Pages1-3.indd 1 43016 1201 PM Your Monopoly scratch-off game is Natalias best chance to attend medical school. TM E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C A T N. Since 1997, the Florida Lottery has been creating a brighter future for through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through this scholarship, more than 725,000 students have earned opportunity college. The education they received allowing them give back community and boost Floridas economy, while helping fund next generation of students. So remember, you play, wins. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 2016 2 3 Cape Features Ripe Ready Southwest 34 FARM TO TABLE Meet your local farmers get acquainted with produce, freshest eggs flavorful goodies in Florida. Unsocial Media martphones other devices are new reality. Whilethe downside troubling sometimes dangerous, technology helps most us enjoy better life. Whats going on 40 TODAYS TECHNOLOGY Special Section 44 SOUTHWEST FLORIDA WEDDING GUIDE Discover trends tips 2016. On Cover Welcome premier publication Coral Living digital edition. In these pages, discover why so many choose live, work play fastestgrowing largest community. 4 TOC_Features.indd 5616 336 S7.25 BMW X5 800-799-4791 T10.875 S9.875 YOU DONT NEED CROWD STAND OUT. THE X5. With optional third-row seating, up seven people can go somewhere theyve never before. And Panoramic Moonroof, OnlineTM features like Real Time Traffic Information Internet, Premium Interior, journey might just outclass destination. Fort Myers 15421 Tamiami Trail South Myers, FL 33908 North America, LLC. name, model names logo registered trademarks. 5 104 Departments Art 16 12 20 Guy Tieman Leoma Lovegrove Home 50 53 56 Reorganizing Space Controlling Ants Books 78 79 Between Lines Stay 24 27 Westin at Marina Village Health 58 60 64 Services Shot 80 Parting Heres You Professionals Explore Style 28 32 48 Hot Stuff How Pinteresting Virtual Designs Culinary Wicked Dolphin Buzz Epicurious Swimwear Trends Store Calendar 68 Happening Beauty Pets 74 76 Blue Collar Astrology Stargazing 6 IN OUR NEXT ISSUE Taking care ourselves what JulyAugust issue all about. No matter age lifestyle, health important thing that have, will show ways make healthier happier you. about exercising, nutrition, mental feeling good --thats store 51416 1215 7 105 PUBLISHER Margo Williams ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund ART Andrew Cantor PROOFREADER ONLINE Heather Gray EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Daniela E. Jaeger Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Acevedo, Balogh, Gina Birch, Kayln Brooke, Nick Ciletti, Kyle Doty, Gallogly, Garrett, Joyce, Luberecki, Dana Mirman, Renee Novelle, Ann Marie OPhelan, Melanie Pagan, Michael Stull PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS William R. Cox, Dave Drotleff, Julie Glenn, Wrenda Goodwin, Tara Malloy, Anthony Maslo, Carlos Rivera, Kirsten Troyer OF SALES MARKETING Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING 100 Friedrich 102 Ted Rodman 107 Kimberly Paulus 108 Dru Anne Doyle 109 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.comcapecoralliving twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus P.O. Box 1227, Island, 33957 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Tober Group PublisherVPC.O.O. Vice Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Times Islands ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. part may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 8 CCL.Mastheadl.indd 51316 337 9 1158 AM Greetings who need short overview city Coral, Wikipedia offers glimpse Founded 1957 an area 120 square miles, between Tampa Miami. Known as Waterfront Wonderland over 400 miles navigable waterways, canals any world. What lovely encapsulation paradise magazine, excited launch our award-winning coverage Coral. Beginning highly successful magazine years ago long history close working relationships areas civic influencers business leaders. Our growth led expansion launching RSW LIVING 2008, acquisition publishing GULF MAIN Bonita one later. Following dramatic Estero, we changed title Estero. Twenty after inception, am proud announce colorful insightful lifestyle magazine. reflect true spirit city, its limitless potential, amazing citizens businesses. feature enlightening profiles Capes fascinating leaders, residents visitors. extremely pleased team Williams, lead publication. know found right person strive excellence, understands importance adhering high-quality editorial standards respect readers giving journalistic professionalism deserve. encourage touch support wonderful future, beginning much new, innovative opportunity. We invite join Join Journey publisher here time It also beautiful, friendly culturally diverse, representing voices America first came early 90s. where children attended school, region my husbands family lived generations. As it does, life took elsewhere, but had vowed return home. Friendships spanning decades welcomed open arms. exciting named Living, deep quality publications My professional career magazines print journalism, Im ready unique fun challenge. great things offers, from arts culture, homes gardens, latest dining recipes, health, families outdoor life, making special. While geography unique, poised even greater things. adventure. If questions, suggestions story ideas, please contact me. Id hear Publisher 10 PubLetter.indd 341 11 1159 Geometric Abstract playfulness shapes Tiemans artwork By PHOTOS ARTWORK ON THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE BY DAVID ACEVEDO GUY TIEMAN uy was himself. He hung his artists gloves shot corporate But artist born create. last he re-established home studio began producing signature mixed-media, abstract gobbled collectors. today become talked emerging surfaced November 2014 invitational Two Under Hundred exhibit Alliance Arts Myers. Gallery visitors could help notice vividly intriguing monotype prints mixedmedia striking splashes color. His submissions sold within hours coordinators wanted more. pieces quickly. welcoming message clear. outstanding look FROM SERIES TINKERTOYS CRAYONS, G SCRIBBLES BITS, forward him says Krista Johnson, coordinator Arts. playful. fine art discovered playful means. undergraduate degree printmaking photography Alfred University 1983, graduate glass Southern Illinois Carbondale 1986 plus assistant contemporary CapeArt_Neometric.indd 5416 821 TOP RIGHT PHOTO HAS REFURBISHED GARAGE AT HIS CAPE CORAL HOME INTO STUDIO. body speaks volumes creator passionate, driven, talented living joyful Carlson--Tieman, 54, developed particular methods produce geometrically pieces. Using mix materials such wood panels, doweling blocks, spray paint acrylic mediums, creates projects simplistic yet captivating aesthetics. started sketching ideas finally set up, says. Then showed wife, suggested use vibrant colors reminiscent Latin American art. Inspired beauty Mary Ninoska, lovingly calls her, Nino, adds One another myself looking something would me happy, noting collection entitled Of Tinker Toys Crayons reignited passion creativity, less restrictive setting. Working very methodical stressful times, now. Tieman, moved 1998, build create almost anything. decade U.S. Sign Mill experimented variety materials, ranging concrete bronze, steel wood. artistic abilities allow cleverly custom clients including nationally known retailers corporations. 