Your Gold Rush gave Kirsten her shining moment. E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C A T N. Since 1997, the Florida Lottery has been creating a brighter future for through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through this scholarship, more than 725,000 students have earned opportunity to attend college. The education they received is allowing them give back community and boost Floridas economy, while helping fund next generation of students. So remember, you play, wins. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 2016 Ad_Page.indd 1 12616 955 PM Cape Features 40 B EST OF THE BEST Corals SWAT, Special Weapons Tactics, considered one best units in Sunshine State, finishing first regional competition other such teams. Its also important keeping usand officerssafe from sometimes violent world. Explore 36 Tracks Trails ON COVER 2 TOTI.COM JANFEB 2017 5_CCL_JF17.indd 12716 422 Forevermark 2016. TM, extreme sport junkies us mere mortals seeking adventure Southwest Florida. Coral alone dozens ATVmotocross clubs visiting 1,000-acre venue thats short ride Cape. Discover about unique spot starting on page 36. Cover photos Courtesy Trails. TM are Trade Marks used under licence De Beers Group Companies. long journey become one. In our constant pursuit absolute beauty, every diamond undergoes rigorous selection. This why less worlds diamonds worthy inscription promise rarity responsible sourcing. 3 Departments 26 24 58 50 Greetings Radar 10 11 12 14 8 Publishers Letter Stay 34 30 World Lake WorthWest Palm 62 Guide Dining SW 100 Million Goal Reached Foster Genies Someone You Should Know Calendar Girls Style 52 66 74 Stargazing Whats Happening Horses, Course Astrology Book 76 Political Shenanigans Commerce Berts Black Widow 46 Trending Now Fashion Clubs Art 22 Outdoors 54 20 Melody Dreams Beauty Crossword 23 Products Help Look Best Bike Night Pritchett Family Eagle Camera Great Birding Wildlife Trail Scene 77 True Confessions Festival Director 78 Bluegrass Jamboree With BBQ Home IN OUR NEXT ISSUE Culinary Service 79 56 Spirits Supplies Bar Big Blue Brewing Packing Them Local Professionals Tropical Pools Construction Outdoor Kitchens Are Cookin Voice 80 Dancing Dolphins ocean, Gulf, rivers lakes--this where we be, at least near. Well bring all things water-related, boating fishing seafood. plan curling up with MarchApril issue letting thoughts ocean breezes inspire you. 4 CAPE CORAL LIVING ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTRIBUTORS Dana Long PROOFREADER EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Acevedo, Gina Birch, J.J. Brito, William R. Cox, Gallogly, Garrett, Norma Hagan, Dayna Harpster, Luberecki, Sharon McAllistor, Renee Novelle, Ann Marie OPhelan, Diane York PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Nick Adams, Shannon J. Dodge, Thomas Eckert, Tori Gansen, Marsay Johnson, Toni Palumbo, SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING Friedrich 102 Christine Stuart 112 Dru Anne Doyle 109 Kimberly Paulus 108 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.comcapecoralliving twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 239-395-2125 New Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober PublisherVPC.O.O. Vice Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. 6 Times Islands Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 423 h e rs Reaching Our my H Ero communitywide effort, hundreds businesses, organizations individuals contributed million campaign goal build new Golisano Childrens Hospital hospital that YOU built Come see NEW special public GRAND OPENING APRIL 1, Support high quality pediatric care donation today. foR BeinG ThaNks 239 210-5372 LeeHealth.orgFoundation 7 PUBLISHERS LETTER ike many people, find myself reflecting back--and looking forward--at time year. dawn brand-new brings it unbridled enthusiasm Media. It occurs me there only thing keeps each accomplishing goals own will. Think your childhood when parent another adult said would never achieve something possibly attain specific milestone. If youre anything like me, instantly developed determination ever thought possible, order accomplish exactly what person could do. When reflect times, clear same principles