Ad_Page.indd 1 73116 545 PM Your FANTASY 5 gave Judys kids a real chance at college. E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C A T N. Since 1997, the Florida Lottery has been creating brighter future for through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through this scholarship, more than 725,000 students have earned opportunity to attend The education they received is allowing them give back community and boost Floridas economy, while helping fund next generation of students. So remember, you play, wins. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 2016 2 TOTI.COM SEPTOCT 5_CCL_SO16.indd 542 3 Cape Features 40 CRYSTAL LAGOONS An iconic water feature coming North Fort Myers. Clean clear Crystal Lagoons Brightwater will size 50 Olympic pools. man behind science described as Steve Jobs South America. Home 46 48 Month Lori Manning Designs Golf Playing Coral Oaks ON THE COVER Dakota Peoples that rare combination beauty talent. Shes reigning Miss Teen American Beauty already making plans Hollywood debut. Follow her inspiring story beginning on page 16. 4 Departments 58 30 37 14 Greetings Radar 12 13 16 20 10 Years Celebrating Art League Style 32 33 34 Crossword Whats in Store Happier Halloween Creativity Without Barriers Book 75 76 Dating Death Astrology Stargazing More Than Books Meet Dick Trayner Chatman Named Foundation Women She Rules Save Date Health 52 Skip Leonard Scene 78 79 Stay 54 Enjoying Brewhaha 6th Annual Toast Hope Unique Hotels Commerce 22 Babcock Ranch Explore Voice 80 Dave Newlan Hes Big John IN OUR NEXT ISSUE 26 Culinary 24 Products Help You Look Best 62 Guide Dining SW 68 Vodka--Whats Difference Karma Coconuts Dream Weaver Calendar 70 Happening Eat well travel often. If think good idea, then NovDec issue definitely you. Well lowdown some most interesting local restaurants food trends. Plus, if youre planning getaway, great ideas about places visit here Southwest abroad. 6 CAPE CORAL LIVING ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 8216 1108 AM 7 PUBLISHER Margo Williams ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund PROOFREADER ONLINE Heather Gray EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Daniela E. Jaeger Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Acevedo, Balogh, Gina Birch, alyn Brooke, William R. Cox, Gallogly, Garrett, Joyce, Bill Levy, Luberecki, Kelly Madden, Renee Novelle, Ann Marie OPhelan, Suzanne Sims, Wierma PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Cesar Aguilera, Robert A. Anderson, Mila Bridger, Kalyn Indi Franco, Gwen Greenglass, Matt Lower, Tietz OF SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING 100 Friedrich 102 104 Ted Rodman 107 Christine Stuart 112 Dru Anne Doyle 109 D. Henderson 108 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.comcapecoralliving twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Group PublisherVPC.O.O. Vice Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. 8 Times Islands Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 9 GUEST PHOTO COURTESY SUZANNE SIMS ifty years ago group art lovers needed place learnto meet friends who love art, provide artists all calibers display their artand League, CCAL, was born. city created Cultural Park encourage arts provided land CCAL erect building 516 Boulevard. We raised funds building, which houses studios, gallery gift shop. self-sustaining 5013c non-profit, offering many classes workshops visual arts, primarily October May, but small number available summer. Monthly shows showcase artists, much sale. Free wine cheese receptions first Thursday month open each show. One our popular activities painting, happens every Wednesday from p.m. league offices. can come paint with only members. painters time together, painting celebrating birthdays other special events. 1965, acclaimed professional league. Our 50-year celebration began January exhibit works Gale Bennett Alicia Schmidt former officer, followed Past Legacy Show. However, we wanted celebrate 50th anniversary something special, decided public-art project perfect endeavor. 2015 designated Dancing With Dolphins, promote tourism Coral. 65-inch fiberglass dolphins being placed around Each sponsor selects design, artist paints it, UV coat applied Auto Galaxy. minimum life could easily last years. promotional events such Dolphins Parade, Dolphin Gala Auction end April 2018. Kindness Animal Hospital, Razzle DazzleJohn Michaels Jewelry, Lobster Lady Seafood Market Bistro. These sponsors businesses. Community Hospital Auxiliary process. own dolphin painted, put when opens September. Call interested sponsoring one these beautiful, tax-deductible art. organization provides home over 200 learn, improve work. Please check CCALs website Sims information, contact me Pat Gilbert president painting. hope see soon. 11 Surprising perks Capes Northwest Regional Library BY KALYN BROOKE wireless access. Claudia West, Lee County reference librarian past years, loves how library internet computer access its users. Not everyone, she says, financially able internet. helps even out playing field. librarys also allows 247 patrons using electronic databases conduct research. They download books, music stream movies--many new releases--from platforms Overdrive, Freegal, Hoopla more. But technology sounds like huge learning curve, Palacio reminds residents staff always ready willing help answer questions, locate resource, show users items online. Although traditional role changed time, public spaces continue beacons information sharing learning. In particular, location remains an indispensable resource community. Brooke writer blogger living heres Corals makes want curl up corner book live there. Parts havent changeda quiet read studybut has, both way libraries now operate adapt. todays digital culture, wonders all. manager Maria defends space gathering place, opening 2009 accommodate rapid expansion into northern neighborhoods, us go-to studying community, says. Aside DVDs System, particular offers fun programs coloring adults, discussions, musical performances, English language technology, among others. And best free residents. System tried offer services effort needs growing diverse population, adds. Rather county programs, Friends volunteers work scenes support beyond limited budget. volunteer Linda Canteu, instance, thoroughly enjoys location. monthly meetings talk individual coordinate make it happen. sole purpose library. addition unique another perk Go 519 Chiquita Blvd. 239-533-4700 leegov.comlibrary 152471 239-349-2572 PHOTOS vocal supporter law enforcement CRAIG GARRETT His timing seems bit prescient. had previously attracted mostly positive attention placing yard signs supporting enforcement. POLICE, Would your family safe tonight caught on, neighbors scooping yards. concern, however, Green