13 342 happy. --Guy SKETCHES ESTABLISH CONCEPT TOP, USUALLY RECEIVING POSITIVE FEEDBACK WIFE. HE USES MATERIALS SUCH AS METALS WOOD CREATE ARTWORK. MEDIUMS MIDDLE VARY SPRAY PAINT ACRYLICS OILS. abstraction century correlates avant-garde experimental movements film. Captiva Robert Rauschenberg used combinations print, paper instances abstract. appearance scene year, participated exhibitions around area, institutions League von Liebig Center Naples. Johnson she impressed talent dedication artist. majority inevitable effect viewing work. palette hues glossy finishes allures spectator provokes pleasant thoughts energetic vibrancy. immaculate surely demonstrates precise loose same time. certainly having expect see brilliant man creative mind. visual artist, curator, writer, former gallery owner current manager Union Artist Studios campus 14 5316 631 there because allowed skills talents living, says, adding experience skill three-dimensional translated newest artwork. music, instance, expresses emotions only case shapes, patterns. Some regard gap reality imagination. Decorative Middle Eastern earlier reportedly influenced later European movements. 15 42916 1101 From Canvas Shelf lends her style retailer Ciletti CapeArt.indd 420 LOVEGROVES VIBRANT TROPICAL ADORNS ALL MANNER MERCHANDISE BEALLS DEPARTMENT STORES, TERVIS TUMBLERS TOTE BAGS PLACE SETTINGS. ears blood, sweat tears lot paying off Lovegrove. no longer travel Matlacha catch unforgettable although if time, really should. fact, gone big staying humble roots. Bealls Department Stores, now getting audience ever had. think line Jaws, Youre gonna bigger boat, reaction when Y hearing Bealls. late 2012, department launched Collection ladies apparel. product since blossomed into childrens apparel, wall art, merchandise, dcor, handbags, luggage According Bealls, major products created exclusively retailer, immediately successful. Leomas expressionistic depictions depict environment way, Lorna Nagler, president Stores. When Lovegroves paintings, them. She describes herself impressionist-expressionist painter. Photos courtesy Stores 17 5916 251 MATLACHA-BASED ARTIST LEOMA LOVEGROVE, POSING HER MOBILE STUDIO, MADE COLORFUL SPLASH BEYOND. SOUL FOOD DEFINES JOYFUL ATTITUDE TOWARD LIFE. footing determined being marketing -- GALLERY GARDEN MATLACHA ARE HERSELF, WELL ARTWORK, OFTEN DEPICTING NATURE TWIST. 354 Top left bottom photos photo Her works literally explode There birds, fish, mermaids--all personal touch. visions ground wasnt exactly paint-by-numbers. beginning, artists, painting painting, recalls passionate couldnt doing anything else. realized creativity way painted, targeted audience. Early on, embraced techniques partnerships. e-mail, press releases, social media kind partnership imagine partners similar missions. Perhaps greatest place decisions made move Island island, myself, still coming. saw potential island quickly became brand ambassador tourism area. selected garden house masterpieces. Its vibrant, escape thats youve experienced environment, throughout gallery, Each room embraces motif, Beatles, Florida, Americana. Meander rest until stop door. take breath explore botanical waterside gardens. Sure, loves, loves it, doesnt mean post come least little pressure. do immensely, hard work, explains stew fret every piece Now feel stronger sense responsibility meticulously well. driven done. livelihoods depending it. Fortunately, pretty cheerleader side husband, author Silberg. always moving forward, adventure, Silberg bit action-packed chariot race 1959 epic historical drama film, Ben-Hur, resembling guy dragged recognized wifes isnt surprised landed top. watch evolve years, keep childlike wonder world day met safe say electric. success achieved--its able carry out feels do. nothing love, concludes. For information Lovegrove, visit frequent contributor news anchor reporter. Ad_Pag 19 252 Great Outlook Check daily grind checking Resort resort perched southern tip Tarpon Point Marina. At stories, citys tallest building. CapeStay.indd 423 COURTESY WESTIN RESORT MARINA VILLAGE hether pleasure brings Village, view wish leave. Open drapes, step onto balcony sweeping vista Caloosahatchee River and, beyond, Causeway Gulf Mexico. Theres request 263 them--which run large three-bedroom suite--come equipped private, screened-in vantage point broad swath postcard scenery. words, theres obstruction. Even north hotel, which enter room, overlooks canal-intersected neighborhoods extending toward horizon. Not lost here, accommodations quite comfortable, too. rooms include two double Heavenly Beds spacious bathroom. suites outfitted full kitchens granite countertops stainless-steel appliances, along tasteful closets bathrooms enough rival hotel rooms. interior design soothing, neutral meant complement view, distract W Nauti Mermaid Dockside Bar Grill serves tavern-style menu deck overlooking river marina. occasional live ideal setting sunset cocktail. garners frequent, positive attention. relax them, Stefanie Eakin, resorts manager. Tempting hole duration stay, youd miss everything else assortment beautiful landscape. Marina, book charter fishing excursion rent kayaks paddleboards check mangrove islands. provides free, water-taxi service Beach, lounging, shopping aligns idea vacation. drops couple hours, Eakin Plus, some wildlife. feature. Dolphin-watching boat tours offered additional charge during evenings. peaceful end day, past Pine St. James City, houseboat once owned Hulk Hogan pull-up-byboat convenience store. conscience starts weighing down calories youre packing fitness center closes, well-appointed, chilled towels cooling workout. Left gym bag clothing sneakers Westins Balance lending program. Bike rentals available tooling marina pedaling nearby, 97-acre Rotary Park, encompasses environmental center, butterfly house, playground, nature trails observation tower. resort, cool three pools. main sits bank river, surrounded palm trees. satisfied, stomach growling again, eat. 21 1007 PLUSH ACCOMMODATIONS VIEWS MAY BE, FULLY EXPERIENCING MEANS PLAYING AMONG SURROUNDING LANDSCAPE. Venicebased freelance writer whos Media. Learn 22 Marker 92 Bistro upscale restaurant. designed evoke ship--theres lots cherry dramatic, vaulted ceiling. Breakfast lunch served restaurant assumes exclusive atmosphere dinner. island-influenced seafood preparations--plantain crusted gulf grouper, herb grilled swordfish--and classic staples, Strip jerk chicken breast. outpost Pinchers Crab Shack opened Points Promenade Shops, boutiques galleries Esterra Spa Salon. Youll find Kids Club strip well, space young guests spend half playing games, crafts taking walks, among activities. brought bond, activity schedule loaded family-friendly stuff. Think poolside bingo, hula-hoop contests guided bike rides. Every amenity designed, ultimately, contribute goal escape. Thanks easy achieve fairly trick sustaining Thankfully, plenty avenues try. 51616 114 Ad_Page.indd 23 42816 255 555 Pagan interesting Web. search engine pull hundreds pictures keywords rustic furniture pin infinite amount options customized boards. do-ityourselfers lovers, website often needs juices flowing. Estero resident mother Cassandra Wagner frequents Pinterest eccentric renovate low budget. Wanting refurbish white dresser Chalk Paint--a decorative specifically furniture--but deeming too expensive, recipe site duplicate colorants texture durability fraction cost. few step-by-step instructions later, transformed dressers drab coat bright teal illusion finish. Constantly discovering posts, motion nearly mobile wind chime sea wire wrapping above daughter, Rivers, crib, Memory Bear stitched newborns clothing. PINTEREST-INSPIRED DECORATING TOUCHES LIKE AIR PLANTS TIED CRYSTALS CAN BE EASY LEFT DIYERS ACCESS PINTEREST DEVICE. dcor inspiration hop, skip clicks away simply sprucing existing one, common assess items already with. Maybe heirloom wooden desk starting wear difficult with, table condition match color scheme. Sometimes, needed fix dilemma elbow grease idea. Enter