Ad_Page.indd 1 10416 1052 PM Cape Features 38 G RAPE ESCAPE So youd love a wine getaway but cant afford the trip to California or France. Instead, discover Floridas surprisingly diverse wineries. And in many cases you wont even need full tank. Cheers Style 44 48 56 58 Holiday Glamour Whats Store Culinary Sangria Sundays Chef Dario Zuljani ON THE COVER The Coral Historical Museum collects artifacts and curiosities telling story of Southwest largest city by landmass. Discover more about museum citys founding brothers on page 34. Cover photo Courtesy 2 TOTI.COM NOVDEC 2016 5_CCL_ND16.indd 954 3 Departments 22 20 30 26 Greetings Radar 10 11 12 16 8 Publishers Letter Explore 50 34 Astrology 76 Stargazing Saluting Veterans Day Wicked Good Honoring Our Lest We Forget Outdoors Nature Scene 78 79 Tri County Landscaping Boat-A-Long 52 Capes Festival Lights Service Voice Commerce Local Professionals Winning Lottery Waterside Wine Club 54 Magnificent Bald Eagle 80 Meet Boots Tolles Beauty Home Stay 4 24 Products Help You Look Your Best 68 62 A Guide Dining SW Florida IN OUR NEXT ISSUE Carney Properties Calendar Book 75 Happening Boca Grandes Old Charm Beautiful Disaster JanFeb issue is packed with activity Well help find ways enjoy all natural wonders for which this area famous, whether do that going quiet hike, playing round golf, hitting tennis ball, paddling kayak participating something little extreme. CAPE CORAL LIVING ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. Gold Rush gave Kirsten her shining moment. E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C T N. Since 1997, has been creating brighter future through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through scholarship, than 725,000 students have earned opportunity attend college. education they received allowing them give back community boost economy, while helping fund next generation students. remember, play, wins. Must be 18 older play. Play responsibly. 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTRIBUTORS Dana Long, Heather McAreavy PROOFREADER EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Gina Birch, William R. 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Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 6 10516 225 7 PUBLISHERS LETTER Countdown Begins ... TOP PHOTO BY BRIAN STROMLUND snt it unbelievable we will soon count seconds into another It feels as if flew like strong summer storm. myself breathlessly looking over past months, accomplished at Media. entire team worked tirelessly bring only best our magazines, were very proud added Living lineup. believe whatever do, passion turn out successful powerful could been. Talent some fortuitous luck play their part, your business personal dreams fade. would take thank you, loyal readers advertising partners. Many us these years. Because Media strive ultimate print online publications, presenting perform excellence each issue. publishing inner workings good watch just one piece performing correctly, nothing time. am so great writers, editors, proofreaders, photographers artists, designers, sales distribution people, accounting staff, well management team. Together performed finely crafted timepiece, can proudly say never missed deadline since was introduced 1996. Being timebeing true professional working hard passionmakes difference. Only then succeed offering reader, quality product. magazines filled shopping, dining travel stories, yet set mind certain direction, sure inspired check fascinating new places feature For example, holiday style cuisine tips profiles starting section. Soon celebrate loved ones types experiences create lifetime memories. In moments, please let think who no longer us. Lets hope people open eyes see things life, hearts happiness, joy. Its my work harder offer others, live service sanctity dedicated advancement real human spirit. Everyone wishes blessed season, healthy start year. One day time, make Publisher 9 Col. John LaRe named parade grand marshal CRAIG GARRETT Parade once included 1,000 ROTC cadets, numbers much smaller, parades coordinator says. Still, expect plenty excitement celebration armed services, Linda Biondi cool parade. INSET COURTESY JOHN LARE J ohn receive honor missing from his distinguished lifeheading retired U.S. Air Force colonel selected Nov. Coral. event running along 47th Terrace, between 8th Court 15th Avenue, begins a.m. Organizers thousands view car clubs, units, marching bands, performance scout groups, local chapter Rolling Thunder, advocacy organization, more. LaRe, 91, head family friends. Beginning military career World War II bomber pilot, later Korea Vietnam. Further assignments Pentagon time U. Department Defense. He turned down generalship remain stateside wife children. John, now began pilot. BOTTOM PHOTOS WICKED DOLPHIN Dolphin Emerging Business Leader award Lee County. Economic Development office commendation lauds rum distillers steady growth its practices. Founded 2012, revenues should rise 60 percent, company announced, attributable products marketing. -- C.G. Granite wall helps heal, Charlotte monument dedication November B ill Akins tears up talking an services memorial he helped Punta Gorda--not because small cash donations years went final assembly granite structure, rather names friends former comrades etched killed Vietnam Memorial Wall Laishley Park officially 5. veteran groups brotherhood, says Akins, served forward observer Army 1968 1972. Have lost More care count. me emotional, didnt serve understand that. members during war, conducted nearly 1975. accident Gorda similar Washington, D.C., most 58,000 Gorda. refer simply Wall. half-scale version Washington wall, soldier, airman sailor died panels 700 pounds each. glass artist Lucas Century, fact, developed etching technique used inscribe black slabs total 500 feet completed 1982. But means veterans, especially Day, ultimately 650,000 mean more, nonprofit formed project beginning imagined raising 350,000, says, stunned twice sponsorships arrived. had ton donations, Some 70 percent less 200. kind surprised. left board group, following dispute controversial remarks made. At formal dedication, memorial, 13 vet Bill raise funds located near Kiwanis Garden left. Visitors pay respects gardens below, where pavers identify veterans. lighted walkway fresh landscaping, 58,307 Most men averaging old. also allow visitors trace rub name paper pencil chalk, happens Washington. Rubbing leaving keepsake touching itis why million annually visit D.C. Lincoln maintained National Service. There several so-called moving