Bay Packers jersey protesting loudest. Vandals damaged pickup Trayners bed. says duty officers, validated murder police Louisiana Texas, he very campaign say all, Police need know theyre cared about. Its civic thing do. his state Connecticut commendation First Barbara Bush assisting disaster relief, Veteran groups others praised him truckloads toys supplies helped gather returning soldiers kids, Backing outflow lifes Im American, protecting Editor-in-Chief Media. BOTTOM LEFT RIGHT MICHAEL CHATMAN Michael executive director Foundation. He accomplished connecting philanthropists social issues. Ozarks Missouri, Miami consultant Anheuser-Busch founded Philanthropy Experts Academy 300,000 Twitter followers. MARNI RETZER mayor difference-makers, advocates H RENE NOVELLE istory sprinkled women displaying courage, tenacity passion reject system relegating ordinary life. arent just confined legend us, breaking barriers setting standards daily, right beautiful Though filled note, were focusing three precedent paving generations follow. still face, Retzer get hit react respond, less what Ive done my voting record is, looks, calling names ... hear men news, dont really fat, didnt said. People things would normally man, feel comfortable saying it. On school There four little girls said mayor. Before, youd ever that. impact, pretty powerful youth. MAYOR entered whirlwind energy. warm, genuine smile offered made immediately likeable, did personal touches adorned officefamily photos, inspirational quotes plenty impressive accolades. Today force reckoned with, becoming citys woman hasnt easyincluding contentious vote recountpartly due stigma female politicians COUNCILWOMAN JESSICA COSDEN Her fresh face deceiving, Jessica Cosden watched politics grew here, so saw seat open, chance. thought kick myself trying, least. threw lot sweat tears campaign, THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE councilwoman glad because where be. enormous support. people running, young person running. there perception inexperienced young. theres unconscious woman, inexperienced. council job looking age gender. decade council, amazing. men. ultimate spread gender age. mother womans everywhere Thats mottoto important remember together. sitting executive-style desk. demeanor misinterpreted reserved, after few minutes presence knows exactly whats shes doing, Working several chambers communications director, prepared presidents position. chamber work, giving Germain does businesses came predecessor retiring, go leading hard build reputation, doesnt matter whether woman. prove yourself regardless. thats day here. journalist author enjoying Florida. PRESIDENT CHAMBER COMMERCE, DONNA GERMAIN Sharp dark suit, Donna looks perfectly ease 15 pageant queen, natural beauty, everything DAKOTA PEOPLES BRIAN WIERIMA lthough youngest siblings, naturally teen. attempt title, won 2014 Earth crown. It organic brought judges pageantry circuit. went win pageants, including title. pursue career fashion film. happens, timing. My hairdresser same got talking, should enter pageant, said, sure, why expectations daughter high. That surprising victory unlocked doors graduate otherwise opened, maybe ended Exciting Tell yours. www.floridacommunity.comyour-word word Giving 239-333-GIVE 17 Photo Donor Advised Fundholders, Society Members looked back. journey logged hundreds service hours advocated earth-friendly behalf wildlife. teen Myers High homecoming queen. borrowing bathing suit evening gown, no idea doing. Contestants event chose environmental cause advocacy platformshe picked plight endangered sea turtle. Then rookie contestant take big stage. stage announced top three, father, Lloyd Peoples, finished five vacant title Georgia, nationals. June short trip Orlando national pageant. This sour taste defeat present. shortly before, fun, though nervous wreck, winning dominated scores across board. parents natural. --Lloyd father thought, Great contestants whittled down, standing. stunned, Southern California, featuring firstsflying visiting Los Angeles. intimidation affect performance stage, again let ability over, named Water. Immediately Coral, Dakotas schedule full. crazy summer, Every weekend going judge speaking events, volunteering turtle attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies. targeted competition. First, Check. qualified top. disappointed, determined, hard-working girl, Again, took full Beauty, putting 400 hours. never no, yes, daughters volunteerism. Other opportunities included model Walk Fashion Show, modeling commercials taking roles television success graduation, pursuit grander goal actor, starts fall dream, out, study become pediatrician. map now, probably wouldnt do competing pageants. Wierima writer. LYSA NOEL PHOTOGRAPHY 19 8116 152 Catch Vision Nov. 15, bring canned donate. Last 3,000. served Gloria Tate, co-founder representing Raso Realty Cape, presenting sponsor. Living magazine media Vision. speakers projects, look ahead rather behind, Tate overview market. kicks off tradeshow, vendors businesses, presenters forecasts city. M ark calendar annual highlighting business trends, tips estate Countys largest scheduled Christian Fellowship, 2110 Getting snapshot economic health, market, merchants projects horizon, central theme Visitors listen planners, leadership, executives, marketers, professionals others, behind. --Gloria vision Szerlag earlier example, shared happening City Hall, thinking strategies grow economy. Industry event. invited admission. Some proceeds benefit Caring Center, assistance asked moved bust cycle late 2000s, fact terms housing expected add 5,000 7,000 2020, according federal tracking data. states size, safest, mean upward trajectory, insist. development driving interest Plan learn begins Bimini Basin along College Parkway. met surrounding property owners discuss overall concept properties, follow-up hire manager. larger include Resort Tranquility Lake northwest Westin Marina Villages Conference Center. commercial planned considered discussed clarified Vision, happen but, hopefully, will. suspense. Details 239-5422254, --Craig DANOVISION PRODUCTIONS 21 features Farm House. homes early 2017. Modern rural Florida, range towns assembled scratchCelebration near Orlando, Lakewood Manatee County, Ave Collier example. Charlotte dwarf buildout 19,000 homes, town square markets bordering pastures lakes, interlaced foot biking trails. cowhands remain preserved section land, melon sod farms. Model 2017, running Montana fortune gold mines 1914 sold Crescent B Edward Babcock, Pittsburgh timber magnate. covers 143 miles. historic Deseret east coast comparison 484 miles countrys beef ranch. built 1,200 center since 2007, Andrea McLendon Development. Plans call 11,000 acres preservation purchase history, acquisition immediate resale 350 million. mid-200,000s zooming Fields solar panels gas power grid village, preconstruction phase raw dirt trilling earthmovers. continues working farm 73,000-acre preserve adjoining town, Hillman, sales marketing vice Kitson Partners. Florida-based company owned ex-NFL player Syd purchased 91,000 heirs 2006. 