endless cyberworld inspiration. tool collect, organize share Explore.indd 343 BOTTOM ANTHONY MASLO CLOCKWISE ROOMS SPECTACULAR SPACES DESIGNER WRENDA GOODWYN BEFORE-AND-AFTER POST CASSANDRA WAGNERS DRESSER WAGNER LEARNED SEW MEMORY BEAR FUNKY FRIENDS FACTORY POST. do-it-yourselfers Wagners bed hand top taken copy machine framed--another concept Pinterest. cost 20, Wagner. Doing yourself saves money, own flair. claims DIYer neednt master crafter implement native Maslo recently apartment Chicago walls, floors somewhat limited space. minimalistic place, decorated Pinterest-inspired foliage arrangements add natural Projects tying air plants crystals hes otherwise skilled self-made adornments. Ive thought crafty, readily manufactured. away, encouraging. wholeheartedly admits hasnt decorating endeavors, laughing recent 25 1131 SITES TRY Alexa Hampton pinterest.comalexahp1971 Apartment Therapy pinterest.comapttherapy Decorating Den Interiors pinterest.comdecdencorporate Estate ReSale ReDesign pinterest.comestate2 Funky Friends Factory pinterest.comfunkyfriends iVillage pinterest.comivillage Windsor Smith pinterest.comwindsorsmith Goodwyn, Spectacular Spaces pinterest.comwrendagoodwyn ENTHUSIAST CASEY DAUGHTER RIVERS, THEIR HAND-IN-HAND PHOTOGRAPH INSPIRED SITE SIMPLY SEARCHING DECOR PRODUCE SEEMINGLY ENDLESS HOME-MAKEOVER IDEAS. 26 345 MELANIE PAGAN jumping-off rather exact guide re-creating. This designer Goodwyn agree assists Lee County based home, uses consultation device. Many client narrowing incorporate their that. refer boards visualize want. But, advises users against duplicating picture exactly. tell start, endall, Goodwyn. Trying determine style, then adjust situation. favored high-end designers follows, Hampton, fabrics range. dont rich designs adapt lifestyle. renowned designers, frugal masterminds, crafting experts homeowners under domain, adaption whole level. Whether following utilizing consult professionals, pinned, seemingly Follow Facebook, Twitter pages blog Online tools re-creating OPhelan CERTAIN TEED days relying pint-size cans siding samples exterior. homeowner gauge how look, oftentimes saying, pictured. companies Valspar Sherwin-Williams offering virtually exterior colors, nowadays exteriors created-- thanks Ply Gem CertainTeed. Gem, leader building products, Designed Exterior Studio, MyHome feature, allows upload houses experiment components windows, siding, stone veneer, shutters, trim, roofing entry doors. gives personalize customize design, John Stephenson, senior vice Gem. Certain Teed, manufacturer visualization called ColorView, perfect combination complete exterior, roofing, vinyl fiber-cement fence, railing deck. ColorCoach, application assist selection, CurbAppeal, user-friendly app iPad, Teed. CurbAppeal beautifully coordinated selection 21st century, Matt Gibson, director CertainTeed Siding. technology, picture-perfect before begins. GET Homeowners wealth online websites. Teed regular Paint CapeExplore2.indd 412 Melting memories chilly winters hectic holidays RENE NOVELLE hen weather heats sun pure beaches Breathing fresh laced hint sweet salt easily melt memory holidays. flaunt savvy sense. Though flawless statement suit high demand afternoon pool functionality refreshing dip Gulfs tranquil waters. season effortlessly both. were noticing reappearance--like daring cutouts minimalist designs--we hues, one-pieces boho-chic accessories dominating industry year. mention multipurpose cover-ups transition waterfront streetwear. Weve pulled together favorite stylish Floridians wardrobe upgrade. Lola hat, 270. Available Everything Water. Lucky Brand wrap bra top, 68. Grinna red 89. bottom, 74. Swimwear. Koch gold bracelet, 158. Magid tote,68. hipster 58. Onigo multi-colored tote, CapeStyle.indd 422 Robin Piccone one-piece neck, 162. Cara Couture beaded tassel bracelet set, 28. Kate Davis howlite gemstone sharktooth necklace, 130. green 98. 79. 29 1134 wide-brim 185. Kenneth Cole monokini halter swimsuit, 107. black pants, Mara Hoffman maxi-dress, 298. Theosodia pompom 170. Theodosia 250. Fashion Editor 30 andor affiliates cannot held responsible changes, writing mistakes stock. 31 209 Birch Egg-ceptional Seating Egg swivel chair Noir, leather craftsmanship contrasted metal base. stock, Clive Daniel Naples order funky fixture Noir Design. 2,448 Map Cocktails Eye-catching glasses etched maps cities. sizes, last. 12.50 per Fun-N-Games Snake Eyes Tic-Tac-Toe oversized party backyards beach. X wood, size sheet paper. Comes cotton tote. dominoes, dice party-pack combos. 63 346 ADDITIONAL SAVINGS Year Years 39 SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD GIFT CERTIFICATE SHOP ISLAND PURSUIT STORE SANIBEL, RECEIVE YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION YEARS. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure SELECT NAME ADDRESS Visit Web CITY STATE ZIP PHONE rates apply Internet orders only. Enclosed Credit Card Please Call Me TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions Subscribe hidden word promo field receive years. SEE REVERSE MAILING INSTRUCTIONS 33 419 ROSY TOMORROWS HERITAGE CapeFeature-Ripen.indd 1136 Worden Farm GINA BIRCH rganic, non-GMO, sustainable farm-to-table hottest buzzwords food today. However, concepts increased availability finding healthful offerings. growing organic fruits vegetables 85 acres land Punta Gorda. hardly wait cook tastes looks. Formerly farming East Coast Eva Chris space, soil settle grow business. They converted old orange grove farm membership program 600 subscribers access weekly harvest discounts workshops perks. Surprised well concept, People invisible eat enhances consumer makes situation producer. encouraged members, adds, incredibly tolerating degradation land, exposure agriculture workers toxins, eating veggies grown potentially hazardous long-term health. Denise Zynda Bellisimo Salon joined Wordens movement trendy. closed, cooking much. Members each week browse tables overflowing colorful, ripe produce. money exchanged checkout deducted prepaid market account. Workshops, recipes activities chat chop table. clean prep bond health-conscious locals. Physically Wednesday possible everyone, delivery stretches far south Boxes eight seasonal dropped central locations pickup. box four people. Rosy Tomorrows Heritage vegetables, grass--food livestock, pigs, chickens goats. EVA CHRIS WORDEN PREPARE FRESHLY PICKED MARKET DAY, WHEN FARM-MEMBERSHIP PARTICIPANTS COME PUNTA GORDA. 35 347 THESE STATELY LONGHORN CATTLE NORTH FORT MYERS GRASS FED THROUGHOUT STAY FARM. ODell King wine classically trained chef, certified sommelier sheep farmer gave suburbia raise animals organically, holistically, sustainably, humanely possible. heritage breeds, traditional wont effort takes nurture Owner Rose slow-growing animals, celebrated flavor meat. rotate numerous pastures 100-acre farm, providing fertilizer holistic use. grass farm. nutritious healthy, neither animals. Longhorns pasture. stately cows percent fed end. spot, up. layers, lay eggs. Their creamy delicious yolks sit nice youll want day. meat raised meat, tender juicy excited. Red Wattle hogs field. Classified threatened breed, real save sound counterintuitive Raise public buy sample chefs appreciate philosophy. compares Beard House, walk garden, stuff volume feeding. calendar events includes dinners, Sunday suppers brunch Music Meadow Mile Dinners comes explains, focus crab, shrimp breweries. Fresh Farms aspirations site, both protein. protein farm-raised tilapia. Currently tanks, water fish food. Want dinner Go need. tilapia scooped filleted Bo McMahon, operations, fourth whose significant farmland Daniels Corridor Much communities Paseo. parcel across street, conveniently sits. hydroponics vertical growing. water-based, McMahons operation soil-based. Organic containers filled compost coconut fiber. Eventually, hydrated plants, McMahon. 