walls, group considered purchasing, deciding erect own, existing Garden, freckled such items brick imprinted veterans unit heshe served, gazebo honoring awarded Purple Heart. Perhaps couple acres, garden grounds bracketed Editor-in-Chief 14 hibiscus bushes white fencing, include large pond geysering water feature. site backdropped housing high-rise, within shouting distance Harbor public park children short grass. same solemn feel sacred places, spot every culture recognizes war dead, ponder reasons loss. Mostly poke around grounds, policing debris speaking hushed voices. Glory waving morning breeze arrives talk services. city, county got behind tax dollars inception. These guys, granite, honored. They deserve it, way treated. This heal. 15 honors members, 11th month, safe secure HENRY HERMANN n complex demanding contemporary world, often forget sometimes ignore heroic deeds sacrifices exhibited brave women keep United States citizens secure. As protectors freedom, steadfastly demonstrated altruistic behavior, giving life limb what nation stand for. special occasion women. highlighting trio calling home. BRUCE HARWOOD With few exceptions, outstandingly patriotic. Corals Bruce Harwood example. Flying Stars Stripes home express gratitude living society exemplifies freedom. Now wounds sustained battle, country, first enlisted infantryman Ranger-qualified captain helicopter Mobile, originated changed concept how soldiers writing book four Heart two Bronze Star decorations soldier medal wounded serving military. nations second-oldest decoration, designated Badge Military Merit established George 17 Alpaca fleece fun warm itchy wool. Yarn produced STARanch Alpacas Alva above fashioned scarves inset socks. Former Sgt. 1st Class Rodney Van Ness Staff Jonathan Ramirez Affairs Fort Myers. 1.6 states population age 18. Other reminders valor sacrifice sprinkled Florida. point B. Instead driving foot, troops airlifted key spots, risk terrestrial airborne soldiers, Patriotic pride, brotherly well-executed teamwork crucial carrying tactic successfully, During Vietnam, medals heroism. grace walls office, other pictures medals. Asked strongly patriotic, else, realizes value being free. quick father veteran. Capt. tours duty. FRANK MRAZ Frank Mraz LaBelle entered Force, receiving commission subsequently retiring rank colonel. War. owes respect freedom including earning doctorate administration. young man entering 1960s, question reason war. instead joined pledge loyalty fight enemy. When became experienced overwhelming battle conditions, he, many, understood made country Over War, 150,000 wounded, least 21,000 permanently disabled. others fought battles truly atrocities anguish fighting develop under conditions. BOB BAIR Bob Bair Naples Gen. Courtney Hodges Korean conflict. Army, felt honored serve, strengthened incentive broaden perspective him realize nature genuine world overcome strife. glimpses wartime struggles millions States. rationality statement always From dubbed end wars Korea, Middle East throughout given protect undying support unselfish contribution toward national stability. remember 11and always. Hermann veteran, spending Pusan, Taegu Kimpo, adjacent 38th Parallel. editor base newspaper Kimpo Mosquito Observer, spent Fukuoka, Japan, journalistic editorial capacity. lives 19 Zotter science chocolate exotic ingredients. Seasonal flavors packaging available holidays. How Chocolates landed Coral, immigrant realized GINA BIRCH somethingZotter Chocolates. years, she biggest fans exciting, employees concern environment whole package, really product honest good. chocolate-maker chocolatier, difference chocolatier crafts confections. chocolate-maker, hand, sources, harvests, roasts grinds cocoa beans. Dolleschal compares making wine, saying, taste flavor depend s child Austria, Barbara dreamed America. Not wish come exploded co-founding operations European-based husband, Andreas. opened shop August 2015. Austrian brainchild Josef Ulrike Zotter, among known highly decorated chocolate-makers. Dolleschals Zotters met 2004, firm providing technology growing --Barbara company. Though operating Europe, wanted move applying green card lottery, immigration program select countries. accent lots giggles, Can imagine dream here when happened, feeling belly fall someone. after relocating Florida, grown area, climate. comes South To chocolate, beans sugar add salt vanilla enhance taste, it. roasting ground smooth texture. bars contain seven layers ingredients combinations. Happy Birthday THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE ZOTTER CHOCOLATES bar, instance, best-seller addicting butter caramel. Then there Bacon Bits hazelnut nougat subtle crunch. chocolates velvety creamy combinations youve likely seen before. Labooko signature line, containing everything cocoa, fruit vegan bars. Fruit powder replaces milk treats, producing bright colors vibrant flavors. Put strawberry bar mouth melt bit youll swear berry chocolate. Artful complements art found wrapper, actually influencing purchase decisions, pick 400 different portfolio, 150 window-tinting air-conditioning Pine Island Road. Besides samples, highlights big-screen televisions showing captivating films grown, harvested mouth-watering hands. Shop manager Cigdem Thanhoffer customers amazed tried crowd-pleaser. explains, typical to. does lot cooking particularly fond buy cook eat other. My husband Im crazy, soooo seasonal packaging. personalize wrappers gifts parties. store carry award-winning hidden gem strip malls Birch well-known broadcast journalist frequent contributor Layered, discs, yummy gem. Chocolate Facts Dont premium refrigerator causes crystalize, changing melts. That chalky film gotten too still eat. Understanding label beans, 25 sugar. Glance 1020 NE Road, No. 302, 800-918-3162, 21 fees, place, eres get turning businessa success Club. Youll second-floor suite Harbour, overlooking marina. club requires membership fees commitment, desire learn drink wine. Founder MaryJane Vu corporate Manhattan nine ago moved calls slower, happier, easygoing pace life. owned restaurant York. tired, adds. duo exactly retire, forming Power Yachts International, boat dealership brokerage Harbour. long miss inviting pieces worldwine. She passion. decided couldnt own restaurant, took much. rented nearby space idea holding monthly tastings friends, clients public. start-up taken own. standingroom roster. oenophile uses host presentations private events. Say, managers rescue intimate tasting interactive experience surrounding Catering H provided both events, thanks