18,000 construction, Hillman services, postal code newspaper. envisions vintage Floridastyle housing, whose spend feet cars. Moving human beings, once buildout. Daily conveniences there, fast-growing Kitson, ago, pictured small-town pastures, tidy neighborhoods front porches, set-asides, Jersey hometown, exemplify means future, highly balance technologically advanced infrastructure amenities, rich environment true sense left play college football 70s 80s, before assembling empire. By wellness center, market caf, lakeside restaurant outfitter At capacity, 50,000 BABCOCK RANCH Ponds pedestrian trails above link communities. below bottom centerpiece phases construction. Developer greets team during Grand Reveal April. 23 Are lipstick lover cream fanatic place. issue, fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup in-between. Because laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, feel. BETH LUBERECKI Superfoods salads smoothies. Mad Hippie uses ingredients blueberry strawberry extracts pomegranate oil Antioxidant Facial Oil 24.99 moisturize skin protect aging. active argan hydrate heal, broccoli extract reduce redness inflammation grapeseed fight radicals rays. wont find parabens, harmful chemicals synthetic colors fragrances. Pick bottle Vitamin Shoppe 239-274-6182, Whole Foods Naples 239552-5100, FEED YOUR FACE KEEP IT CLEAN When wash away, reach Elements Collection H2O seagrass lily hydration retention. Keep Fresh Face Cleanser removes formulations normal dry oily skin. To shine, try Hit Matte Toner 18, bamboo excess oil. Restore Glow Exfoliator includes jojoba beads allantoin unclog pores remove dull skin, Move Cleansing Stick 28 TSA-friendly solid cleanser pearl coconut nourishing Check collection products Ulta Bell Tower Shops 239-334-0659, Coconut Point Estero 239-992-0361. HYDRATE HEAL dryness battle comes hair, shampoo conditioner offerings Yes brand. tropically scented Argan 7.99 sunflower kukui nut oils moisturize, restore smooth hair. Tea Tree Sage pair eye-opening tingling sensation heal scalp stimulate healthy Find shower saviors Target stores TRY SOME TEXTURE Whether youve actually spent surf did, beachy waves Oribes Waves Texture Lotion 42. Rub damp hair tousled sun sand. medium-hold lotion Family, Star Styling Wax 42 taming flyways adding glossy shine AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream fighting frizz providing texture separation. Oribe Artistry Salon 239-949-9191, MASKED MARVELS TLC, Fango Essenziali line, mud sheet masks Italian skin-care brand Borghese. Four formulations--Moisturize, Purify, Calm Energize--address different concerns mixed matched needed. 32.50 exfoliate clarify drying out. single, package onthe-go convenience yet deliver kind soothing punch minutes. Want Head Macys Edison Mall 239-477-3300, 25 Forget production originals, create BILL LEVY taught actual gives featured jewelry-making, canvas non-canvas Beginner run session, supplies. rely solicitation recruit Ahlstrom Many held gallery, Brewing Co., Rockade Space 39 River District, Miracle baseball game. While teachers adult classes. paintand-party places, completely different, Dahlstrom nothing against them, teaching studio. sure on. party time. Melissa Baney, Pennsylvania for. Coming Pennsylvania, wasnt besides paint-and-party places. consider crafty creative. variety offer, anything wire wrapping bracelets enise need. galleries, Texan relocating 2011, noticed variety, local, cases, mass-produced. complained husband, Kurt someplace artists. led 2014. Parkway sell original unique, conflict. Coconuts, boosted count 77, paintings, wall jewelry, pottery, glassware more, geared children, Ahlstrom. Artists Everyone gets along. mainly respect. Artist Karin Dahlstrom, specializes wineglasses, ideal atmosphere flourish. laid back, visitors became quality displayed shop, questions made. ROBERT ANDERSON As 27 imagined this, are. am --Denise Ahlstrom, Baney likes provide. tend intimate, fun. myself, knowing anyone. Denise easy to. trying take. new, things, noting out-of-town class. growth slow progression pleased communitys embrace outlets gallerys items, further indication path achieving objectives bringing are, Levy Myersbased freelance AT GLANCE Hours Tuesday-Saturday, a.m.-6 239-542-0424, Tropical Storm Debbie, Ahlstroms dogs Leah Bandit ran onto flood dock started barking. After told coconut, stop discovered puppy. weeks nursing puppy battling bronchitis, husband Karma. 1104 Classes shops eclectic originals produced locals. TOP KARMA COCONUTS OTHER 29 Wandering pushes max, finding DAVID ACEVEDO attractive balanced aesthetics. hunger self-expression leads desire push artistic abilities maximum. inspired Erik Schlake Mariapia Malerba, closely admire amaze me, trio. Circus Arts United Weavers brainchild. Here, known Epicenter, expressive 2013, coordinated series combining music, fire dance, poetry spoken word. teamed Aguilera launch collective exhibition called Artsemble Underground, red-carpet pop-up unoccupied Studio downtown For two days, impromptu venue welcomed guests generating rave reviews social-media attention. raise awareness money organizations. Weaver, energy passion, Collaborating great, afraid thrown him. tackle until becomes reality, success. pray paints, acrylics oils, combined concocting images distinguished graffiti figurative expressionism rhythmic, trance pours soul canvas. master underground masterpieces tell stories lessons, experiences, pure, intensive devotion craft. Born Panama, artist. self-described gypsy Carolina Orleans Colorado, searched genius sprout like-minded scene share experiences creative ideas. found achieve experience travel. possible traveling, initially graphic designer. world school, adds web discover various techniques, fostering process self-education. proposes approach arts. pieces speak urban metaphors matters, fine-art scheme. versatility consents manipulation mediums clash within composition. Somehow, workand ARTWORK WEAVER Underground recurring dates set event, better, multimedia interactive surprises. sees potential Just wishes produce wonderful me. cities fast slowly surely. warehouse studio, involved artworks under Collection. ensemble produces artwork mixing approach, signature style CESAR AGUILERA shown private Chicos FAS expresses touch sensible subjects. use spray pieces. speed, smell coverage lose express passionately, forming challenge, achieved, artist, curator, owner, writer, current Union Studios campus Alliance Arts. degree University Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. 