingle kindred spirits. PISCES Pisces. planets signs, expressing feelings. Weather single attached, romance. arrival high-ticket item, putting deposit distant assured remotely feels work, force increase income Could animals. Expect partner boss Joyce psychics worldwide Haitian Philippines earthquakes Twin Towers tragedy City. Thousands psychic powers Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance Psychic Detectives, CNN News. guest online. services. appointment, 215-996-0646. 77 White, weet funnel barbecue air 4. Bridge birthday. indulging 730 fundraiser organizationsVeterans Foundation Operations Communicators Celebrants previously afternoon wowed launched Lower attendance Elaine Kearns better, greatest media. unruly, quietly peacefully, shoving Celebrating festival CELEBRATES 4TH ANNUAL RED WHITE BOOM EVENT. CLOSES DOWN PARKWAY DEL PRADO BRIDGE, FOOD VENDORS ACTIVITIES GUARANTEE FUN-FILLED INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION. THOUSANDS SHOT BRIDGE. Kearns, blogger CapeScene.indd 539 Games climbing, face-painting Highlighting synchronized 4,000 illuminations exploding above River. sundown 930 Drivers note parking limited. trolley transportation, handicap accessibility, Square, Iguana Mia, Museum Johns Pizza. pick-up sites free. MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Publix Thru Service Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ALLIANCE FINANCIAL Jared Traum 239.561 .2900 14021 Metropolis Ave. Better Results Protection Enhanced Asset Performance Debts Paid Off Sooner Effective Savings Flow Achieve Balance Securities 2014-10858 ACCENT 239.939.0077 Serving Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Management RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Sales Installation Security Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom Central Vac Much 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Trust Termite Treatment Pest ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 World Call Appointment Mon-Fri Services.indd 524 240-year anniversary Declaration Monday. early, closes Caloosahatchee. scheduling detours. CapeShot.indd 6916 851 CCL JA16_Cover.indd 415 Published

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