partnership downstairs neighbors Fathoms Restaurant Bar. HAVE WINE WILL road, charity events openings, clubs boardrooms. consult sell planning dinner parties dont know wines serve. Vus Jonathan, happy equates big, become adding doesnt studies Certified Specialist prestigious Society Educators. Lauren Bright, representative Masciarelli, Vu, Her shows possible. study go hours climate, soil terroir stuff carefully selects Tastings popular greeting old ones. LEFT Seven typically poured Clubs Guests right sniff, swirl sip favorites. below specialist Masciarelli Harbour handles catering right. settling present guests. tries perfect congregating affordable range. Depending larger spacious enough tables chairs year, wander presentations. soire. cozy alcoves seating smaller rooms hugs handshakes friendships conversation and, course, clinking glasses Waterside. stacked almost high energy lady, nook cranny hired staffer business, place third Tuesday Wine. doing this. month 530 830 p.m. passionate fun. features charity, money awareness them. spirit keeps customer Richard Zell coming month. wonderful ever meet. tasting. Each picks theme Italy Oregon tastes dozens bottles before tastings, Tuesdays advance, door Drive, 203, 230-540-1557, founder 23 Are lipstick lover face cream fanatic youre place. Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup in-between. laid-back surfer babe junkie, beautiful thing look feel. BETH LUBERECKI MAN UP Need gift guy Check Floridabased Sugar Bay Soap Companys Self Made Man Grooming Kit 60. Packaged wooden box, includes kinds shaving smoothing essentials, pre-shave oil, soap, pumice scrub post-shave moisturizer. scents oakmoss sandalwood marine mint cedarwood teakwood cardamom amber. Find kit, giftworthy Company items, Savvy First 239-265-1591,, Vintage Market 239-872-2775,, Salon Platinum 239-791-8389, Franklin Shops 239-333-3130,, SOOTHING SUDS Developed men, borrowed Thats tagline Anthony grooming products, wouldnt surprising sexes lathering Exfoliating Cleansing Bar 17. makes pre-shaving exfoliation shave cream, exfoliating jojoba spheres moisturizing shea coconut oil razor burn. Cucumber extract essence grapefruit refresh soothe skin. Pick sulfate- paraben-free Ulta Bell Tower Myers 239-334-0659, Coconut Point Estero 239-992-0361. TOOL TIME tools any job easier, routine. Flower brushes sculpt sweep ease. Reach Ultimate Kabuki Brush 11.98 loose pressed Blush Contour 12.98 cheekbones. gals go, Retractable stashed purse bronzer touchups, Travel Set 16.98 mini powder, blushcontour, eyeshadow eyeliner housed pretty rose-gold clutch. brush soft, manmade hair washable head. handy Walmart locations. GET THAT GLOW getting tan isnt fake golden glow Sun Bum. Using walnut leaf vitamin E, easy-to-use Sunless Self-Tanning Towelettes 15.99 exfoliate moisturize sun-kissed color body. If resist thing, apply normal SPF, Bums Natural Browning Lotion 15.99. Infused Kona coffee plant kukui nut, argan oils, moisturizes accelerating skins sun-triggered tanning process, reducing extended exposure damaging UV rays. Grab Bum retailers Surf 239472-8185, Mate Bait Boutique North 239-5992536, Ron Jon Gulf Coast Town Center 239-482-8888, Simple elegance, elegantly simple, West Indies architecture ew homes bowl visitor Chiquita model 2,600 square space, elegant three-bedroom, three-bath, three-vehicle design glides effortlessly nooks details advance expensive house rectangular master suite, deeper accommodate elongated sitting area. built re-purposed 3,000 1999. architecture, airy wood. An LED fireplace outdoor kitchen lanai options. CARNEY PROPERTIES INVESTMENT surpass builder attention detail. --Denise Carney, VP comfortable situated privacy, enormous owners must shout heard wall-mounted television. bath, too, simple graceful, soaking tub walk-though shower economized handsome space. wood, stylized sensation. kicker gorgeous gray tile flooring bearing authenticity weathered accentuates staged Stephen Todd Furnishings. 27 Chiquitas bath walk-through shower, territory outside beautifully appointed Kitchen free movement, loaded daily tall forever cabinetry prep Second bedrooms maximize privacy transom windows, screen off rear bedroom pool, now-mandatory accommodations buyers demand. offers generous allowances starts 435,000 shown 750,000-plus. detail, Denise vice president Coral-based refurbished words, promote builders promoting mostly about. 4225 Blvd., Details 28 29 Where genteel rustic blend TERRY ALLEN WILLIAMS Beacon, tiny industrious weekly island. So, accompanied memories, heading 41 way, eventually hooking El Jobean Road Port Charlotte. takes Myakka River finally Gasparilla toll booths guard 2.5-mile causeway Grande. costs bucks enter paradise, spend foolishly elsewhere. notice drive turquoise Mexico. Grande Lighthouse southern tip active 1890. restored structure today houses museum. recent Thursday late July woke bored decided, What heck might Spend there. Chill treat vacation dull predictable 70-mile worth effort trip. honest, history island--Gasparilla is, town located. Spanish Big Mouth refers Pass, gaping, swirling patch separates Cayo Costa south. world-famous Pass huge tarpon gather spring avid anglers try landing magnificent creatures. Gasparilla, pirate hang waters. Tarpon fishing Grande, there, reporter magically transported Caribbean. decide swim later, want town, five miles causeway. stop Johann Fust Community Library, big pink building village library shelf sells books--2 paperback, hardcover--but anything continue town. street Hudsons, grocery convenience Parked Hudsons yellow sports car, symbolizes odd combination excessive wealth charm characterizes destination wealthy, famous favorite Christmas Bush political dynasty. By lunchtime sandwich menu. Cuban 4.79, deal barely size palm hand. cooler drinks sandwiches unless island prices pricey restaurants. Outside Hollys Shop, examining set-up fish, meet woman Samitha Sharma daughter, Shanice, 17, son, Naysh, 9, visiting London. ask. Oh, beautiful, Samitha. Out world. Stunning really. Shanice adds, Youre one, agree. walk picturesque camera quite easy island, locals tourists use golf carts, hot humid. barrier surrounded water, however, suggestions sea breeze, July. cart culture, nonetheless, mystique On walk, Lady Mercy Catholic Church, located, interest, Railroad Street, single main drag church sweet, say, Darling. called darling. darling estate values risen remains pier lighthouse reminder thriving deepwater port. retains Grocery above. 