31 SAVE OFF PRICE Year SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD GET GIFT CERTIFICATE TO SHOP ISLAND PURSUIT STORE SANIBEL, RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEARS. exp. 13117 Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Online rates apply Internet orders only. Visit Web site TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions online SubPage_SO16.indd 1138 1142 GINA BIRCH Khalama Handbag Stand handbag designer Gabriela Emma Olivera. Inspired Tibetan symbolism, stones materials. Square hobo. 185-230 Love Triskelion Double Necklace layered worn alone clean, classic look. triskelion symbolizes spirit, mind body. 14K yellow, white rose gold, reversible. 900 Double-Dipping A-Head Game Made bamboo, House Koopslie headbands versatile, lightweight design. Regardless color, length style, dazzles. 19.99 Kantha Quilts color bed, couch tablecloth. India old saris, slight imperfections, charm. Reversible. 50-70 andor affiliates cannot responsible changes, writing mistakes stock. Hot W Trending costumes 2016, film characters bet recent release blockbuster movies Alice Looking Glass, Wars Force Awakens Captain America Civil War, character rebirth trendy alternatives, options decade-wear fairytales. individuals costumes, pops bright metallic shimmer key role. hether house organizing night entering doubt begin decorations. immense overwhelming, weve Party Jo-Ann Fabric Craft Stores explore hottest children adults. City. 49.99 READY-TO-WEAR DESIGNS 1. Adult Wonderland, 2. Charmed Hearts Queen, 3. Hatter, 59.99 39.99 4. Rockabilly, 5. Flapper, 6. Boys 29.99 PARTY CITY 7. Darth Vader, 8. Girls Wonder Woman, 9. Kids Rey Episode VII, 4-9 JO-ANN FABRIC CRAFT STORES PATTERNS 10. reptile Yaya Han fabric. Available Stores. Pattern, pricing vary. 11. Reversible cape used Little Red Riding Hood vampire costumes. 12. Pet spider costume. 35 HOME DCOR BAKING IDEAS Supplies Tools 13. Bloody knife cupcakes. instructions Prices 14. pumpkin project. 15. Glitter-painted pumpkins. Patterned carving. Project Sulky n CarveTM FunkinsTM Carvable Pumpkin carving tool Battery-powered electric light Computer printer photocopy machine Scissors Directions Glance 4377 Tamiami Trail N., 2334 Pine Ridge Road, 8070 Mediterranean Drive, 5025 Cleveland Ave., 1420 Del Prado Blvd., 6424 10008 Gulf Center 4610 15201 Editor 36 543 tool, cut circular pumpkin, large enough light. print pattern, joann.comfunkins-creative-pumpkinsP271248. html click Download PDF. Print pattern Carve sheet. patterns trace draw Carve. scissors, paper leaving roughly 1-inch margin. Peel stick smoothest side pumpkin. areas firmly adhered. Insert outline up-and-down sawing motion. Continue outlines pattern. sharp corners reinsert angle. piece fully pull direction least resistance safely. removed, rinse sink dissolve away Dry shares struggle KL AUDIA BALOGH INDI FRANCO MARIAPIA MALERBA hen gown applies thousands imagination quite beautiful. Malerba isnt fabric well. period Italy. single color. Malerbas grace expertise shone gowns Walks Runway Sidney Berne Davis February recycled materials paper, trash bags, plastic irrigation tubes. Being White Black Market, house, clothes wear day. recycling different. freedom, someone buy itor not. strong. Italian, challenges, overcoming struggles cultural differences. worked textile Como, capital Before moving 2008, Dream. brother hoped 7-year-old son. opened shop 2009, although visa through, economy hitting rock year, Things right, illusion didnt. Everything wrong direction, months U.S., marriage Dore Designs, MILA BRIDGER whimsy castoffs feathers plastic. 38 surrounded artwork. detail too completing design projects. KLAUDIA designer, comfortable. felt stuck do, understand gone, worst moment whole story, remembers. son returned owner left, shocked, inviting afraid, recalls. potential, far language. Returning, sketching Anthony Gartner, husband. understood talent anybody else, reflect care myself. --Mariapia smile. Over started. together beautifully. aesthetically pleasing, capturing inside loved doing gown. explosive trapped dress. point, direction--that dress Mariapia, couple barrier. earth, DeHaven, friend amazingly met. successful better. 2012, married Gartner. often collection. transitional moment, Now nourish much, Editorial Assistant lipping swimsuit dip pool soon takes contemporary definition. Brightwater, Interstate manmade fields Olympic-sized pools--which murky viewable immensity. Metro Development licensed Chilean inventor entrepreneur, Fernando Fischmann, labeled Egypt, Saudi Arabia India. Special filtration patents hold construction maintenance costs manageable price, officials saying. man-made lagoon fed groundwater monitored automated sensors flocking keep clear. Sand beaches surround water, recreation yoga waterslides. Homeowner fees cover amenities. Las Brisas Chile larger. 41 Brightwaters 250 feature. Groundbreaking 300 60 countries, dozen States, say. Chile, Egypt 2017 nearly doubles size. located firm 2008 crash. Entry mid200,000s up. disclosed, staggeringly reportedly cost developer 5.5 entire Egyptian desert valued 500 Lagoons, Greg Singleton inundated phone calls Everyones beach springing globeLas Vegas casino mogul Wynn Sin Floridians amenity, introduce developers realize fiction, eyes Uri Man, CEO U.S. Corp. Lagoonss Fischmann industry. Science immensity trademark Bayside Dallas, San Alfonso del Mar Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai overshadowed Egypt. 43 having 70,000 residential swimming pools Mexico distance homes. changing, especially coastal experts estimate 200,000 newcomers settle 2025, challenge absorb growth. trick cool amenities attract parts dimensions invite excitement, identity Gulf, chief officer transformative nature body reality Millionaire Matchmaker assuming Miami. safer ocean. shape beachesthe common thread science, Man explains. sensors, software soundwave devices filter deepest feet. essentially giant pool, creatures fish alligators feed upon, either. additives, Were this. lake, sand depth points paddleboard, canoe sail, Trails walking, trampolines, pavilions, firepits town-like line shore neighborhoods. ground-up communities farther north straddle counties interspersed lakes lone unfolds, expects passes outside Brightwater. conversation adds, meaning gathering, bigger following heels firms announcements Paving describing Vegas, instance. break ground fields. 