seeing apply us, whether child an adult. ago, was fortunate enough visit Allalinhorn, 13,212-foot mountain highest point region Sass-Fee, Switzerland. My just spectacular miracle nature, but hike its summit. Id truthful if told sure do it, several during ascent turning back. Fortunately, group people who, myself, were determined reach top. look now realize singular purpose pushed onward, entire working toward shared, common goal. That type fortitude Will Be Year basis how single organization works together, long, award-winning lifestyle publications Doing difficult course, definition, easy. But reward set out intoxicant unlike any other--it feels so good propels more. believe possesses drive. discovered within singlemindedness go step, deed, make small daily effort better life encounter, lives--and society--will enriched. as begin year, allow share personal 2017, Im going seek challenging objectives, resist taking easy road. treat whom come contact respect, kindness courtesy which treated. strive these types simple goals, results will immeasurably positive. One favorite quotes industrialist Henry Ford, who wintered Fort Myers. He said, think can cant thing, right. As forward exceptional appropriate phrase. Enjoy Publisher inspired--and PHOTO BY THOMAS ECKERT 9 opens April, funding needs continue CRAIG GARRETT he seemed hardly possibleto raise donations childrens hospital, nearly half 240 project cost. commitment over five years daunting, behind ended November. seven-story located HealthPark Summerlin Bass roads. April. From beginning funds happened, 2012 Naples billionaire. Lee Health phase began plant-based treatments qualifying patients two programs country. Suddenly November shower confetti, happy supporters accepting final million. initial goal, CEO Jim Nathan Seemed monumental, adding directors broke capital into manageable parts, bite time, then believing mission. Funding started matching billionaire Tom Golisano. Helping celebrate achievement chair Joseph Catti pictured below right microphone Nathan. TOP AND BOTTOM LEFT COURTESY LEE HEALTH FOUNDATION RIGHT mom most vulnerable children ompared surrounding counties, number foster kids County staggering. Some 1,309 care, far Collier Charlotte counties. Jennifer Fischer had observed abused kids, arrive care. Neighbor looked ill-treated, says, bruised thin. State social workers later removed them. introduction system run Department Children Families, requesting custodial parent, she state granted. She since Genies, nonprofit soliciting parents. program grants Countys crisis adults step forward. wishes trips Disney World, instance. added Little Genie matches stable assistance, says Fischer, three dozen children, modern Brady Bunch. educate emergency in, says. listened stories gone room cry. want support need. Details --C.G. PHOTOS FOSTER GENIES MEET MAKENZIE LAWREY, SUPERHERO, HER BROTHERS ADVOCATE Makenzie Lawrey wrote book help little brother, Gavin, his fight against mitochondrial disease. Right, Gavin their dad, Brandi Jeff. M DECIDED TO WRITE MY BOOK old, found doctors decided put brother hospice. wanted understand disease affects brother. get raising cure. SUPERHERO PART STORY based strong is. superhero strength comes dealing mito. brave. KNEW THINGS WERE COMING TOGETHER MOST ENJOY doing signings. launch Alliance Arts couldnt showed purchase book. Gavins pediatrician came purchased books examination families read. signing really stands did Energy Life Walk Tampa. able meet dealt mito, helped meant me. TORI GANSEN SHANNON DODGE akenzie sense normal child. And became ill. diagnosed disease, rare incurable neurological condition known invisible causing seizures health issues limiting full enjoyment childhood. Watching struggle made help. book, hoping use proceeds, part, cover immense costs treating seriously ill Her larger Mighty Mito Superhero picture photo Makenzies perspective, using imaginary battle seizures, tremors related brothers fight. allows glimpse Warriors real superhero, promotional piece available Amazon. family large social-media crusade. foreword am writing honor Gavin. Mitochondrial Disease. Not know no hope awareness money cure wont suffer anymore. killing cancers combined. Living asked story. talking doctor