31 property taxes, seems paradise dark side. Banyan which, indicates, corridor banyan trees. photos. side Whiddens Marina--the symbol appeal, cranky proprietress scoffs ask opinion beach, refreshing request donation demand parking ticket. liking, cold revive me. Back stops. drop again speak Lucy Gaudioso, admits, Yeah, writer, photographer traveler. Street obvious reasons. Above, mix Marina genteel. 32 now. summer. reminds November, season again, Everything change. last across Temptation, where, days, lined drinking beer cool, heat refuses lift. tempted join them, already indulged Beach Grille beach. Besides, bartender, Danielle, duty Temp today. lack weekends. Thursday. slow nonetheless. Just 33 Documenting scratch American towns history, second-largest landmass, sort sleepy Americanized desert oasis sand poised growththe 2020 exceed 200,000 citizens. unique 1950s showed vacant parcels via airplane, planes window sack flour mark passenger wished build builders, brothers, tract land cattle grazing, dig canals pitch until livestock citrus farmers. archived story. 955 HISTORICAL MUSEUM Small ferried potential homeowners early days. 544 Cultural Blvd. City Hall 239-772-7037 Exhibit Tours Wednesday 1-4 Saturday a.m.-2 Gift a.m.-4 Admission Adults Children Members Free 35 Jack Leonard Rosen purchased pitched Northerners paradise. worked. waterfront Ultimately, Rosen, up, christening converting 800,000 investment stock value. bad pair appliance salesmen. stories interesting told Museum, documents, photos, maps, brochures, souvenirs, native records inspection. publishes newsletter invites speakers descendants ranchers, authors, historians Elmer Tabor families Cape. Much funded society, volunteers running. secrets, although executive director busy message arriving young, Shalla Ashworth history. messages trying public, rich cultural heritage. Excerpt Tensions Pretensions Councilman Dick Stevens lay sleeping gulf coast wilderness bought peninsula city. incorporation enjoyed hegemony beaches orange groves, ranges gladiolus farms. worldwide fulfill peoples subtropical Several generations resent northerners belong here. Who blame slipping small-town 36 37 Grape e 39 o Napa Valley Bordeaux. flying--it tank gas, cases, wineries Before scoffing suggestion Sunshine State consider dozen industry certified arent, 900 acres grapes, according SUNSHINE STATE WINERIES Newbold, Growers Association. based Gainesville Palatka, ranks state seventh nationally yield, gallons annual production. Newbold grapevines here, theyve theyre Southern tradition. exciting. missionaries centuries ago. humid climate favorable European grapevines, prone rot disease. settlers harvesting muscadines, juicy thick skins, musky aroma sweet honey palate. University Institute Food Agricultural Sciences lists recommended cultivars processing Among listed Carlos, extremely heavy producer medium-sized, bronze grapes Noble, red muscadine grape win juice rolling hills Carlos Noble Clermont, west Orlando. hills, trees, Lakeridge Winery Vineyards, winery. hospitality. Entertaining energetic hosts video reward ONE-TANK TRIPS TO pit Sarasota, dZan, House John. winter residence Mable Ringling. ry Cox Chairman Ga t lef ove ab arles Ch ent sid Pre r ned tur x, Co groves muslargest ern uth . cadine eet sw m fro de ma d, Re dges Lakeri e. ula pop st mo rapevines p Association 40 MABLE RINGLING ART, OTHER LAKERIDGE WINERY VINEYARDS show. Winemaker Jeanne Burgess, pioneer winemaking industry, produce sparkling reputation explaining People generally well. Burgess dazzled smiles seeking areas Oregon, settle promise. continues, gone Lake hub 1800s planting wrong grapes. something, emerging industry. works hybrid varieties Lakeridge. blended traditional cabernet, merlot syrah States, drier wines. Lakeridges featuring food, music draw anywhere hundred 15,000 people. Two Open Houses Festivals December. GRAPE KEEL CURLEY WINERY, MAIN CHAD BAUMER BOK TOWER GARDENS, SCHNEBLY REDLANDS BREWERY retail impressive, accessories gourmet producers. San Sebastian Lakeridge, room St. Augustine, northeast. urban--no fields rooftop serves port sherry site. tour, weekend overnight Augustine paths historic Castillo Marcos, oldest masonry fort Driving three hours. Route middle Wales Bok Gardens. 205-foot Singing Tower, Gothic Revival style, 60-bell carillon mesmerize concerts. Gardens landscaped walking trails stretching legs car. Another tourist infamous Spook Hill. sign posted gravity hill explains legend involving Native chief alligator. optical illusion--your appears uphill. Spooky training plan catch Detroit Tigers game facility Lakeland. stadium minutes Interstate 4. While focuses mango, kiwi blueberries. higher-end better-quality blueberry fool Keel Curley Winery, east Tampa, won numerous awards dry. 2003, farmer Joe put end-of-crop Schnebly Redlands Category Hurricane top lychee, guava carambol. Wales, Tower. left, produces estate-grown Take commemorative Schnebly. berries better use--so started Located I-4 Plant City, Strawberry March, winery Blueberry April. series fusion wines, taking chardonnay cabernet blending tropical fruit. Prices vary flights reservations required experience. sample craft Henrys, dine, listen weekends relax scenic deck kids playground. Sarasota Ringling tour Ringlings Venetianstyle residence, colorful rose exhibits. shopping break alley, Armands Circle fits bill. Or location Florida-based Fords Garage restaurant--in Brandon, 75. parks Dinosaur Curley. shows, exhibits 800 life-size dinosaurs. concessions, lunch arrive. Brewery southernmost winery, Miami Homestead. embraces mango guava--to few. Yeast fruits fermentation. aged weeks stainless steel plastic tanks bottling. limited production sparkling, fusions sauvignon. Schneblys Cat Red, avocado guava. Avocado-based hit opening expanded, brewery sampler, seafood. Theres barrel room, tiki hut waterfall coral rock. Marketing Julio Amado Miami, Pacific totally transported. 45 I-75 hopping Turnpike direct route, rural 997. Also Krome prepared. road leads Miccosukee Resort Gaming casino pull hand slots. Travelers crazy low-priced orchids. adventure authentic, hole-in-the-wall Latin food establishments heart shops quaint downtown. Panhandle far south Keys. Offering dry do. adage--getting half stops mention close cities--Orlando, Tampa Miami--setting stage daytrip well-deserved getaway. Augustine. 