44 feet, recreational boating sun. About gigabit pre-wired fastest broadband speed. speeds allow homeowners applications Netflix Hulu lag buffering, connect flawlessly via real-time video conversations, enable gaming functionality Source Group, Patented 160 boasts portfolio countries worldwide, Arabia, Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Brazil Chile. Mar, identified crystal world, containing million gallons drawn Pacific Ocean. Environmentally sustainable, typical 18-hole golf course, percent park any type fresh, salt, brackish desalination freshwater saltwater water. Consumes quarter required Uses fewer conventional systems consumes systems. Provides cities, parks. Public lagoons transform lifestyle general public, watersports attainable access, improving values enhancing tourism. parks, impact incredible imagine watersports. Has partnered Germany plant energy, impacting anywhere exists thermoselectrical plan saltwater. worldwide demand grown exponentially. alone, eight negotiation estimated value billion, Arizona, Nevada Hawaii. typically between 250,000 per acre build, low 2,000 2,500 acre. Fully complies stringent international waterquality standards. Monitored operated centralized location, ensuring optimum eco-friendly environment. 45 Water lanai define Paul Homes. Med styling defines elegance symmetry, portico entries tile roofing dating Greeks. Homes Greek architecture, room 1985 Majestic architecture flourishes, Cape. hile elegant Mediterranean-style trend buyers pushing allocations closer sun, Bob Knight, Quality achieve. --Bob functional Knight describes reductions interior footage--a graceful interlacing room, dining kitchen spaces--moving surplus lanai, Todays 300,000-plus top-shelf appliances, cabinetry countertops, shifted interests swim-up bars, summeroutdoor kitchens, entertainment decks, spillover spas fountains, mosaics, bigger-screen TVs, goodies achieve, Knight. Myers, Port Charlotte, Bonita key. linked synergy. bath luxury functionality. bedrooms cozy airy, trey ceilings. MATT LOWER 47 defining rooms characterize Mannings Remodeling, redecorating rearranging, HEATHER RUPPEL ANN MARIE OPHEL AN skills vacation rentals Estero. Gillette, Wyoming, furniture company, 2000. serves Woodlands Texas. clients, remodel. Armed blueprints, shell assist layouts costly errorssuch overunder furnishing wrong-sized roomare Room details consulting. decides placement objects effect better complement space. artwork, too, incorporate murals, faux finishes coverings. clients sanctuary, showpiece, Manning, explaining cookie-cutter designs project, brings dazzle, professionalism touches. furniture, window treatments, lighting flooring--one building. full-service specializing hospitality merchandising, treatments everywhere, Punta Gorda, resort, properties. Tween Waters Island Spa Captiva, Sundial Beach Tundra 2013 Construction Industrys Showcase Homes, properties portfolio. merchandising Burnt Gorda Stoneybrook Gateway stages below, buyer visualization. develops relationship address styles. tour spaces, explains Manning. that, lucky space, must go, staging resale, moved, removed replaced positioned appreciate. homeowner Cook, property. listed nine getting winded, Cooks knew selling issues solve wound belongings removing furniture. delight knowledgeable professional, stepped magic, sold. Staging prior sale picture themselves facilitate quicker sale, de-clutter depersonalize concentrate layout talents move faster, multitude longer enjoy lovely spaces. OPhelan resident regular contributor 49 PGA proCoral Allen Manguson plays can. Joining Saturday round Campbell Ross Lally. Challenging golfers, Arthur Hills par KELLY MADDEN CAPES OAKS ucked Road northwestern little-known gem course credit deserves. Owned Hillsdesigned 1988, surprise golfers skill sets. Central feel, towering oak trees sculpted ponds lakes. tract, rest assured scenic hammock inspire TifEagle greens Bermuda fairways shaped advantage lands contours foliage reminiscent true, championship facility complete practice centers stocked pro tee boxes, enjoyment flowing MIDDLE Course 1800 NW 28th 239-573-3100 Designed Holes Par 72 Practice Range Putting Club Rentals Cart Yes, fee Walking Tee Marker Options TEE YARDS RATING SLOPE Championship 6,623 72.3 135 Back 6,078 69.3 129 Middle 5,660 67.2 123 Front 5,016 64.2 Forward 4,803 Website capecoral.netcoraloak throughout nines, holes comprise nice mix length, strategy finesse. Northern club, too. Of youll palm occasional gator sunning stately oaks Up vibe. holed cold drink lunch expansive veranda Knickers Pub, charming, Old-Florida-style clubhouse. Manguson, 2005, oversees city-owned oasis. community-based rated junior country, Couples Dine, weekly clinics, restaurantthey reasons charities groups, fundraiser scrambles leagues month. continually favorable websites TripAdvisor. likeable clearly exhibits shy umbrella ownership operation. invested facility, folks pleasantly surprised courses resort clubs inland Madden lived Rest Ranger Don Kraft scenery shade trees, 51 Memorials funding fathers son, doctors kip business, health care. England hospital donors write checks buildings equipment. Most hospitals outreach executive, foundation builds relationships individuals. capacity Memorial raises millions vital Golisano Childrens England, dollars spent. days later observed doctor perform surgery mans brain. astonished calm surgical team, stake, reinforced process, emotional today Health. tasked raising donations, final move, wife joining August. area, office hes road, soliciting, networking affirming relationships. trade respected political Rhode Island. Harvard gravitated administration, moves have, generously Memorial. According Leonard, childrens hospital. outstanding clinical cancer, cardiovascularthoracic, wellness--to name few--are LMHS strives healthy. 1916 Hospital. 10-bed, wooden funded 300, donated. hospitals, 1,500 beds cycling services. provider accounts 10,500 workers, 4,000 volunteers. Significant philanthropic investment Memorial, Tom Golisano, Rochester, York, businessmanphilanthropist significant sizable chunk nonprofit SanCap Cares. islands renamed area. --Skip SKIP LEONARD Cares spokeswoman saving newborn ago. culture important, cochair Amanda Cross treat person, family. understands notes, truly believes critical mission System. honored BACKGROUND LEE MEMORIAL HEALTH SYSTEM FROM JIM NATHAN AL HANSER CHARLES K. IDELSON TIETZ level today, advancement countless lives touched saved community-owned, not-for-profit, receives direct tax support, relies significantly philanthropy offset high-quality system. appreciate mission. --Jim Nathan, Foundation, lifesaving life-changing Meeting health-care seniors everyone between, greatest future. Captiva Trust Company proud longtime highest-quality patient strong leadership Jim Nathan dedicated medical professionals. --Al Hanser, founder chairman fortunate wealth background forward serving --Charles Idelson, chairperson Investors Security excited welcome -- Joe Gammons, incoming board chair, Furniture Design Concepts, 53 Sunrise Oasis Yurt Jules Undersea Lodge From underwater lodging treetop comfort, unusual hotel travelers marine