36 348 BREED ANIMALS ROSYS LEAN RED WATTLE HOGS VERTICAL GROWING TECHNIQUES SOUTHERN FRESH FRESH, OPEN FIVE DAYS WEEK, IS STOCKED AMAZINGLY FLAVORFUL PRODUCE. 37 349 eggs--people fight Ill expanding sure. SLOW FOODS FLORIDAS FUNDRAISING EFFORTS HELPED CONTAINER BONITA SPRINGS SCHOOL. 38 351 JULIE GLENN type intermix ground. equipment fuel, huge yields farming. McMahon 200,000 pounds quarter acre. flowers, herbs, corn sugar cane, name few. Like Tomorrows, sure, chuckle. smoothie bar items. try club plot tend tutelage. Future plans alligator exhibits, dock festivals. process agritourism adding, entirely done town. petting zoo entertain kids parents shop. Including grateful, telling stories easier picked chemicals. Christina Hester, member 3-year-old son, pick tomatoes vine pop mouth. sweet, veggie. Slow Foods tasting locally foods rebirth Both founding members group auspices organizations president, Glenn. international 1980s response invasion fast attempt slow from. Sounds simple, however Glenn Part problem nation is, seen elitist thing, case. Buying organic, carefully tends costly prepare drenched sauces flavor. Highlighting producers follow mission good, fair assembling army volunteers present tutorials, classes affordable prices anyone wants learn, afford INSTRUCTORS SCHOOL, HELP FOODS, NOT ONLY TEACHING STUDENTS ABOUT HEALTHY EATING, BUT GROW OWN WELL. Money reinvested initiatives, container Springs School. Assistant principal Blackmon Life Skills special garden. science worm bins learn cycles involved containers. bringing teach becomes circle, hopefully lifelong practice awareness ones others. After attending Food Universitys masters Italy, returned United States dismay judgment industry. billion should shouldnt Italy this, cured Here philosophy Foods, hoping educate Shopping sport people, points out, intimate That improve supply, Floridians. well-known broadcast journalist Read musings offer Gorda Wednesday. memberships currently available. Tuesday Sunday. 352 driver weaving. Uh-oh, someones limit. Well, nohis face aglow diode rays, eyes darting screen roadits garden-variety cyberdrunk scrolling text messages. Nearby scowling smartphone screens, detached, daughter smiling. Others phones, server snapping selfie. sleep cellphones, twist mnage troisthe tomorrow rage sociopath dropping toilet. unsocial media, believe suffer nomophobia, cellphone separationusage anxiety. Distracted walkers petextrians die crazy numberssome 5,000 killed yearwith federal government, example, using tax dollars study keeping straying street. definitely overweight tumbling stairs plowing another, killing bicyclists, lacking sleep, suffering breakdowns re- CCL.Feature2.Phones.indd 340 ILLUSTRATION DAVE DROETLEFF 41 PROS COMPILED SOURCES Medical discoveries occur rapid ratecontact lens monitor blood sugar, robotic surgeriescheck-ups, tissue analysis scanners, needle-free diabetes care, heart valves, smart pills, bracelets, corneal implants, cancer treatmentdetectiontherapy, 3-D printed biology, imaging ultrasound, transplants, stem cells, replacement organs, digestible sensors Cellphone updates activities, after-school practices, grocery lists. See talk friends, distant places. Doctors accept Skype messaging services patients. Class websites apps updated. Pay bills online. appssoftware fitness. stay updated severe threatening situations. monitoring appssoftware. Thousands educational Movie television requiring boxes, movie cases cords. sites store, photobooks, canvas artwork, craft projects. Agricultural processes automated, means efficiency farmers. calendars coordinate everyones schedules accessed devices. microbreweries recapture carbon dioxide carbonate beer research bone strength microgravity validated treatment osteoporosis. NASA hopes humanoid robots replace astronauts extreme Robots disaster-relief maneuvers however, prove itself worthy trickier terraindeep exploration. measuring electrical pulses, characteristics plant remain attached rain leaving unharmed. Precision water, money. Satellite data, contain surface topography rock chemistry, locate underground notably 66 trillion gallons potable northern Kenya, driest povertystricken regions estimated sustain 70 CONS VS. Obesity prevalent. Almost nobody column numbers. GPS device knows all. Computers exaggerate skills. seems connected. weak sort connectivity. Society points. Everyone hisher heshe finds groups like-minded befriend, usually Exaggerated importance, bloggerswindbags lording everyone forums, networks. NASAs PhoneSats low-earth orbit demonstrate consumer-grade power satellite. robotics controls average temperature degree. keeps coffee grounds degrees other, regardless brewing basket, automatically correcting heating fluid altitude, barometric pressure ambient temperature. Data earth-imaging satellites predictions crops. scientists helped develop commercial kiln turns waste plastic useful petroleum G-suits pilots withstand acceleration adapted women postpartum hemorrhage system transform Martian rocket fuel Who fact dependent upon probably forever grid goes down, refrigerator dies, bad starve death. ultimately dependent. Computer Era moves records preserve formats someday disappear fall apart. schools colleges stopped yearbooks favor Facebook pages. Because machines automate computer, us. computers advanced efficient, continue disadvantage global impact. Isolation. 42 lationships. motorist deaths phone misuse, authorities us, prompting law enforcement, ticket drivers texting car. estimates 700,000 given driving chatting texting. millions purchasing Amazon eBay, watching YouTube, tweeting Creeps, sexters advertisers invade data streams, cyber-crooks rob billions evidence shows. float ocean passwords, codes encryptions. Terrorists criminals web peddle drugs, escorts recruit zealots, perhaps shut grids, gas pumps ATMs. right-wingers government prying, grandparent duped family-in-distress scam, angry employers snoop Instagram postings. Wow. flip side, necessary direction. procedures drinking tech discovers imagined ago. smaller scale, pay bills, shop concert tickets pressing finger. grandchild China video screen, flattened, deaf hear. Satellites blind lawyers, doctors others unassisted, Janet Alterman, supervisor Division Blind Modern conditions monitored repaired, record fumbling prescriptions, example. safer smarter informed, free longer, investigate So, whats Sanibels Sandy Teger critics complaining isolated another. Waks, geeksconsultants condo complex spent tens thousands upgrade sitting smartphonetablet addiction, suggesting apps, linked immediate feedback great. bad. happening. asks decide whether helpful lives. weve compiled sampling ugly, assisted, course, technology. Editor-in-Chief SMALLER SCALE, INSTANCE, MANY WORK, PAY BILLS, BOOK THINGS PRESSING FINGER. 43 CCL.Weddings.indd WEDDINGS Bridal Vogue wedding airytale dresses exquisite detail floral organza delicate lace gown fashion Vera Wang, tulle. Wangs men modern sleek styles stunning gowns. dream elegant chic, gowns suits Davids Mens Warehouse steal spotlight Featuring neckline, chic soft crepefabric skirt satin sash flowing elegant. Lace beads bottom. Long-sleeve sheath silhouette dress absolutely approach VERA WANG wool, charcoal slim-fit choice wedding. Black edged notch lapel, covered buttons flat-front slacks Warehouse. 