understanding mito myself. WAS SURPRISED much work fun exciting, stressful hard times. helps HIGHLIGHT day launched Amazon No. overall few minutes, category days. REACTION amazing. selling well YEARS FROM NOW still buying supporting research second ... CURE HAVE BEEN SO FORTUNATE because incredible friends family. parents encouraged even felt overwhelmed frustrated. doctor, Jose Colon, huge explaining way Dr. Colon down medical topics explain others. friend cartoonist, Phil Rood, big bringing life. create donated talent illustrations 13 Empowering RENE NOVELLE Girls, formed 2006, schedule 130 performances 2017. Entertainment proceeds benefit guidedog military veterans. GIRLS K atherine Shortlidge spot. walked restaurant, movement lean frame exuded poise grace. Wearing youthful side ponytail black T-shirt words emblazoned front, face lit wide, warm smile greeted across room. self-described jock played Division basketball Penn State--prior completing multiple masters degrees teaching gifted 35 years--now calmly embodies role director popular dance Founded borrowed name 2003 movie forming team. true inspiration, adopted charitable cause. At interview, raised sponsor 16 world-class guide dogs given veterans Paws Patriots Palmetto, theyre almost ready 17th, theyll Anchor. cost 60,000 15 For More Info 239-850-6010 4210 77th St. East 34221 941-729-5665 800-944-3647 puppy, endeavor impressive standard. tangible gift, explains. United Way, whatever, dont getting. Patriots, ladies interact well. We field trip couple love us. perform, customers sponsoring, generous doing. veteran, notes. Team member Kris Breyley convinced join ranks after watching performance. struck watch environment, troops, dogs. finding entertain, network. connection team shares--whose members range age 80--goes deeper mutual show costumes choreograph routines appearance themes include zombies cowgirls. journalist author enjoying beautiful causes. Most careers, weve elderly 70s went womens liberation, Woodstock, that, Breyley. Knowing werent too old stop dancing, must ways roles society relegate to, fiercely independent women redesigning stage should like. group, enthusiastically reassures. selfesteem donating meaningful them, feeling that. performance days practices twice week, dedication demands light matter. dancing fun, serious business. work, paying off. invited audition Americas Got Talent, performed Gangnam piece, choreographed resident choreographer Lori Madl, whos recent routines. They proper, American, laughing recalls process loaded limousine drove Miami event hosted. Although didnt level, judges loved enthusiasm. always remember team, adds. unexpected perform. keep playlist routines, accept challenge song occasion. Over theyve done Dolly Parton shows, Cher-based themes, Havana night favorite--Super Freak Rick James. arent stopping anytime soon. all. years, ones stumped confidently confesses. Theres wed creatively. Whatever theme, actualize dream. NOVDEC 17 An entrepreneurs story, choosing Port others among dealers. 35,000-square-foot facility offers parts service usually 300 motorcycles sales floor. His dealership tops merchandising sales, prompted last August Harley-Davidson franchise. former Jims Harley Petersburg, Barracuda Harley-Davidson. King buyers corners quarter 2015, sold 600 motorcycles, averaging month. volume placed ert alongside business titans. question is, him 57 motorcycle town Easy, bucket-list home beach. theres market charm it. Ive enjoyed auto dealer stores Texas, businesses 2008 shopping franchises Arizona settled 2015 Charlotte, retagging Widow. invested marketing quickly driving ranking opened 2015. Petersburg August. Bert center dealer. top percent dealerships U.S. There some 1,400 dealers 90 countries. company 268,000 accessories generated billion sales. founded 1903 Arthur Walter Davidson, Milwaukee. King, career cars, running owning mentored legends Billy Joe Red McCombs Larry Van Tuyl. tycoon owner professional sports franchises, Tuyl empire Warren Buffett, investment mogul. Kings mentors today worth billions. 