animals. Marine enhanced structure, Ian Koblick, codeveloper Jules. flow air lodge constantly oxygen symbiotic nature. enjoyed notoriety Rock star Steven Tyler Aerosmith popped visit, 2011 structure played host leg CBS show, Amazing Race. dventure rapidly trend, leave bucket-list items. brimming hotels getaway unique. JULES UNDERSEA LODGE Tucked flourishing mangrove cove idyllic Key Largo sits laboratory brilliantly transformed hotel. futuristic dcor, modern twobedroom dwelling. hand request. prime focus small, submerged dwelling 42-inch observe curious parrotfish, shimmering barracuda, friendly snapper brightly colored angelfish by. Divers lodges supply scuba tanks artificial reef SUNRISE OASIS YURT Nestled peacefully thick green Santa Fe Springs tree other. indigenous Mongolian dwellings, 20-sided yurt 2004 campers upgrades. Enjoy propane stove, cooking gear, outhouse Westgate Rodeo Luxe Teepee Rustic Comfort Log Cabin draped snug net covering mosquitoes pesky insects. Spend lazy afternoons floating river alongside manatees, hike cleared paths undeveloped simply relax sofa watch deer, wild turkey owls wander night, roast favorite foods unobstructed views star-filled sky. WOODED RETREATS RUSTIC COMFORT LOG CABIN WESTGATE RIVER RESORT RODEO WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORTS mountains rustic log cabin. Inverness bucolic framed half-acre hardwood pristine foliage. Within moments checking Wooded Retreats authentic cedar cabin, forget hustle everyday roaming countryside nights cuddled glass hot chocolate stone fireplace. for, Marilyn, visitor peace wanted, kind. Conveniently hour Tampa either museums offer. LUXE TEEPEE Glamping entirely Disneys Kingdom 55 teepees Rodeo, Wales. 651 pure bliss, double-sided fireplace, porcelain claw bathtub, sumptuous linens king-size Sip freshly delivered morning coffee expansive, patio deck romantic moss-lined trees. During day, consult concierge arrange complimentary activities, VIP rodeo tickets, horseback riding well-appointed petting zoo. evening, nightly campfire stories, marshmallows indulge hearty meal. chickee hut area stay teepees. Below, safari-theme lobby Lodge. DISNEYS ANIMAL KINGDOM might steps conceivable park, step Lodge, world. Complete lush savannas animals, African safari state. 90-minute grounds. Get close giraffes, zebras, ostriches, antelopes open-air Jeep, experienced guide facts majestic animals management resort. return, congregate award-winning restaurant, Jiko - Cooking Place, sample delicious fare, Africanstyle chicken, maize-crusted sustainable fish, seasonal vegetables delectable desserts--each paired usher relaxing evening. 305-451-2353, 352-275-3833, clubfla.orgtreehouse.aspx 727-446-1200, woodedretreats.netrustic-comfort-log-cabin.html 888-779-4104, 407-938-3000, disneyworld.disney.go.comresorts animal-kingdom-lodge 56 IF YOU GO 57 Towne runs 47th Terrace shopping district. grocery giant, lost head south OPHELAN traded truckload watermelons. drive Sunshine State, pleasant, knocked driver misjudged overpass roll down highway. busy guy, reattachment, parking lot, stands today. dressed holidays Jaycees, withstood winds rains Hurricane Charley 2004. stamina lies steel outwear. given makeover flag shirt, acid-washed jeans, belt arm, bearing logos sponsors. vanished makeover, missing persons report earing blue jeans holding 28-foot tall, 6,000-pound statue sight behold. Facing block Parkway, guys imposing landmark 1960s. nearby boutique, invites curiosity. John, statues history traces 1969, mascot Elmers Grocery Store, Johns, string name. Johns 1986 grocer closed. General Sign Co. Girardeau, shipped parts. endured hurricanes, heat, report, poor south. 59 John. filed police, abuzz, country inquiries whereabouts. Elmer Tabor, neighboring Wonderland Realty. Elmer, store. Upon return landscaped patch warmly received, pictures snapped fans. extended numerous Tabors introduced 1969. Tabor selfies Realty, originally grandfather oldest firm. smaller version 1400 SE Terrace, 61 Recipe Easy GROUPER ROCKEFELLER Serves Rockefeller ounces coarsely chopped baby spinach grated Parmesan ounce Pernod liquor Pinch salt pepper Mix lime hollandaise egg yolks tablespoons juice teaspoon cup butter skillet medium heat custard texture. whisk butter. Grill bacon strips 8-ounce grouper halfway done. Top mix, shaved cheese. Bake oven 450 browns. sauce serve. 1715 Pkwy. W, 239-471-0136, SWFL DINING GUIDE Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine Vegetarian KEY Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch 1719 East, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY SEAFOOD MARKET BISTRO Eclectic Coastal Cuisine. choose Shrimp Grits breakfast Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Tail dinner, seafood freshest extensive menu bar, fine selection burgers, sandwiches pasta landlubbers. Be pick night. Units 3, MARKER 92 Nautically Nice. wood-fired pizza Village Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. 5951 Silver King 239-541-5600, MELOGRANO Food Casual Luxury. Traditional recipes flavor Start vegan breadsticks medieval wine, feast famous Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano ravioli wood-roasted Limoncello tiramisu. choices Melograno, chefs ensure date. readers detailed reservations establishments. FORDS GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Henry Ford walked parts, burgers Low Carb-uretor. Angus topped arugula fried mouth craft beer Kona Wave Goose 312. LobsterL oastal Cui sine esher, r y e t Youd Live Music Nightly 830-1130pm Family Operated Mussel Monday 16.95 Snow Crab Tuesday 9.99 Bottle 10.00 Appetizer Friday Nice Rack 24.95 Oyster Day 1.00 29.95 d Large Curve ns cree Projection rite o Fav s Sports 9am 10pm BarBistro 11am-Midnight 8am-2pm Sat. Sun. West 239-471-0136 LobsterLady ad.indd 63 150 52816 faithful time-tested recipes, nonprocessed chemical additives. Open Wednesday-Saturday, p.m.-10 5971 239-214-6444, MONKEY BAR STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Chef Nico Bogert passionate food, proof palate, selections Monkey pork chop apple relish Rum Pepper Painted Grouper, rice mango orange Ahi Tuna Salad. Try steak, eatery Steakhouse Indoor outdoor seating available, nightly. 1428 Lafayette Street, 239-549-8800, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Truffle Wings Volcano Spring Roll start. Hugo hand-selected ingredients, Bar Steak Blue Cheese Crust popular, miss truffle fries, gourmet specialty Kennebec potatoes. Cult Carne, experience. 927 Pkwy., 239-471-0295, BLANC Epicurean. Bread Jenga, toasted bread tower sauce, modelled game almost entre Robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted garlic rosemary reduction, Octopus SS, sweet habanero sauce. Blancs Almost Entrees, designed table. Relax ambience savor creations Chris Whitaker Jean Claude Roge, lift Blanc peers. 