45 Indoor Venue Options expansive ballrooms, 3,000 feet 12-foot ceilings, accommodating 200 Outdoor Gazebo Lawn, Mexico, Terrace, Banquet Multiple menus appetizer selections, sushi sliders, entres, Pacific salmon roasted shiitake mushrooms steak bleu-cheese mash individual requests Onsite Amenities five rooms--including couples room--a salon, pedicure manicure complimentary taxis Beach neighboring charters rental boats petfriendly property on-site restaurants Club, ages adjacent Shops Types Lodging More 260 guestrooms, 2,000 Address 5951 Silver Blvd., Contact Catering specialist, 239-541-5000 46 CapeBeauty.indd 425 rom views receptions aboard yachts, destination magical weddings. indoor Grandville Ballroom venues Lawn 3,000-square-foot settings brides style. location shortage spectacular sunsets romantic venues, memories. wedding, Village. specialists plan detail, vendors, florists, DJs, officiants more, coordinating catering execute array mouth-watering stations hors doeuvres multi-course dinners. partnerships, truly once-in-a-lifetime options. Floridian Star Cruises 90-foot yacht host onboard weddings receptions. OBrien Helicopters grand entrance--or bride groom departure. --Dana Mirman VENUES Sundial FL, 239-472-4151, Casa Ybel Book Edison Ford Winter Estates 239-334-7419, Hotel Golf Mark Loren Naples, 239-261-2222, 239-482-4664, Ruths Steak House Springs, 239-9488888, Kovaz Photography 239-472-3145, Lighthouse Restaurant 239-489- 0770, light Lely Country Bigham Jewelers West Wind Inn 239-732-1200, 239-434-2800, Service Jordan 239-994-0884 239-8772968, DJSENTERTAINMENT Sebrie Images Tiffany Co. 239-472-1541, Harbour Marriott Captiva, 239-472-5300, 239-466-4000, marriott.comhotelstravel rswsb-sanibel-harbourmarriott-resort-and-spa Vines Miromar Lakes 239-592-6188, 239-826-5682, Danny Morgan Band 239-267-7000, Diamond District 239-472-4774, Tonya Malay 239-947-3434, Tie Entertainment 239-4981685, Seas 239-472-5111, Princess 239-765-8500, 239-425-2340, Gulfcoast Coin Jewelry 239-574-9797, Grandezza 239939-5636, BAKERIES Michelle Reed Pzazz Productions Tween Waters 239-472-5161, Heitman 239-850-1171, 239-948-2900, 855-557-9299, 239-566-9797, PLANNERS Wyndham Garden 239-4635711, Hyatt Regency Coconut Masons Bakery 239-334-4525, Bob Zottola Expandable Jazz 239-541-5000, 239-4441234, BRIDAL SALONS STORES 239-591-0635, Patricia Slaters Weddings Sea 239-472-8712, Norman Love Confections 239-561-7215, Frank Smith, Guitarist DiamondHead La Venezia 855-5186650, 239-945-0034, Angelo 239-821-1081, Socialites 239-540-9029, 239-939-4713, Yum Cakes 239-939-2253, Laura Lou Roth, Harpist Powerhouse 239-597-5204 800-811-4496, Exclusive Destination Management Pink Shell Yacht Peach Republic 239-574-0806 239-945-6116, 239-472-8444, Ellas 407-383-3984, TRANSPORTATION 239-4636181, Pursuit 239-643-0778, Matanzas 239-472-4600 Kakes Karen, LLC Fl, 239-4639258, Palmetto-Pine Rustic Barn Buckingham 239-574-7262, Bella Isola Boutique 239-514-2567, Sound Choice Taxi 239-352-9988, FLORISTS 239-472-4160, Platinum Transportation 239-651-6975, Mikkelsens Pastry Shop 239-203-2303, Strand 239-592-7710, 239-596-5996, CATERERS Floral Artistry 239-267-1816, Crowne Plaza Bell Tower Plantation 239-274-0515, 239-472-3040, Maximum Limousine 239-936-6669, Leslie Adams 239-482-290 Ritz-Carlton, Bride 239-598-3300, ritzcarlton.comNaples 239-590-9299, 239-330-9907, Libbys Flower 239-278-1500, L.A. Jamie Jacob 239-561-8650, Grande Jeannines Formalwear 239-336-2222, 239-433-2226, Signature Florals 239-354-9199, 239-437-2860, Airport SPAS 239-597-3232, 239-433-5111, Quail Knot Collections Renes Path 239-888-5282 Harborside Event 239-321-8110, 239-593-4100, communitiesquail-west 239-234-6311, 239-489-4424, 239-822-0054, 239-472-7722, tween-waters.comthe-spa Loretta 239-9483998, JEWELERS Artichoke Company 239-263-6979, FL. 239-772-3377, Kay Casperson Forest Hilton 239-482-8378, 239-430-4900, Carolina Congress Colonial Pelican Isle 239-472-4177, 239-384-9800, 239-434-6700, 800-984-4780, Day 239-768-9421, 239-566-1606, Lily Dunkins Diamonds Prestige Genes 5th Ave Florist Restaurant, 239-936-9348, Bay 239-472-2888, 239-277-1011, 239-272-7180, 230-261-7111, 239-395-2220, Wynns Market Heaven Scent Flowers, ya Healing Wellness La-Te-Da 239-530-1199, 239-261-7157, 239-9925683, PHOTOGRAPHERS 239-472-6010 Lexington 239-437-0404, Bellasera 47 Discover. More. 844-898-4184, sunstream.comnaplesbellasera Jared Galleria 239-432-2663, Angelinas Ristorante 239-390-3187, 239-395-7671, 239-337-1772, totimedia.comdm2016wedding1 Are lipstick-lover face-cream fanatic place. issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup between. laid-back surfer babe total junkie, feel. Luerecki LOVE LOCKS Playing surf hair. Protect tresses Sun Bums Formula Leave 14.99. Enriched oil, banana pulp peel, leaf sunflower seed detangle locks controlling frizz, preventing split ends slowing fading. Spray shiny, smooth hair looks salon Find Bum Surf 239-472-8185, Butterfly 239-579-0172 Ron Jon Town 239-482-8888, RELIEF READY love FarmHouse Freshs Plum Chiffon Marshmallow Melt All-Purpose Shea Butter Balms 12.50. Packaged cute tins, theyre throw purse travels on-the-go relief. smell great, paraben-, sulfate- gluten-free 99 blends ingredients shea, mango cocoa butters coconut, soybean apricot kernel oils. solid balms soothe repair rough spots cracked lips scaly heels calluses fingers. Pick tin spas salons Green Leaf 239-334-1400, Oasis 239-992-0928, 634 BEAUTY BEACH year-round visiting bit, stocking vanity inspired Coastal Salt Souls Ocean Gardenia Salted-Honey Body Scrub raw honey hydrate nourish, Dead detoxify, polish brighten, oil moisturize. Or Blissful 45, shea butter, kelp, Irish moss berry hydrate, heal, rejuvenate skin. Hollies 239-481-9671, AGELESS APPEAL turn clock, did Lumenes Freeze Firming Cream SPF 24.99. Ingredients wild Arctic lingonberry extract firm skin, creams UVAUVB protection fights pigment changes signs aging lines caused sun. result Younger-looking necessary. cream Lumene Ulta 239-334-0659, 239-992-0361 Target, CVS Walgreens. Finish Caudalies Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil Free silicones, mineral oils preservatives, almond grapeseed remove dirt, bacteria stubborn waterproof formulations, hydrating, soothing protecting fragrance nongreasy leave refreshed, especially calling night. Give heading Sephora 239-390-9889, inside JCPenney Mall 239-936-8101. WIPE DAY AWAY 49 353 Need Reorganize Tips small Doty Throw Away Unused Dont Collect Lot Junk simple rule anymore, donate rare regret SHELVING PIECES DISPLAY LOOK CLEAN REDUCE CLUTTER. LIGHT COLORS WILL UP COMPACT SPACE. CapeHome.indd 356 TARA MALLOY inding buying reorganize seem assume small. 1,800 feet, estate agent Mike Lombardo Coralbased Team. Consider figure student population, 100,000 alone, crunch families. larger. months, house. rings mostly closet storage toys, cubbies. These quick cleanup--you books magazines, weed read. personality, plain sight. stuff--clothing accessories, magazines--is biggest obstacle organization rid clutter difficult. Donnelly, counselor Counseling, START CLOSET CLEANUP ORGANIZING COLOR. start removing week. Possessions indicative comfort control, explains. maintaining control decluttering crucial. Closet Systems system. systems vary California Closets popular but, minimum 1,500 installed, costly. do-it-yourself Stolmen Ikea ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Target 139, excellent solutions. adjustable fit hangers, racks shoes shelf economical, hangers. fitting multiple hanger. Hanging cubbies economical solution. consist series compartments accommodate necessities Try organizing closely inspect item, certain anymore. saving valuable versus folded neatly put drawer. cleaning closets, pile first. Chances are, pile, Keeping clothes toys hand-medowns siblings smart, best. flat 51 tainer slides purpose. Choose Right Furniture Reassess maximize Molloy Staging Matters, recommends ottoman instead doubles seating entertaining, Malloy