42 SAN SEBASTIAN 19239 34715 daily, 800-768-WINE 800-768-9463 5210 Thonotosassa 33565 813-752-9100 30205 217 Ave. Homestead, 33030 11.95 entertainment 305-242-1224 variety 43 Yearick dress, 4,740. Feather cape, 990. Available Kelly Chase Couture show stuff, vintage RENE NOVELLE tinsel gleaming, wreaths hung door, trees aglow window. holidays upon us, tis dolled festive soires cheery galas filling calendar. revel sumptuous glamour unprecedented designer hopes offer. seeing dramatic colors, textures sparkle runway wardrobe. Slip unique, jewel-encrusted statement, laugh night away flirty lace form-hugging silhouette. Short equally trendy emphasis details, sleek cuts daring slits. Weve teamed Bonita Springs latest style. options, rest assured looks remembered KELLY CHASE COUTURE, LLC 4,375. 3,990. 4,125. Jovani 4,815. 625. 4,625. 46 1,065. 4,800. Fur wrap, 1,250. Fashion Editor andor affiliates cannot held responsible changes, mistakes stock. 47 WHATS STORE Motion Sickness Nein Stein gold standard glasses, Riedels Veritas Beer Glass colder longer, good, drinkers. 69 End motion sickness Reliefband. Drug-free wristband blocks waves nausea FDA cleared, minutes. 89.99 Wondering menu item MUST restaurants Bucket List Foodies dishes out, Sarah Crain. 16.95 Charms seasons stylish twist coffee, tea cocktails. shaped stars, raw sugar, peppermint, pumpkin, lemon 6.50 48TOTI.COM Stefan Sagmeister-designed 24-hour face. User views day. Time decelerates Swiss-made watch. 250 Slow Barbarian MacGyver tool trade. 9-in-1 press, zester, channel knife, jigger corkscrew. 59.95 Aw Nuts Healthy alternative, About almonds tea, coconut, sriracha, cookie fireball 23-38 box Citrus Zinger Add healthful burst Zing Anythings Zinger. infusion bottle provides extraction nutrients fruits. 49 businesses welcoming, perhaps renewal. Readying holidays, remind northern Baker, Baker helpful educating plants another, designing ideas using technology, shovels ground, Technology allows client looks, heights, judge suits outside, screenings Stones, rocks hardscape borders option, landscape islands, layering, pathways, sanctuaries clean hris 8-year-old kid pounding asking mow follow path. Three decades owner Landscaping, maintains lawns, countless commercial residential kitchens, pergolas, fire pits lighting. 65 workers jobs business. road. --Chris meaning acquired professionals understanding shrubs, flowering designs rain. festive, wintering natives dressing lush palms, backdrop highlight pool lanai. evergreens, irrigation designs. attract butterflies, hummingbirds critters joy garden. Optimally, lowmaintenance advice layout necessary. visualize. ABOUT TRI COUNTY LANDSCAPING Maintenance divisions provide properties Monroe, Collier counties. Irrigation techs evaluate test basis, ensuring proper amount maintain appearance. Malfunctioning clogged heads dead spots grass beds. Tree trimming, corrective clearance pruning, hazardous removal, canopy reduction, stump grinding pre-hurricane cleaning. Bilingual staff. HOLIDAY LANDSCAPE TIPS HELLO Greet assortment flowers shrubs Holidays Low fencing inexpensive smart device flowers, vines hanging plants, gardening experts. VINE TASTING Vines tended carefully, forever. Grapes classic vine fruit, tough grow Muscadine GRAND ENTRANCE Pulling driveway plantings exciting Santa Claus colors. standby bougainvillea, bird-of-paradise, ornamentals, lilies bromeliads solid recommendations. PLANTERS BASKETS Varying poles limbs height dimension landscaping. Experts recommend mint, orchids, chain hearts, string pearls, dipladenia, caladium clivia, BLOOMING CRAZY containers planted, hydrangea, impatiens, amaranthus, canna, ginger lily, Mirabilis jalapa oclock flower, firecracker Mexican cigar blooming awesome. YEAR-ROUNDERS Ultimately last. guides stars azalea, daffodil, dogwood, wisteria, bearded iris, gardenia, crinum, lantana, crepe myrtle, rosemary, saucer magnolia, quince crocus recommended. 51 authentic snowdrift, tree lighting usher Winter wonderland, Florida-style billed closing Parkway chamber commerces Lights. Held December, dancers, singers, drill teams, performers, vendors, snowdrift Claus. evening FESTIVAL LIGHTS Dec. 3, 4-10 Presenting sponsors LCEC CenturyLink. SE 10th Place Avenue closed vehicle traffic. Parking lots. 25-ton ages chance slide snow. 239-549-6900 GEICO Stage 330 Academy Music Drill Team 445 Chorale Barbershop Chorus Dance Dimensions 615 Sole Kobayashi Dojo Karate 745 Saint Andrews Choir Silver Foxes Premier Insurance Village Lariats Lace Girls Robin Dawn Dancers Kellyn Celtic Nostaljah Hot Flashz Competitive Edge Studio Snowcap Square SWFL Martial Arts Hey-Baby Rowdy Rhythms Project Maranatha Hawkettes Dixie attracted 20,000 visitors, Chamber officials. loves together, Annette Siner chamber. agent recalls festival party merchants customers, kickoff season. Horse-and-buggy rides beverages attractions. turnout, goes scenes event, proceeds sponsorships, vendors sources benefit community. chambers committee, conducts gift-basket auction raises scholarships graduating seniors. date collected 20,000. community, visitors. Merchants inside ring stay share cheer December mild, streets celebrants, smells barbeque roasted almonds, officials say. fun, adds Lyz Crouthamel, Expect JEFF KOEHN, CAPECORAL.COM 53 Earning extra protection WILLIAM COX distichum. Nest months prior egg laying runs September October. eagle nest week alternate nests nesting territory. large, weighing tons. 1.5 1.8 meters diameter 0.7 1.2 larger. usually landscape, ranging average snags proximal nest, placed quarter tree. Active pine needles moss Tillandsia usneoides, warning eagles occupied. Courtship spectacular rituals cartwheel bald Haliaeetus leucocephalus emblem 1782. second raptor condor Gymnogyps californianus. female male. distinctive adult plumage--the tail brown body--is attained 4.5 5.5 migrate northward February July, primarily coastal Chesapeake Bay. mammalian, avian reptilian prey, prefer fish types. species ospreys Pandion haliaetus. dependent major rivers, seacoasts, estuaries lakes. pines Pinus spp. cypress Taxoduim display, heights courting lock talons tumblecartwheel earth. rollercoaster flights. strengthen bond male female. Mating thought monogamous, mate dies. Both defend defense gender specific males chasing females females. incubation October April, occurs January. eggs laid, two, six-day period. Incubation done Eggs hatch one- four-day intervals. adults brood fledge hatching. feeding eaglets leave nest. greatly declined 1940s 1970s. result pesticide DDT, inhibited calcium deposits bird eggs, causing fragile eggshells declining reproductive success. DDT banned 1972, slowly recovered. According Fish Wildlife Commission, approximately 350 mated pairs 1980s. increased 1,200 state. Nationally, recovery attributed Endangered Species Act 1973 Chapter 68A-27.004 Administrative