13451 McGregor Blvd, Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. resemble delightful, Old Florida-style 64 349 65 tropical landscaping, Cristofs quickly hotspot. strip steak crawfish bisque, receive generous portions ingredients. 10231 239-791-8473 EDISON RESTAURANT Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Thomas Edison, photos. steeped culinary tradition, dishes chicken pot pie receiving raves diners. 3583 239-936-9348, BEACHED WHALE Ahabs Favorite Spot. Stop beachs barbecue, offerings, bar. Lookout Lounge, Mermaid Chicken Sandwich watching Square. performed nightly, covered Deck follow team. 1249 Beach, 239-463-5505, DOC FORT MYERS BEACH RUM GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. second based fictional Randy Wayne view Matanzas Pass banana leaf Texas baby-back ribs. afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, OLD Like Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes sliced bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied 66 958 fresh-ground Colombian reason breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak, hands down. 25091 Bernwood Springs, 239-948-4123, RODIZIO GRILL Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience flavors Brazil, choice rotisserie grilled meats, seasoned carved tableside Rodizio Gauchos Feijoada, black bean stew, Abacaxi, glazed pineapple. Dont save decadent dessert Friday-Sunday. JACARANDA Local Legend. romantic, intimate dinner relaxed, energetic nightspot one. ranges splendid tasty lounge, 1223 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-1771, TIMBERS FISH Dine Do Yourself. Favorites calamari, platters crab cakes lump. menu. door 8017 Plaza Lago Suite 101, 239-498-0018, RUTHS CHRIS HOUSE Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously linen-covered tables mood. petite filets cowboy-size ribeyes, steaks tender juicy sides creamed potato casserole. 703 Tarpon 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders emporium evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. Point, 23151 Estero, 239-948-8888, 1551 239-472-7242, 67 blind tasting reveals truth olorless odorless, vodka mixable spirits bar shelf. Simple complex, cash cow cases States alone. distilled fermented grains filtered potatoes, fruit rice. Distilling methods, profile. vehemently loyal, castigating labels perceive scorching ethanol. difference question test tasting. bottles tested scraped bare obscured brown bags. eager panel eight, ranging enthusiasts consumers spirits, gathered Twisted Vine Bistros Barrel bartender Damon Cockerton, poured neat temperature. tasted rocks. mixers allowed. results identify favorite. seven wheat contained corn. Chopin Vodka 25, Poland, Distilled times, smelled industrial, funky peppery. drinking martini straight Use Mary. Titos vodkas, filet mignon price. Hailing corn, similar single-malt scotch. spicy hot, hint sweetness. Ice smoothed maintaining complexity. Even so, landed enthusiasts, Bistro surprising. pack. prize vodkasoda cocktail. varieties, Perfect continuously distilled. limestone soil France, taken Vosges Mountains, mineral qualities. temperature, medicine smell, vanilla palate finish. evened ice, spicy, refreshing some. pleasing fell two, tied third Sweden, Absolut winter deep Ahus, until, makers say, feels right. floral Comments licorice, creamy tropical, pleasant bite yes mixing. Russian entry travesty, Stolichnaya 20, affectionately Stoli, showed four, quartz birchwood charcoal. wood apparent, sweetness spice. rocks, Stoli developed citrus characteristics, creaminess heat. Grey elevated label once, spring limestone. remained substantial, lingering, Thumbs solo, heavy hide subtleties. Sku 30. ice falls Qalerallit Sermia glacier Greenland, elaborate Netherlands. melts stirred alcohol, liquid -25 degrees Celsius. Sku, agreed, silky burn bite, herbal, oh clean. shame anything. Cheers Birch contributor, drink, well-known personality 69 WHERE WHAT DO WGUF Costume Contest sponsored BobFM 102.9 Gator Country 101.9. 239-692-8436, Fall Festival Oct. 1431, 10am Ride Express train ride villages, hop hayride. Family-friendly games food. ride, patch, games, bounce houses, hayrides 10am-2pm 6-9pm Friday, 10am-9pm Sunday. 239-533-7575, Car City, 3811 Trail, Gorda. 941-575-5959, Bluegrass Theatre Sept. 9, 1pm Foulds Theatre, bands, partnership, Acoustic SWFL. Seating first-come. Doors 1pm. Arts, 10091 239-939-2787, 21, pm Fridays. venues regional 855-732-3836, Jerrys Girls-The Broadway Musical Revue 29-Oct. 1, 730pm 2, 2pm lyrics Jerry Herman. Directed Kenneth Crisp, Cripps, Dawn Carpenter Rachael Dalangauskas. Langdon Playhouse, 1182 Circle, Charlotte. 941-255-1022, Ultimate Doo-Wop Show 8, 8pm record-breaking PBS-TV specials audiences veteran doo-wop Vogues Burkette Youre One, Five Oclock World, Magic Town, Marcels Moon, Heartaches, Cookies Chains, Say Nothin Bad Baby, Shades Oh How Happy, Casinos Can Me Goodbye Rockin Robins Rhythm Kings Buzz, Harlem Nocturne. B. Mann Performing 13350 FSW 239-481-4849, Jason Isbell band Unit performs songs Grammywinning Something Free. 239-4814849, 27th Ding Darling Days 16-22 Fun Sunday, 16, eco-activities, refuge tram tours, wildlife presentations, dogs, crafts Birding, boating, paddle-boarding kayaking fill week. recognizes 100th Migratory Bird Treaty. ends Saturday, 22, Conservation Day, Federal Duck Stamp winners, cartooning photography highlight devoted Jay Norwood Darlings legacy duck stamp Pulitzer Prizewinning cartoonist. 239-472-1100, Suncoast Credit Unions War Peace Dragon Boat 29, 8am Celebrate Gordas Festival. Form paddlers vendors. Hosted Chamber Harbor Dragons Club, benefits Take Stock Children. Laishley Park, Nesbit St., 650-575-9825, Spooktacular 5th 31, 430pm treating, spooky cartoons, haunted street dance contests festival Avenue Souththe Contest, Pucci Catana Luxury Boutique 104.7 Paint Escape Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10am-6pm ladies Ceramic Create decorative gift. 808 239945-2006, Conch Mondays-Thursdays Saturdays, 630pm Fridays, 7pm Sundays, 12pm studio friends, beverages. Materials provided, on-site assist. 