office, Just sure tuck ugly office equipment. arrangement, suggests seats sofa. larger seating. must table, bulky. Open, airy appear eye sees Also, suggests, Use mirrors light. English teacher, poet County. him, kyle ORGANIZATION SYSTEM WHIP ANY SHAPE PUTTING EVERYTHING ITS PLACE. BELOW MIRRORED WALL ADDS DIMENSION SMALL, DARK AREA. 52 KYLE DOTY Naturally Take yard harsh chemicals Kalyn Brooke espite analogies ants brave soldiers understand value crawling homes. itty-bitty ant pain-inducing fire ant, insects welcome marching baseboards, kitchen sink pantry bags flour sugar. call nearest pestcontrol company, tackle problem--at effective, arsenal sprayed combat pests dangerous toxic cancer, birth defects learning disabilities, according National Resources Defense Council. action patients report pesticide-related sickness poison-control centers urgent-care clinics. worth considering. food, pets children. Instead, safe, Natural Remedies remedies repel kill ants. M ix peppermint essential medium-size bottle, cracks entrances hate strong smell, confuses scent communication. Sprinkle outside perimeter barrier. coffee, remains morning cup alternative. Mix ounces Dawn liquid soap gallon drench fire-ant mounds yard. breaks exoskeleton kills ants, cut index card half, one-toone ratio syrup borax middle. solution queen colony, eliminates Other alternatives chalk lines, cinnamon barriers homemade vinegar sprays. applied again month. patience, eventually controlled. Pros Although contacting pest-control company solutions, infestations require pros. infestation worse, CapeHome_Ants.indd 413 identify source discuss elimination, Scott Holtz, operations Shrub Care. assurance indoors outdoors, mixed proper label rates, flea shampoo dog key prevent caulked sealed properly, branches shrubs trimmed walls attention maintain speck sugary looked wiped attracts attention, days, Holtz warns. Pests, eliminated completely, nor happen. responsibilities ecosystem. thrive act barrier pests. part, becoming unwelcome houseguests. blogger runs, frugal-living dedicated basic budgeting money-saving tips. PRODUCTS REPELLING ANTS ALREADY CUPBOARDS MULTIPLE ANTHILLS COMMON YARDS MIXTURE PEPPERMINT OIL WATER THROW OFF TRAIL. 54 414 KALYN BROOKE HUMANS SMELL COFFEE MORNING, SO ANTS. GROUNDS SPRINKLED ALONG EXTERIOR BASE NATURAL BARRIER. MORE INFO Council NRDC 212-727-2700, Everyday Roots Mother Earth News Healthy World Kitchen Stewardship 55 258 Ten Improving Put magic pill healthy overnight, jump-start progressing wellness journey. calves, quadriceps, glutes hamstring muscles stabilize knee joint. 7B e aware halo. described labeled natural. does unlimited amounts Calories count healthy. 1A im participate form physical minutes. Simply Keep moving. 2S trive drink weight weigh 180 pounds, 90 8D uring cardiovascular exercise, thumb effective heart-rate range, 65 maximum rate 220 x .65 .85. 3E eat, fat. Protein lean muscle increase metabolism. omega-3 fats overall reducing inflammation body, importantly, brain fat optimal cognitive function. 9W orking goal, age. Being easier, lifting laundry basket. se dynamic warm-ups workout static stretching Dynamic jumping jacks, jogging medicine ball swings, rope, walking treadmill gets warming muscles. Never stretch cold 4E xercise group--chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs abdominal area--at 5Y 72 recover fully resistance-training sessions, workouts feels. joint, strengthen knees, consultant exercise physiologist nine designing programs individuals reached Health.indd 410 57 912 Rum increases portfolio stake Sunshine State Delicious CapeCulinary.indd 357 opposite page Dolphin. ver distillery rum storm. won national accolades handcrafted public--not start. sales distribution Southeastern states. brainchild distributor JoAnn Elardo. Yorker retire, visits got laugh. weary retirement, mind felt Having enjoyed experimenting brewing, Elardo decided interest business, twist. entrepreneur seemed distill. grows cane States, ingredient making. advantage product, rum, distinct selections market. 80,000 Elardo, highest grade. distilling steps, involving heating, evaporating liquid. lands impressive-looking, giant copper-pot Kentucky. Most barrels Kentucky previously hold bourbon. worked perfecting believes Dolphins success. problem. During perfecting, constantly interrupted curious visitors--wanting wanting tour, taste most, buy. above, stepped lobby legislators attraction demanding. tour buses arrive state goods, delectable punch. rums silver spice. small-batch barrel aging, added soda, tasting. spice smells distinctively easy-drinking contains Lehigh Acres, star anise, cardamom, oranges Elardos peel Found developing category spirits RumShine, rum-based moonshine. Bottled jars resembles Old postcard, shine smoother anticipate--no coughing burning esophagus sip. Apple Pie RumShine screams holiday season, strawberry blueberry shines chunks fruit Plant City. tasty rocks ginger ale lemonade. content rum. 2015, released canebased vodka. manufactured someone endorsement reaction. Christmas, retail T-shirts, gift baskets, barbecue hot sauces, party, pond grounds, hosting events. Bottling parties employees paid supports businesses Florida-friendly tourists bars. that, indeed exceptional. Sunset Punch ounce fresh-squeezed juice pineapple liqueur Splash grenadine Shake serve WICKED DOLPHIN DISTILLS, AGES BOTTLES ON-SITE CORAL. ONE LATEST OFFERINGS RUMSHINE, RUM-BASED MOONSHINE. 59 Untitled-2 921 Scrumptious zest sleepy downtown district ive ago, considered destinations tossed range Center. words heard. changing. Road corridor widely hub becoming, dare ... cool. downtown, buildings high-rises. Parkway spine spreads Southeast 47th Terrace Lafayette Miramar streets. Over deserted once-flourishing lieu populated Del Prado Boulevard bustling Road. Today, renaissance sorts, spearheaded restaurateurs investors diners alike. Previously, note Brew CapeCulinary2.indd 332 FORDS RECOGNIZED INTERIORS, GOURMET BURGERS CRAFT BEERS. LOCATION BUSIEST CHAINS THREE STORES. Babies. coming Bridge Prado, Babies left, tucked corner Lafayette. separated Zen dine listening music--a charming oasis. Kerry Krieg, Fish Tale Grill, wave entrepreneurs trendy familys Terrace,Merricks Seafood. radius sports bars, Krieg provide take-out lunch. prepared numbering cases. patrons purchase, seized meet expanded twice, lighting features. Kreig happy offerings neighborhood, better--there doing--we other. capturing crowd, Shannon Yates Nevermind Awesome Eatery, engaging cult following, bars Cr Bacchus. grew considers bridge marked Nevermind, Beastie speakeasy. About explosion mile base populace. loyal places downtown. categorizes presence, stays midnight weekends. Weekends event Cape. peek head different. Kenny Brewer Cape, foodie. beer, drinks. willing champions establishment, neighbors, surround is. competition compliment. Also Fords Garage. Managing partner Zak Kearns busiest company. approached occupied Leapin Lizards, buzz begun. Considering population density visible bridge, crew product. Excited developments opened, addition proven track proving hit-ormiss backing entertainment district. Another notable culinary culture established Jeff Gately Ralph Centalonza Rumrunners sold, Joint Cork Soakers Terrace. Serving deviled wasabi edgy cocktails Bitch Slap Bloody Mary, favorite. Next cozy Italian Ciao, exuberant Jill Bacus greets serving recipes. Besides feel-good stuffed shells lasagna, wood-fired pizzas deliciously hit. pizza, eclectic atmosphere, Nice Guys Beer Pizza Parkway. 