50, retirement quest Today decked gear boots, greeting visitors travels between locations, experience magic mentor. very humbling whats happening, fun. Editor-inChief Go 2224 El Jobean Road, Sports Park 941-883-8000 THIS OPPOSITE PAGE BERTS BLACK WIDOW HARLEY-DAVIDSON 19 voice thought-provoking lyrics, Elise Bellew enchants music calls Zen room, finds inspiration songs. Above, album, Wonderland, recorded studio Coral. DAVID ACEVEDO ALBUM ARTWORK ELISE BELLEW CHATE LACKEY Children, MTVs Real Denver Hollywood, CBCs Heartland. title track Beautiful optimistic anthem YouTube fans, created numerous fan videos site. Mary third entitled Kind Life, self-produced released 2010. Bellew, singing young age, studying perfecting craft. ethereal mysterious, enchanting feel. defining moments recordings albums band, Dream. Am partnered Blake Ryan Dayton write produce songs, described artist collection bittersweet compelling songs both dreamy melodic. release, incorporated film television, ABCs mix five-time Grammy winner Reid Shippen mastered Greg Calbi, worked stars Norah Jones John Mayer. describes album level groups signature sound. Save featured earlier episode MTV series Finding Carter. 2014, multifaceted Christmas. beautifully compiled classical holiday typical Christmas album. combination Bellews long-time Nashville producer Michael Heads arrangements flawless. Each unexpectedly fresh version classic tune. record solo artist, indebted Head, funded her. Music enormous power. alter mood remember. proper vocals instruments achieved, magical. todays musicians incorporate deep introspective practice Bellew. songwriting unique. typically dream vocal melody, a.m., nap, explains wake sing phone. Later, listen developing. develops lyrics melody found. Once solid direction song, sit computer figure tempo click track, electronic metronome, continues. After cappella tempo, sends Bryan Steele. great pleasure original Steele, artists around world, TV shows film. style once haunting contagiously pop. 2016, latest record, Wonderland. lot firsts, records writes entirely being dependent composer. drawing urban, elements, opposed guitar-based rock, adds Wonderlands orchestration sparser previous recordings, emphasis vocals, drums bass. helm, recording editing growing engineer, mentor subject matter shifted represent happier life, lyrical risks. Within material, Wonderland cinematic placements around, talented Floridian, literally cannot writing. coming sleep, putting albums, concludes songstress, greatest joy making enjoy. visual arts writer, art gallery curator living bachelors degree University Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus. co-founder Myers ownermanager Union Artist Studios DAAS CO-OP Gallery Gifts capella provides files instrumental synchronization. 2003, musician albums-- Dream, efforts. 21 SAVE OFF PRICE ONLINE Years 39 SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD RECEIVE YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR AN INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Bag exp. 33117 Online rates Internet orders only. Visit Web site TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions online SubPage_ND16.indd 1257 BETH LUBERECKI ABOUT FACE Dry winter skin got Try Fango Essenzialis Moisturize Mud Mask 32.50 balance hydrate dull minutes. Mineral-rich mud exfoliates purifies pores, olive oil hydrates balances skins pH blood orange nourishes improves texture. Just back, relax let mask magic. Find Essenziali products Macys Edison Mall 239-477-3300, MORE THAN JUST LIP SERVICE Want kiss icky chemicals goodbye Check Ecco Bellas FlowerColor lip products. cruelty-free, all-natural cosmetics options Lipstick 19.95, incorporates vegetable waxes, oils mineral pigments creamy formula moisturize lips. hydration, try Vitamin Lip Smoothers four shades lipstick. Finish off Good Gloss includes applicator tube built-in mirror. Pick Bella local retailers Adas Natural Market 239-939-9600, Goodness Sake Bonita Springs 239-992-5838, SUN PROTECTION THAT SOOTHES Aloe Up sunscreens contain oxybenzone, parabens alcohol. Instead, ingredients vitamin E, green tea, cocoa seed butter aloe vera protecting skin. water-resistant, nongreasy formulations LPGA golfers Earth downtown 239-226-0006, shop stocks choices SPF Pro Formula Continuous Spray 12.95 White Collection Lotion 11.95. forgot reapply, grab Ice Sunburn Relief Jelly 7.95, features topical anesthetic lidocaine soothe cuts, scrapes, bites jellyfish stings. lipstick lover cream fanatic Then place. Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup everything in-between. Because laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, firm industry water net area. Beach pools popular, sloping entry rather steps ladder. swimming pool witnessed changes Massachusetts native Willard laborer applying wet cement places Waynes California home. luxury exclusively country clubs, footing average families. Aquatic Specialty 1970s crews building California. California, smog traffic much. place year-round. saw advertisement prosperous affordable America. focused private residential projects, repairs upgrades, although ew pleasant dip pool. problem having Jack Sr. happen decades, Construction. outdoor pools, spas relating recreation. shaped airplane. satisfying Willard, however, backyard familys enjoyment. Florida, living. nothing represents Like everything, technology designs shifted. Many homeowners demanding, example, game pool, section Either end shallow, volleyball changed. sources NICK ADAMS TROPICAL POOLS --Jack poolsupgrades commercial portfolio. builds moderately priced30,000 upbut higher-end falls, fountains spas, landscaping lush feel owners backyard. elevated Captiva, office feel, vibe pleasant, background sound trickling water. Financing custom options. Always focus quality, advice entrepreneurs. Persevere up. Editor-in-Chief specializes installations, Captiva. examples companys various designs. 25 PAUL HOMES FLORIDA LLC centerpiece back-yard living, trending ANN MARIE OPHEL coolers, cocktail stations kegerators, lanai makes entertaining easier ever, cool covered space. People move enjoy weather, space, especially kitchen, whole more, Poulton. Cooking outdoors benefits. heat oven kept outside, task cooking becomes activity because, cook knows, pitch in. Having kitchen convenient. drag charcoal cooler, need hand, Bob Knight, president Paul Homes utdoor lanais Ben Poulton, Elegant Before advent undertruss lanais, Poulton explains, simply sliders separating homes interior patio yard. While spaces degree, often hot buggy, soaking wet, rainy season. Nowadays, often, sun protected elements. Along frequently fully equipped kitchens, dining areas. gas grills, full-sized refrigerators, wine ELEGANT OUTDOOR KITCHENS TRI COUNTY LANDSCAPE Durability major consideration plans. Thats items high-quality stainless appliances weather-resistant cabinets installed. resale value, gotten stay longer expected, investing moving home, Chris Baker, Tri Landscape Adding increases amount space increase value. design, trends kitchens. These countertops plenty food preparation, substantial bar areas serving beverages. highend granite. tile stucco remain choices, natural stone becoming popular. split-faced ledger panels faades, backsplashes walls. efficiency consideration, LED lights installed grills Also fire pits, fireplaces wood-fired grills. Those particularly request ovens. Outdoor-rated teppanyaki griddles 27 JOHN J HULL ASSOCIATES, INC. 13190 Idylwild 239-565-1096 Hull Associates 400 Danley Drive, 239-226-1000 1406 Parkway West,Cape 239-542-0607 1010 NE 8th Street 8, 800-419-7840 flat iron pizza ovens now, Multimedia televisions systems designed hold weather. plans update add one, generally starts meeting clients for. planning prefer. Hull. kitchens kicking offer purpose. together lifestyle, OPhelan regular contributor 28 ASSOCIATES 29 Worth pier reaches Atlantic fishing. Below city West glistens. Lions mangoes Oh W DAYNA HARPSTER snoozing lions, swinging gibbons Asiatic buffalo stood defiantly blocked Far primitive pleasantly rustic Mango Inn Bed Breakfast Worth, 10-room inn owned relaxed accommodating Chet Po Patel. acted host low-key, old-friend way, sons live door ring check street courtyard barely tame landscape lovely Mediterraneanstyle red hibiscus flower perpetually floating surface. area mostly Floridastyle houses, blocks away warned drive slowly fenced-in area, leaving car windows Security personnel stationed throughout 4-mile enclosure. tempted residents call told, not, close stare definitely, cars. fine, scary horns. Lion Country Safari Loxahatchee civilized visited fall-feeling-like-summer late September weekend near Coast. Coasters, lived. 