1242 239673-6660, Third Drive-In sunset, weather permitting Crossroads, non-profit charter foster boys, hosts drive-in movie Grill. admission, concession-stand donations. Interested email 121 Marion Muscle Citys Bike 9am-1pm, car bike Toms Traveling Tunes, trivia prizes. Trophies Choice entries, 8am-4pm. Cirque Du Soleil OVO 28-Oct. matinee headlong rush colorful ecosystem teeming life, insects eat, crawl, flutter, non-stop riot movement. overflowing contrasts. Arena, 11000 Everblades 239-948-7825, Erma Bombeck Wits End 4-Nov. 6, Tuesdays-Sundays, Allison Margaret Engel, writers smash Patriot Kick-Ass Wit Molly Ivins, comic beloved voices, captured frustrations asking, bowl cherries, pits ArtStage Rep, 2268 239-332-4488, Wife Begins 21-30, Fridays George Harpers 17-year gone stale. faced divorce, circumstances other, marriages renegotiated theirs certainly worth Woods 25-Nov. fiasco DiPietro, You, Perfect, Change See Nick, Italian-American, doting grandparents country. Historic Arcade 71 544 Carl Schwartz Exhibit 9-30 nationally recognized painter printmaker, major placements Smithsonian Institution Congress Washington, D.C. colleges universities, Harvard, Ball Loyola, Michigan Nevada, Minnesota Chicago. Opening reception 5-7pm. Main Gallery, Early Eco-Tour Tuesdays, Thursdays 730am Witness Matlacha Aquatic Preserve join wetland birds estuary home. guides ACA Certified Kayak SUP Instructors Master Naturalists versed ecology skilled spotting 4120 Matlacha. 239-283-1125, 7, 11am 6-10pm 11am-4pm, self-guided walking District core Gardners demonstrations. 239-3375050, Downtown Farmers Fruits homemade 201 73 produce. Taylor Courthouse. 941-3914856, 8th Venice 3-4, Usher season festival, Venice. 220 W., 561-746-6615, History Artisans Historical Society, produce, meat, plus Heveron, garden 501 Shreve 941-380-6814, 19th Sullivan Street 17-18, eateries shopping. 331 Tour Shell Creek Undisturbed creek cypress birds. View limpkin, bird swamps marshes. equipment Naturalist. Threehour tour, reservations. Hathaway 239-694-5513, Flavors October-June, 10am90 History, eco adventure combines Matlachas salty tastes island obscure fishing eccentric flamboyant colony. Starts Leoma Lovegroves Gallery Gardens, 4637 NW, Parking Olde Fish Marina, 4530 NW. 239-945-0405, 74 342 Rawls pens Bowman N DOUG GALLOGLY WHITE BIRD PUBLICATIONS ot smart, resourceful hand-to-hand combat. qualities Dallas survive investigator Gables, risk-taker. Death, Publications, 18.99, discovers herself death before. Chief Elston crooked politician hairs, wants bankrolling him, recruits act latest girlfriend task proves impossible, goes hiding, target dangerous network homeless intensifies search determined reads 1960s TV detective drama, rough edges tense conversations. hard-bitten gumshoe gusto, whom trust crew friends. just-the-facts, look-overyour-shoulder entertaining escape reality. Which native Carolina, Army, retiring 1982. Department Defense civilian. lifelong reading eventually turned writing, traveling Army skill. adventure. wife, Jackie, ELIZABETH JOYCE September 1st moon eclipse Virgo. intense mix-up scandal starting Mercury turns 21st. 16th lunar Pisces. difficult peace. Mars middle overly forceful destructive behavior indicate increase hostilities adapt adjust. 30th Libra. rewards store weeks, nose grindstone. Time peaceful beginnings love, harmony. retrograde 21. Aries innovative scientific technological discoveries. particularly occurs presidential election throw unexpected monkey wrench appropriate Monkey. augurs disruption. Scorpio endings beginnings. disruptive puts damper freedom sports intensity, lead-in festivities. ARIES MARCH APRIL folks. 22nd partys again. decide relationship. responsibilities vitamins stamina. partner. spontaneous unpredictable. Watch wallet, herself. TAURUS MAY Personal Signs lovers, creativity, Saturn present difficulties. cranky now. quick shake 25th. metaphysical opens. ask Question begin. Taurus, happy, GEMINI JUNE feeling outgoing, sociable friendly. weekends promise anyone dated. money, careful mid-month financial spat. refuse satisfied. pleasure Expect long trips, conversations lots spending, chances CANCER JULY September, Labor prepare delays. stalls, cranky. mechanical invest vehicle 25st. October, stir fellow, arguments upsets Mid-month argument member carrying burdens weight. lay law, dates. LEO AUGUST Jupiter Libra, lethal charm department. Prepare convince seem endowed temporarily superpower, good, Leo. not, backlash karma. lured usual routine. pay higher-up notice efforts. promotion, chew. Theyll you, anyway. VIRGO SEPTEMBER Fasten seatbelt changes upswing year. longer, sight. sought-after contest, award perhaps lottery. ticket. mysteries mayhem. research digging clues thrilled find. LIBRA OCTOBER kinds openings luck. involving partnerships. tough lately, end. attraction first, inner soul. focuses presentation. Pay symbols dreams shortly. mind, SCORPIO NOVEMBER 21st, whomever mood partner up, personally professionally. level. Surprise, promotion waiting connections gatherings. wonderful, sincere Money smoothly, SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER unexpectedly. Count invitations mingle people. chosen confusion front, prepared. meet. rest, appearance, popularity charts. CAPRICORN JANUARY delays, verify trip. direct, wait bit, break. end, hand, bill due. temper aggressive. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY opens, experiences. vacation, exploring. camaraderie well, spending sweetie tops off. change eclipses worry change, invigorating. Remember sudden windfalls category adventures gatherings kindred spirits. Venus stranger crowded room. PISCES problem compromise. Making amends resist Major sign opposite. Someone way, worse, person. Stability carpet improves savings begins. necessary playtime intensity month, occupied dimly lit delicious. tricky driving. Joyce psychics Haitian Philippines earthquakes Twin Towers tragedy Thousands witnessed psychic powers Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance Psychic Detectives, CNN News. frequent guest radio books order appointment, 215-996-0646. 77 31st Oktoberfest fest brewing weekends. BREWTOBER German-American Social 21-23 28-30. Both tickets required. Benefitting Cancer Societys Relay Life movement, beers, trucks vendors, cornhole beer-pong competitions. Tickets admission all-access pass. festivities, decades Germany. Wienerschnitzel, sauerkraut sausages ambiance German tradition 1810 Munich Sun Splash Waterpark 4-8 2101 28-30 royal wedding. Oktoberfest, carnival families, tens circus tent entertainment. drink. munch cotton candy train, sip imported beer, lock arms schunkeln brass Deutschland. GERMAN AMERICAN SOCIAL CLUB Bring dancing, beverages Proceeds benefitting Hospice sixth Evening ongoing beautification Tribute Gardens Business encouraged donate silent auction, timeshares, trips jewelry. Champagne toast Gary Connie Hogrefe. Among partners Bistro, Dixie Roadhouse Zotter Chocolates. Premier Insurance, donated Rob Robin Greig. JoAnn auctions families. Elardo Wicked Distillery committee Merchants donating goods 239-851-6324, Supporters GWEN GREENGLASS DAVE NEWLAN Should Know Interim Police, introducing Department. browse website,, agency addressing informative inform citizens showcasing serve department accredited committed principles policing. result dedication demonstrated Leadership Team, members organization, VOLUME Published CCL_Cover_SO16.indd 213

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