61 939 FISH TALES FURNISHINGS DESIGN SLEEK WELCOMING. RETRO MEETS NOSTALGIA ABOVE GRILL. HISTORICAL DOT DINER. FOODIES MADE-FROM-SCRATCH MENU CHOICES. ing den irreverent vibe, limited-edition beers. spot expanded, lounge music games. Pizzas neighbors long62 standing Mexican Iguana Mia SansSushi, Asian cuisine Water City bistro made-from-scratch menu. summer 2015 mentioned, expand. Res- 62 CAPES NEVERMIND AWESOME BAR EATERY CONTINUED EVOLVE OVER THREE--YEAR HISTORY. taurateur Judd Mackenzie Baird retro-meets-nostalgia Historic cover airplane hangs replica flew development 50s. counterparts, enthusiastic synergy drawing crowds. saying beach, parking. Adding cuisines Slates, mouthwatering Orleansstyle quaint staff friendly, gumbo lasts jazz bands extra now, built relocating scratch. Steve Hyde booked everybody trying something, thinks go, progress, drive single environment. boom surprise many, planned, Jacobsen, Community Redevelopment Agency CRA. CRA Jacobsen pack, groundwork permitting Corals Delray, clunky rundown. An influx restaurants, desirable credited spearheading Delrays revitalization. delighted dinner, before, retail, owners cite aesthetic improvements sorely needed--better lighting, landscaping, pedestrian enhancements, dipping toes scene, dash gushes, Were residents. Cooking Misto Salmon Roulade Serves 2-3 scallops egg tablespoons heavy teaspoon salt, pepper nutmeg Seasoning lemon pound butter Remove bloodline bones salmon, thickness even. processor, scallops, pepper, nutmeg, zest. Pulse seconds. Add pulse seconds mousse-like consistency. Place mousse roll. Cut 2-inch wide sections baking pan scallop Drizzle melted bake 350 15-18 SWFL DINING KEY B Lunch Dinner SB Brunch Reservations Accepted Facilities Wine details. 1920s, Henry walked parts, burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. Angus beef topped arugula fried mouth Kona Big Wave Goose 312. Sauce stick shallots, crushed cloves garlic, taste, sprigs dill, wine, broth clam juice. saucepan sticks chopped shallots garlic. Cook medium heat tender. reduce half. stock cream, slightly thickened reduction process. whisk remaining let stand sauce butternut squash asparagus. 231 Blvd. S., 239-673-9799, 1719 East, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY SEAFOOD BISTRO Eclectic Cuisine. grits breakfast Le Bouf bacon wrapped lobster tail extensive burgers, sandwiches pasta landlubbers. Be Enjoy 1715 Parkway, Units 3, 239-471-0136, MELOGRANO Quality Casual Luxury. Traditional authentic Start vegan breadsticks medieval feast famous Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano pumpkin ravioli wood-roasted Limoncello tiramisu. wrong choices Melograno, faithful time-tested non-processed chemical additives. Wednesday-Saturday, p.m.-10 p.m. 5971 239-214-6444, ensure date. ahead detailed reservations establishments. CapeCulinaryListing.indd 637 MISTO GRILL MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Chef Nico Bogert proof. palate, Monkey pork apple relish Pepper Painted Grouper, rice Ahi Tuna Salad. steak, eatery Best Steakhouse available, nightly. 1428 Street, 239-5498800, JACARANDA Local Legend. romantic, relaxed, open-air gathering nightspot one. ranges splendid lounge, 1223 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-1771, TIMBERS RESTAURANT Dine Do Yourself. Favorites calamari, platters crab cakes lump. door 703 Road, 239-472-2722, TRADERS Dining Experience. Traders emporium restaurant, Thursday gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, BEACHED WHALE Captain Ahabs Favorite Spot. Stop beachs barbecue, offerings, bar. Lookout Lounge, savor Chicken Sandwich Square. Live performed nightly, Deck team. 1249 239-463-5505, 1033 DOC RUM GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. second fictional Randy Wayne White character Pass snapper Texas baby-back ribs. nights afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239765-9660, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. resemble delightful, Florida-style tropical Cristofs McGregor hotspot. Louisiana crawfish bisque, generous portions ingredients. 10231 239-791-8473 EDISON Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Thomas Edison, display historic photos. steeped tradition, dishes pot pie receiving raves diners. 3583 OLD Especially Those Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly sliced bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied fresh-ground Colombian reason breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak, hands down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience flavors Brazil, dozen rotisserie meats, perfectly seasoned carved tableside Rodizio Gauchos. Feijoada, bean stew, Abacaxi, glazed pineapple. forget decadent dessert. Friday-Sunday. 8017 del Lago Drive, Suite 101, 239-498-0018, 359 oastal Cui sine esher, r y n t Youd Nightly 830-1130pm Family Owned Operated Mussel Monday 16.95 Snow 9.99 Bottle 10.00 Appetizer Friday Rack Tail 24.95 Oyster Saturday 1.00 England Lobster Bake 29.95 d Large Curve ns cree Projection rite o Fav s Sports Game Hours 9am - 10pm Daily BarBistro 11am-Midnight 8am-2pm Sat. Sun. 239-471-0136 67 51016 408 MAYJUNE WHERE GO WHAT DO flexibility stamina. Classes ballroom belly dancing ballet, levels. 3333 239-542-3500, Escape TuesdaysSaturdays, 10am-6pm night Friday, 6-9pm Create item gift. relaxing cheese enhance experience. 808 SE St., 239-945-2006, Third Drive-In May June 17, sunset, third Crossroads, nonprofit school foster boys, hosts drive-in Gorda, Grill. Admission concession donations. costs 1,000 funded sponsors. interested sponsor varying levels, email 121 Marion Ave., Giant 3-13, matinee shows Bring Roald Dahls fantastical tale boy, insect friends marvelous peach stage musical Broadway Palm Theatre, 1380 239-2784422, Hibiscus Festival 13-15, 6-10pm Saturday, 9am-4pm Sunday, 10am-3pm exotic vintage carsa pageant Fest, featuring different Harrys Bar, Saturdays Lil Miss Pageant, Cup Regatta harbor sale Sundays continuation sale, inspirational stage, love. Craft vendors plein-air original Proceeds Vietnam Memorial Wall, Charlotte Historical Hunger Bus. Gilchrist 514 Grace 941-457-3659, Tigers Neighborhood 6pm legacy beloved Mister Rogers lives award- winning Fred PBS KIDS. Donning iconic sweater, invites interactive adventure much-loved Make-Believe. familiar themes friendship, celebrating experiences theatrical production singing, dancing, laughter grr-ific surprises warm hearts Barbara B. Mann Performing Hall, 13350 FSW Pkwy., 239-4814849, 101 Dalmatians 10-July 1, Fridays, Tuesdays, 1pm Wednesday, 15, Based Disney animated funfilled fur-raising Cruella De Vil adorable heroes paws stage. 239278-4422, Mothers Show 8, 10am Harry Goulding Chapter holds 32nd annual sale. Plants purchase 10am-4pm, Bloom 1-4pm. Harbor Conference Center, 75 Taylor 941-833-5444, Midpoint Bingo Birthday Party 29, 11am 420pm celebrates 7th birthday bingo giveaways cupcakes. customers valid I.D. Bingo, 2413 S, 239-458-1672, Conch MondaysThursdays Saturdays, 630pm 7pm Sundays, 12pm Complete enjoying beverages. provided, 1242 SW 239-673-6660, Rhythm Motion evening daytime Social grace, poise confidence, low-impact aerobic CapeCalendar.indd 308 Collie Buddz 5, Colin Patrick Harper, Buddz, reggae sounds Light Up catchy lyrics beat. releases regularly label, Harper Digital, radio station Bermuda Vibe 103. Dixie Roadhouse, 1023 239541-7900, 7, 4pm singersongwriter Berklee College Boston, Massachusetts, folk, acoustic indie songs. Pizza, 1334 Pkwy. E, 239-5497542, Babefest 4pm-12am female musicians, Rebellion puts performance musicians TerryLynn Melody, Lexie Bea, Psychic Dose genres punk country. Glen Phillips Toad Wet Sprocket 6, 8pm Phillips, singer 1990s band Sprocket, performs hits commissioned Symphony. World-premiere symphonic rock-and-roll Generation Ys anthems. 239481-4849, Styx 10, Come Sail Styx. 1970s 80s blasts hard-rocking songs Renegade 69 300 Too Hands, stirring everpopular Babe Times. ABBA ARRIVAL Sweden 11, 730pm soldout worldwide 1995, band. Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, Fernando Super Trouper, bring convincing audiences ABBA. Symphony presents Puccinis Boheme 14, Boheme, opera singers, costumes choreography. Soloists Marco Panuccio, Branch Fields, Gabriel Preisser Jason Switzer. Stage direction Neu. 239-481-4849, Monkees 50th Anniversary Tour 18, together, amassed hits, trio tunes soared No. 1. beginnings comedy, gained unexpected popularity, selling million albums 7.5 singles. Micky Dolenz Peter Tork favorites Daydream Believer Last Train Clarksville. Brit Floyd-Space CONTINUUM 23, hugely 146 date globe Floyd, Worlds Greatest Floyd Show, returns Floyd. million-dollar show, state-of-theart production, promises show. Seven Nuns Las Vegas 27-29, Thursday-Saturday Complaining Indiana weather, Sister Columba Joseph, State, gambling-rich Vegas. comedy nuns dances dancers, Bible best-seller town hesitant gambling Cultural Park Theater, 528 239-772-5862, Dirty Dancing, Classic Story Seen globe, smash hit tells Baby Johnny, fiercely independent worlds challenging triumphant Funny Girl 1-14, WednesdaysSundays, Fanny Brice, Brooklyn hall impressive rise stardom Ziegfeld Follies. Dingdong, Shanahan 1-8, Tuesdays-Sundays, outrageous sexploits caught sordid triangle. Jump headfirst misadventures madcap adaptation Feydeaus farce, opening dark mayhem, laughter, 71 1138 unlikely revelations secret marriage. Arcade Repertory 2268 239332-4488, Menopause Musical 19July 2, Wednesdays-Sundays, Four lingerie except bra... loss, flashes, sweats, sex, sex Hilarious Celebration Women Change 1960s, 70s 80s. Distance Exhibit 28, mixed-media project Pegi Christensen Milwaukee, Theresa Columbus Baltimore, Jennifer Holmes Whittier, Calif. Loscuito distances corpse drawings, photographs, poems performance, culminating exhibition Lynden Sculpture Milwaukee. Opening reception 5-7pm, 10pm. Arts, 10091 239-939-2787, Farmers 8am vegetables. specialty entertainment. Surfside Tuesdays. Square, 10th Place, 239-549-6900, 309 Bites Walking Wednesdays Fridays Get three-hour Downtown District. eateries, insiders meeting owners. tastings ethnic eatery, history. Flavors village introduction. delightful history, eco combines Matlachas salty obscure village, flamboyant colony. islands shops HAPPY HOUR live-music Mat-la-shay restaurants. Starts Gardens, 4637 NW, Matlacha. Parking behind Olde 4530 NW. 239-9450405, GreenMarket Vendors grown, cultivated purchase. entertainment, kids, gardening demos round fun. Barter encouraged, backyard trees, tomato crop berries gathered outing, trade 73 Blue-collar meaning, gifts hey energy intelligent, hard-working diligent. traits human, problematic breeds. Unfortunately, dogs sheltersor worse. Dog Rescue Academy WDRA, founded premise training pooches, sensory search-and-rescue teams, detecting dogs, alert oncoming seizures, therapy post-traumatic stress disorder aid depression Crystal McClaran, WDRA trainer specializing high-drive breeds behavioral problems, general passion, particularly enjoyable intelligent powerful rewarding click thrive, suddenly realize WORKING DOG RESCUE ACADEMY CANDIDATES SHOULD HAVE HIGH ENERGY SENSE PURPOSE. CapePets.indd 638 TRACY POTEMRA-HUDAK TRAINS RESCUED DOGS. K9 TASK DRUG SEARCHES CENTER. FOUNDER BREEZY ROACH SAYS RESCUES SCREENED SOCIABILITY TEMPERAMENT. Before placed world, pass requirements. rescue, Breezy Roach, founder canine behaviorist specialist. specific academy generally shelters rescues unadoptable pet dog. sociability, temperament, drives candidate program, Roach. initial screening, rehabilitation begin training, Roach behaviorists Aggressiveness, anxiety, socialization fears loud noises issues enduring, Furthermore, inhibited unlocked, foundation prey hunt drives. Prey basis chasing suspect, hunting target odor, qualified trainers Dellaneym, Tracy Potemra-Hudak, McClaran Jodie Eblin. advisers. strenuous tenacious proofing likely obstacles, distractions, temptations tribulations encounter real-life situations, fails academys affiliated purpose placement. adoption fee depends, undergone, dual purposes, detection patrols, K9s, varies. vetted vaccines. fees dogs. non-profit funding events, posted website. donation, grooming items, supplies, collars, leashes, clickers, muzzles, bite sleeves, suits, tug boxes. pursuing recruiting trainers. sufficient facility kennels rehabilitate train writes topics enjoys boating, dining, tropical. LEARN 239-699-1049 facebook.comworkingdogrescueacademy 1036 ELIZABETH JOYCE 6th moon Taurus thinking mid-April. value. ScorpioSagittarius advancement past. leadership enhanced, upward career. 4th Gemini fantastic matters estate. 20th Sagittarius completions, universal. sad emotional peace. PERSONAL SIGNS ARIES MARCH APRIL fireworks, Aries, quiet finances financial paperwork deal. bored, awhile. chatty. gab, express themselves, teaching TAURUS month you, Taurus. delights creature comforts. single, admirers cross path. tempting job actually argument lover serious. temper organized, GEMINI JUNE gathering. Have break barbeque. sociable charm charisma. Opportunities earn cash abound. handle legal inheritance issues. strain relationships, tricky Financially battling confusion roadblocks. panic 20th. choice, strange manner. CANCER JULY fruitful comfortable month, Cancer, opportunities friendships. Arguments months stewing lack responsibility, longer. foot none soon. family, loved ones, affectionate. LEO AUGUST attract leverage trying. change, friend havent Mercury direct 22nd. Watch overspending overindulgence busy focused strike irons hot. carrying urgent solstice. scene. keeps, regret. VIRGO SEPTEMBER mood, Virgo. yet, favor, though, Weekend. Battle tensions Luckily, temporary. favorable answers trip planned. Showing affection public. waiting anytime 12th congratulations order. CapeAstrology.indd LIBRA OCTOBER juggle smoothly normal. someone, rediscovering flame together. investment loan, June, retrograde May. playmates had, bored. eye, July, facts SCORPIO NOVEMBER Late troublesome Scorpios finances. budget, to, Begin pennies aside rainy tenderness private Mars Scorpio types passion. aim notice. fair, Scorp. spending saving, Moderation SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER excuse indulge bit--fine clothes. Youve hard, lovers kinds be. electric unpredictable. jealousy possessiveness. Spontaneity ever, Sag CAPRICORN JANUARY Capricorn. much, wonderful, evenings arms stable solid. Nicely toes. task given, it--and multitask, attain award June. Congrats. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY kick Aquarius. computer phones days. unattached, book. actual opinions sharing. amused, active. alive fullest. Expect problems bail out. hand, tough first, PISCES vacation cabin mountain lake May, Pisces. pinch, extravagant, cruise parade begin, front seat presented several choices. folks lately, better. Stress visitors, cookouts reunions. Hey, solve problems. Joyce psychics Haitian Philippines earthquakes Twin Towers tragedy witnessed psychic powers TV Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance Detectives, CNN News. guest services. appointment, 215-996-0646. 77 1048 Founding Stories shaped legacies endure ake Myers--youll parks, diverse world-class performances. treasures granted, daysnot agoyou settlers dilapidated Female Pioneers Made Difference Citys Development, C. Tuthill P. Hall Editorial Rx Press, 16.95, stories. McGregor, Hanson, Hendry Hancock street Despite recognition, recall role bore played establishing Julia A. husband 1880 establish towns church. Hospital Association, achievements. Mina Miller wife inventor, voice draws shores. 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