900 bunch animals, including nosy-looking ostriches, expanse sand cool, blue Feeding giraffes highlight Safari. annual Painting turns streets masterpieces. bridge Beach--on Island--in artsy other. trees property seasonally yield inns mango jelly French toast, served free, year-round, hours a.m. Late tends slow, Patel explained, regularly upgrades guests reservations, poolside Magnolia Room, beach theme opening veranda caf tables chairs. bills itself tropics begin, true. latitudinal terms, northernmost subtropics. seven square miles 37,000 residents, population diverse neighbors. 1880s, African-American ex-slaves. War II, retirees Quebec, Finland Germany arrived. visited, Mayan holding festival nearby park. fashioned image haven art. On Feb. 26, 31 Manor restaurants Hilton. Right Norton Museum contains 7,000 European Chinese skyline glows pinks purples. 100,000 expected free Festival, citys 23rd, chalk turn fall winter, League holds Al Fresco Casino Building despite name, Loxahatchee, 561-793-1084 128 Lakeside 561-533-6900 1451 Olive Ave., Beach, 561-832-5196 Pistache 101 Clematis St., 561-833-5090 Harpster writer 32 gambling weeks. Cultural Council headquartered serves hub region. inevitable seems rough edges compared neighboring Beach. agree guest Marlene Ruiz Miami, husband, Michael. Avid staycationers, prefer smaller palatial hotel, la Breakers location. quiet peaceful. welcoming, arrived before Toby Keith concert fairgrounds well-heeled Palm, ambling lunch Hilton Hotel, Sharing hotel Sweet party, headed 100-plus downtowns City Place. Seeming equally ease woman cobalt hair man Darkstar T-shirt, ComicCon nametags necks. Hilton, mile Art. Included 7,000-piece Pablo Picasso, Robert Motherwell, Georgia OKeeffe, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse Marc Chagall, plus ancient artifacts photography collection. chain dinner Bistro waterfront. Chef de cuisine Isaac Cernys ingredients, artful presentation tasty imaginative menu delightful--so flinch telling vegan daughter dined duck snails Hudson Valley, truffled polenta, spinach sweet cherry sauce, escargot, followed quintessential crme brule. Back Inn, silence--broken soothing waterfall--was nightcap needed. 33 Enthusiasm safety reign Saddlewood DIANE YORK hristina Sdrenka fell horses, start lifelong passion career. learned horseback riding later, married family, provide perfect environment horses. Also, husband climate outside States 1998, explored Ten ago history cattle grazing hunting land. land boom 1950s cut lots subdivisions. Despite deal wide open characterized yearround weather nice here, friendly safe. Sdrenkas stable, Horse Club, Pine Island Road rural outskirts road populated farms ranches. arena lighted kinds oval racetrack, jumping extensive pasture runs Ricky, 21, Henry, 19, daughter, Jenny, 17, welltrained equestrians enthusiastic mother. Older son Phil, drops out. Volunteers welcome, screen carefully. responsibility. Safety paramount. lasting evening. staff feeding watering, horses mucking stalls. camps classes begin--teaching Christina chose locate Club isolation training horses--followed vet visits, grooming watering feeding. labor love. Saddlewood, Jenny lending hand summer camp. About youngsters varying ages learning techniques. uses variety games camp, learn groom tack saddle bridles on, obstacle courses, gait practice, bareback vaulting involves gymnastics horseback. morning camp afternoon riding. currently farm. boarded hers. also, occasion, takes rescue rehabilitates trail herding horse disabled addition lessons English, Western jumping, birthday parties ponies. interaction Guests pet, groom, feed bounce house paint activities. ages. student 89. --Christina Sdrenka, tall thoroughbreds, Darth Vader, ex-racehorse, gorgeous thoroughbred Snow all-white miniature horse, whose baby, Stitch, inches birth. Tinker Bell pony littlest riders. treated well, shows. hesitation calm confident. Who rides club man, 70 wants certified Horsemanship Association instructor jumping. information lessons, 239-738-9300. 