Code. Protection measures pesticides requiring habitat protection. recovery, federal government delisted threatened endangered 2007, did April 2008. protected Rule 68A-16.002 federally Migratory Bird Treaty Golden Act. level protects Ordinance 13-92 Ordinances, 23. maps jurisdiction. buffer zones require management, monitoring restrictions stringent activities occur closer distances 660 depending activity, protective buffers restrictive 1,100 feet. information regulations concerning contact Justin Heller division 239-573-3077. ecologist Visit 55 Serving punch angria libation, fruity, festive. nature, plethora combinations, perfectly suited soires. Spain Portugal credited mothership sangria, traditionally white, brandy type sweetener juice, Fresh punch. Although sangria repurpose days losing edge, decent inexpensive, unopened preferable. time--time marinate alcohol hours, overnight. pack party. strictest interest research, recently hosted Sunday gathering, pitchers overflowing twist. recipes 750-ml carmnre sangrias fresh, fruity spicy characteristics, frankly featured spiked rum. creation, kiwi, pineapple, wine--a crowd pleaser. cup rum, strawberries pint sliced orange, lime. chunks NOVDEC2016 overdo cinnamon whisky, indulge tasting--a someone apple pierced cloves spiced flair remove serving. lemon-lime soda needed sweetness effervescence kept separate container guests taste. noise recipe Emeril Lagasse. Slice Grand Marnier, tablespoons lime serving, water. moderately emptied. Cinnamon popularity Fireball Whisky, seemed natural. Chop Granny Smith apples oranges. hour. pitcher, combine cups Fireball. marinated adjust amounts continued, soaked whisky plucked popped--out pitcher mouth. beloved cava, Spain. cinnamon, decidedly subtle. syrup simmer dissolved, sticks touch spice. mimosa steroids, brunch. Mix cooled syrup, OJ, oranges 2, chill. Garnish leaves throw ringer, labeled Surprise Sangria. wagered surprise were, none guessed came Beso Del Sol single-serve Tetra Paks 3-liter boxes, boating fix pool. acceptable unwitting partygoers. tempranillo, hint cinnamon. option pinch Cocktail Company. premade organic additives preservatives. juices delicious flavor. socializing sipping gatherings, cheese charcuterie trays, meats salty dishes. SALUD regular contributor, drink, media personality 57 Godfather Northern Italian Cuisine refuse DARIO ZULJANI dangerously chef accent, singing booowooo wooo Woodwork pinot noir. Ariani, Ristorante Italiano, spritzer himself sharing led well-established restaurateurs. clock chimes five, patrons streaming in. jumps greets long-lost hands air words Websters Dictionary else language peppered trademark lalalala tooolulu. presence entertaining chefowner, Cuisine, delectable food. complicated times, raised Istria Trieste, Italy, communist Yugoslavia. 21, wife, Alice, refugee camp passage relatives. specifically targeted Apple specializing cuisine, work, learning could. celebrity Lidia Bastianich. After on-the-job training, compared NYC 70s, dead. Why shrugs explanation God destiny. partner, eponymous Darios buying Ariani challenging. His unhappy move, asked wasnt move. Looking back, experience, itself blessing witness Italian, affectionately Chify sounds chief-ie created complete, greatest representations cuisine. addition, ARIANI clockwise Penne Padrino, sushi-grade fin tuna, brodetto Istriana salmon lobster bisque, Zuljanis touches. 59 Gianni Vozila longtime friend Zuljani, hydrated bar. shelves books patron asks weight replies, Ive mind. Laughter erupts. laughter unusual African tails, quail duckling. Shannon Yates, Nevermind Awesome Eatery sit Example Bartender server lady shes what, 85 Minutes Server Gennifer White eccentric personalities fit together Dario. laughter. grew Yugoslavia reuniting job. energy, eyebrow hes chicken either. Yates agrees signs slowing down, though anymore. spends nights court BS, PR work. tells jokes, accordion plays keyboard bookcases publications maps--Zuljani geography lessons. star Night Live. tweaking guests, selling Bio-Greener, plant-based soap developed. sponsored Yugoslavian Go 1529 Prado Mall, 239-772-8000 Monday-Saturday 5-10 refugees member Masons abroad stateside. casual sounds, handful fine wait staff wears crisp, button-down shirts pants, dressed linens, crystal. prove quality, sings Jingle Bells. Make reservation grab seat yourself. LobsterL Eclectic oastal Cui sine her, y Youd Be Live Nightly 830-1130pm Family Owned Operated BISTRO Mussel Monday Snow Crab 9.99 Bottle 10.00 Appetizer OFF Friday Nice Rack Great Tail 24.95 Oyster 1.00 England Lobster Bake 29.95 d Large Curve ns cree Projection rite Fav Sports Game Hours 9am - 10pm Daily BarBistro 11am-Midnight Breakfast 8am-2pm Sat. Sun. 1715 239-471-0136 LobsterLady ad.indd 61 955PM 52816 Recipe Easy Cooking Marker 92 Waterfront Bistro VANILLA CHAI COCKTAIL Serves Chai steeply brewed pot oz. Amaretto liqueur vodka Syrup, splash Half Half, Fill cocktail ice amaretto. Syrup Half. chai stir. MARKER WATERFRONT BAR Westin, 5961 King 239-541-5600, DINING GUIDE Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Vegetarian KEY Lunch Dinner SB Brunch CENO GRILLE History. Try homemade spanakopita-fresh spinach, herbs feta, wrapped phyllo dough baked, Marsala, drove Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki light meal, feast parmesan, disappointed tasty cannoli dessert Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. Closed Sundays. Pkwy W, 239-549-2366, FORDS GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Ford walked parts, burgers Model Carb-uretor. Black Angus beef topped arugula fried Wave Goose 312. LOBSTER LADY SEAFOOD MARKET Coastal Cuisine. Whether choose Shrimp Grits breakfast Le Bouf Wrapped dinner, call seafood freshest extensive selection burgers, pasta landlubbers. Enjoy night. Parkway, Units 239-471-0136, ensure guide date. However, encourage ahead detailed establishments. RIGHT OFMARKER 1719 East, 239-540-3673, TARPON LODGE RESTAURANT pristine waters Sound, 1926 building. delights potato salad thats greens. blackened tacos black-bean salsa cilantro crme fraiche. choices clam shrimp pasta, exquisite Diners boaters four-star bay wildlife views. Come treasure nestled Lodge Restaurant, 13771 Bokeelia. 239-283-3999,, N 26.39.562, W 082.09.180. MONARCAS AUTHENTIC MEXICAN GRILL fooled. Tex-Mex, great, cultures recipes. Monarcas Authentic Grill pure selections, shrimp, snapper scallops. Mexico, accounts delightful setting carved wood doors, metal-art exterior--and accessible boat. Tortillas chips in-house, salsas pico. Monarchas Aztec specialty Michoacan dish corn tortilla onions, tomatillo sauce steak. Jimbos 1604 46th 239-5409533, 63 Nautically Nice. woodfired pizza oven beyond Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. 5951 239541-5600, MELOGRANO Quality Casual Luxury. Traditional Start breadsticks medieval Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano pumpkin ravioli wood-roasted Limoncello tiramisu. Melograno, chefs faithful time-tested recipes, non-processed foods chemical additives. Wednesday-Saturday, 4pm-10pm. 5971 239-214-6444, Authentically Delicious. Rich, surrounds peruse menu, finest Sample beers tequila appetizer. tortillas pico gallo. favorite, Huarache Michoacano, oval chopped St., 239-540-9533, MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert proof palate, selections Monkey pork chop relish Rum Pepper Painted Grouper, rice Ahi Tuna Salad. steak, eatery title Steakhouse Indoor available, offered nightly. 1428 Lafayette 239-549-8800, 64 NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Parmesan Truffle Wings Volcano Spring Roll start. Hugo hand-selected ingredients, Steak Blue Cheese Crust popular, truffle fries, Kennebec potatoes. joining Cult Carne, 927 Pkwy., 239-471-0295, PARADISE DELI Heavenly Taste. better. variations Benedict Philly Reuben Too dine take-out, array 2378 Surfside Boulevard, 239-292-2378, BLANC Epicurean. Bread Jenga, toasted bread tower sauce, modelled entre Robata grill, Lamb Lollipops garlic rosemary Octopus SS, habanero sauce. Blancs Almost Entrees, designed shared table. Relax clean, ambience savor creations Chris Whitaker Jean Claude Roge, whose talents lift Blanc peers. 13451 McGregor Blvd, Ste. 10, Myers, 239-887-3139, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. Designed resemble delightful, Cristofs quickly hotspot. steak Louisiana crawfish portions 10231 239-791-8473 66 EDISON Illuminati. legendary namesake genius, Thomas Edison, display steeped culinary tradition, pie raves diners. 708 Fishermans Wharf, Beach, 239-765-9660, 3583 239-936-9348, Bokeelia BEACHED WHALE Captain Ahabs Favorite Spot. Stop beachs barbecue, offerings, Lookout Lounge, Mermaid Chicken Sandwich watching sun Square. nightly, covered Deck Historic Setting. oldFlorida dining-room clams 4-star back-bay Dr., Bokeelia, 082.09.180, 1249 239-463-5505, DOC FORT MYERS BEACH RUM Sequel. story--a sequel. fictional Randy Wayne character Matanzas banana Texas baby-back ribs. afternoons. OLD Like Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly bananas Carbons malted Belgian waffles fresh-ground Colombian breakfast. Pop cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood Springs, 239-948-4123, 67 WHERE GO WHAT DO Laud Nativity 4, 7pm Celebrate Renaissance-style pageant, Ottorino Respighi, Ceremony Carols Benjamin Britten. Church Christ, 2050 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel. 239-529-3925, 8pm Sidney Berne Davis Art Center, 2301 Dec.11, 3pm Performing 701 Carmalita Paradise Shell Dec.12, 730pm Nir Kabaretti Symphony Orchestra eclectic 15100 239-418-0996, swflso. org Mann Hall, 13350 FSW presents Halls 18, Includes favorites Symphonic Mastersingers, Irish Dancers, carol singalong Santa. 239-481-4849, Angela Pierre Motown Special 22-23, backup singers Motown-style classics. Foulds Theatre, Alliance Arts, 10091 239-939-2787, Moscow Ballets Russian Nutcracker 28, Direct Russia, magical props, 60foot tree, Russian-made costumes sets. 239481-4849, Salute Vienna Years Concert 30, waltzes sweeping melodies operettas orchestra, acclaimed ballet ballroom dancers. Nov.11, 11am heroes paying tribute recognizing 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor. Hosted Parks Recreation supporters. route eastbound Eighth Southeast Terrace downtown 239-246-1157, 5K Run Walk 19, registration 730am Heroes Homeless run Ave Maria Annunciation Naples. Music, refreshments Strollers dogs welcomed. Proceeds Matthews House. 239-774-0500, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, tradition Grammy winner, Chip dazzling multimedia effects setting. 239-4814849, 28th Boat 6pm Last boats participated promises passing Bootleggers Barbeque, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill, Bay, Nervous Nellies, Doc Bills. 239-454-7500, Paint Escape painting Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10am-6pm ladies Friday, 6-9pm Create decorative gift. relaxing atmosphere music, cheese. 808 239-945-2006, Conch Mondays-Thursdays Saturdays, 630pm Fridays, Sundays, noon Complete original enjoying beverages. Materials provided, on-site assists you. 1242 239-6736660, Mic French Press Wednesdays, instrument, voice Wednesdays 630- 930pm Night. 5789 101, 239-542-0212, Nov.1013 Carnival carnival bands fireworks Splash 239-573-3128, Third Drive-In sunset, weather permitting Crossroads, non-profit charter school foster boys, drive-in movie Gorda, free, concession donations. sunset. obtain sponsors. interested becoming sponsor varying levels, email crossroads-edamikids. org. 121 Marion Ave., Muscle Car Citys Monthly Bike Show Saturdays 9am-1pm, Toms Traveling Tunes trivia prizes. Trophies Top Choice entries. registrants spectators, diner 8am-4pm. 3811 Tamiami Trail, 941-575-5959, 5pm motorcycle enthusiasts music. Compete Race maneuvering skills Harley-Davidson card. Registration 530pm, race 730pm. See bike gear rock roll 16, pm venues regional talent. 855732-3836, Bluegrass Theatre 11, 2pm Join fellow acoustic lovers beyond. Presented palmgrass.orgthe Acoustic SWFL. First-come seating. Doors 1pm. Dylan Band, 20, remained influential musicians. Inscrutable unpredictable, deified denounced shifts schools musicians ideas. lyrics seriously regarded literaturebecame politicians Jimmy Carter Vaclav Havel cited influence. Taste Opera Yacht opera various Dr. Stephanie Klein Mark Asparillo. Club, 1780 W. 239529-3925, Elvis Has Left Building 4-13, Thursdays-Sundays, matinee Presley disappeared knows where. manager, Colonel, shook racked secret debt. Theater, 528 239-7725862, 956 Spectacular Revue 1418, songs, sprinkle cast children, 239-772-5862, Early Eco-Tour Tuesdays, Thursdays Sunrise revitalizing Witness Matlacha Aquatic Preserve wetland birds creatures estuary knowledgeable ACA Kayak SUP Instructors Master Naturalists versed ecology skilled spotting wildlife. 4120 Matlacha. 239-283-1125, Flavors Walking Tour October-June, 10am curious heres 90-minute introduction. art, eco combines Matlachas obscure flamboyant colony. Leoma Lovegroves Gallery Gardens, 4637 NW, Olde Marina, 4530 NW. 239-945-0405, Fridays 6-10pm 11am-4pm, explore galleries self-guided District coreGardners artists galleries, demonstrations. 239337-5050, Farmers Market-Downtown 8am Choose 71 produce, Gulf-fresh clams, breads pastries, pickles olive mixes, produce. hydroponically greens, sprouts, cheeses, jellies jams, pet made-on-site guacamole salsas. Dave Lapio drum, TropRock Yard Dog Charlie. Square, Place, Nov.12, Downtown hundreds motorcycles, 6-10pm. Free. 855-732-3836, Edison 19-20, Throughout Estates Shoppe heritage fruits, roses, bromeliads, cactus, herbs, bonsai, bamboo, butterfly supplies. 2350 239-3347419, Save Date Schedule uninsured suffering cancer. 7th Betty Bireley ROCKIN Ribbons Blues Marine Max Sponsorships available. merchandise certificate Health Systems Regional Cancer Center. 239-343-6059. 72 73 SAVE PRICE ONLINE Year SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD GIFT CERTIFICATE SHOP AT ISLAND PURSUIT SANIBEL, RECEIVE YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEARS. exp. 13117 Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Online rates Internet orders only. Web TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 subscriptions 74 SubPage_ND16.indd 214PM BETWEEN LINES familys journey death ROBERT CACIOPPO, FOUNDER PRODUCING ARTISTIC ARTSTAGE STUDIO THEATRE HISTORIC ARCADE DOUG GALLOGLY ELIN HILDERBRAND memories either comfort curse. difficult, convoluted painful Deacon Thorpe. Heres Us, Elin Hilderbrand Little, Brown Co., June 2016, family, struggle accept cottage Nantucket scatter ashes. Thorpe chef, complete TV fame classy, highpriced restaurant. Public adoration erase pain abandoned old, though, drug abuse ended marriages rocky ground. dies unexpectedly, contacts goodbye. Unfortunately, ex-wives widow hate harbor secrets. related strangers, secrets hidden. persons perspective, reader bears Thorpe, demons lives. conflicts escalate moment everyone sets Deacons ashes, considering him. Is best-selling author beach romance novels, Us best. Alternately funny sad, paints picture celebritys cut short, rebuild punches, page. Jackie ENEMIES BESTOF MARK ST. GERMAIN MOUSETRAP SINGLE TICKETS PLAYING NOV 15-DEC 29-DEC RIVER DISTRICT BAY STREET JACKSON HENDRY 239.332.4488 877.787.8053 FLORIDAREP.ORG ELIZABETH JOYCE 14th moon Taurus brings fifth supermoon intense previous. rough, higher tides usual, darkness light. wake-up call. 29th Sagittarius thriller. Connected Neptune, uncovers immoral disreputable acts news. 13th Gemini supermoon. endings, two. unmistakable finale, curtain. harmonious way. Capricorn 2017. unexpected surprises. Mercury retrogrades 19th ARIES MARCH APRIL adore, havent awhile, pays visit. new, catching fancy. balance Thanksgiving arrives. love, warmth sharing. overuse happy. Remember, bills arrive TAURUS MAY Personal Signs 11th, force reckoned position authority, changes surprised long-distance knocks weekend. financial decisions easier end. heart-warming Prepare flow expenses prepared handle careful Eve. GEMINI JUNE definitely Gemini, universe store. Watch finances, mid-month. change lover, relationship. socially, pleases far-off places. shortage yous. CANCER JULY puts mood minute distance. fling serious cash. distracted lose Also, schemes. celebration, Eve, driving. LEO AUGUST travel, Leo. not, plans experiences. rule charming admirer different. wanting earn cash, merry. mid-month, presents. paperwork job, needs redone. GPS, too. VIRGO SEPTEMBER Virgo. wants continually fine, except relationship commitment level, urgent situation, partner child. relaxes matters arranges news begin significant promotion. already. LIBRA OCTOBER party, Libra. sweetie unknown. Luck awaited through, lottery. Get ticket mystery needed. argue turkey trying. remembered. hugs, gifts. Ringing safety bet, SCORPIO NOVEMBER meditate, intuition high. sweets, treats goodies abundance. splurge scheduled stellar Scorp. smile fondly ones, feelings mistletoe. Finances tight, mid-month fortunate bonus Do favor cautious Drive safely, can. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER Sag. Could ocean. hold distance, miss. finances opens, substantial raise, plans. favor. Might door. spoil succeed, warmly Lovers, playmates dealing surprises agenda. CAPRICORN JANUARY Capricorn. rekindle dear heart. practical, credit cards spark plug possibly arms, tempted. treasured moments drop-ins folks doubted yesone welcome bigger paycheck. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY travel. Passports ready Good, packing. specialize friendships, passionate, like-minded side, grows lottery gatherings relatives tendency overspend now, reins. Gifts nice, most. turns retrograde 19th, wheel, PISCES prime expand horizons. visited, language. Romantically, whos friend. money, Pisces. Sometimes becomes restraint. strain matters. increase Someone important help, Eve whats come. Born identical twins, Joyce psychic birth. Bergen County, Jersey, housewife mother, Ms. internationally respected healer. personally believes divine teachers. darkest believed burden emotional legacy abusive traumatic childhood, invisible appeared. caring, guidance, heal accurate successes documented media. 77 night, visits f does, Movie complementary shoreline big-league Cape, drawing options Four Freedoms Bimini Basin district. Santa, geographysome Caloosahatchee Riverthe played genesis progress. Citizens, combined 1976, Park, 4818 Landside entertainment, Parkway. recommending blanket event. decorating boats, kayaks rafts lights parading canals. Venetian parts Captiva holds conga plus lining shores, performances, Story Park. rafts, entry Sanchez, Real Estate Broker 865.712.0733 8695 College Suite 1140 MyersCape COUSINS REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATES, Buy Sell Property Management Assistance Builder Land Commercial Long Term Vacation Rentals WILSONS AUTOMOTIVE 239.772.7337 953 Country ASE Technicians Automotive Towing Shuttle month24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Shopping Thru Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Security Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Rd, 211 Experience Call Appointment Mon-Fri settler, adopted hometown oots fewer 5,000 residents. 1967. edging landmass describes amazing civic projects, yearbooks graduate recollections High School, anticipating 40-year anniversary. school. 1970s shipped Cypress schools. Highs principal Ida name. witnessed 1960s Golf college tourneys legends Ben Crenshaw Tom Kite played, icons Hope performed. recalls. Sadly 2008 market collapse, effectively ending era fade HOPE HOSPICE VOLUME Published CCL_Cover_ND16.indd 1110 1051

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