16111 Lane Chiquita Boulevard Burnt Store Road. website Award-winning authored articles health, arts, travel magazines, journals, trade publications. Pictured clockwise left Hadley Phillips Bell, pastures Action, Adventure, Adrenaline Trails, choice targeting ATVUTV Motorsports Shop supplies equipment, rental fleet. J.T. Liberty, Smoke, Floridabased events firm, appreciates scope FTT playing drag-racing lined one-of-a-kind facility, nations largest motorsports arenas. TRACKS TRAILS BRITO beauty fix, too. Located Punta Gorda, exhilarating massive buzzing energy designated motocross ATV riding, paintballing, planned zip-lining course festivals. Heck, 12-acre feature white crisp, Heres beginners Built Dream Traxx, American Motorcyclist Association-sanctioned pro hard-core rippers, amateur game, getting MX scene. pee-wee grooving equipment. training, EXTREME MOTORSPORTS colossal tires grind heavy dirt, drivers rip along aided metal muscle, Mega Truck Series excitement Steve Gorr, mega truck Kill Shot, driver Libak head formidable champion. Gorr loves compete hometown crowd, Gorda. grounds 20,000 events. 424 Name activity, likely ticketing, rules mandatory arriving. 37 Extreme Graham inset Steven inset. ENTERTAINMENT Fifty-six acres reserved occasions. hitched familiar, ripening, faces reunion throw bash decade celebrating wonderful born, rock Brito seasoned world traveler residing keen surfer, spending Fijian zeal freedom. 38 INSET CHRIS LIBAK OTHER MARSAY JOHNSON dragging, biggest jumps done. racers friends, winits competiveness motivates vehicles fit amped intense action. trail-riding experience, youll thrill navigating 22-plus genuine Watch wild beasts backwoods throttle cranked, cruise pace. yet all-levels zone everyone tribe. PAINTBALL Eighty-plus scenarios speedball fields ultimate setting psych showdown. Newbies charge battle, vets fellow troupers. Year-round held January kicks Dreaded Legends tournament. onsite supply purchasing mandatory. rival Woodstock. Entertainers Reba McEntire appeared Admission fees apply. ZIP-LINE bit NFL linebacker, high-flying amid pines. upon zipping soar action attraction dimension eager sightseeing, eco-style. Youre harnessed safety, manage, wildly BEACH Here pull relaxing base. frolicking shark-free waters, prop grandmas palm take view, tiki effortlessly traverse explore park hearts desire. Facebook information, upcoming AT GLANCE 39450 Bermont 239-301-9411, 844-743-3388, 41 42 43 44 45 month memberships Rocksbox gaining inroads, surprising ROCKSBOX month, deliver pieces jewelry door. option permanent perfectly complement outfit mission ever-growing sea experts jewels hile pick wardrobe, reality era limited excessive someone shift selections edit taste. Whether wardrobe overhaul, occasional wear fashion subscription everyone. Weve listed trio retailers. trend swap out, send box concept, birthed self-proclaimed advocate Meaghan Rose, clearly taken enthusiasts nationwidethe doubled size past FABLETICS Never stress gym again healthy inspired actress Kate cofound standard fashionable fitness clothing. Noticing disconnect industry, Fabletics gap stylish outfits points. VIP retail clothing, 49.95 monthly membership fee purchase. members. clothing selected herself, browse coordinate attire. men, workout partners point. memberhips 47 LE TOTE Why pay crazy prices 150 brands fingertips budget-friendly rate designers BCBG, House Harlow Rebecca Minkoff, Le Totes gained unprecedented momentum, go-to fashion- momentum. nation. looks, maternity mommies-to-be comfortable chic. re-entered workforce, Tote Amy Subscribing new-to-me clothes expense, co-workers complimenting worn week 59 memberships, 69 totes delivered containing coordinated accessories, curated proprietary algorithm. Keep youd swapping closet. Editor 48 425 49 thousands machines decade. grew soon moved current location accommodate tonight. Part job coordinators city, Kristin Nespoli, senior recreation specialist Parks Recreation. meets expectations. better. bike pedaling, hugely mystery. trucks, attractive leather pants beverages aluminum bottles. walking middle closed traffic. spirit evening lifting slips away, crush street, pressing bunches, aside thundering past. sounds smoke rising balloons sky. moment appreciating motorcycles. begins dodge parade throttle-gunning riders 47th Terrace, inspect passing hardware bikes. mobile artwork. gleaming machine value scoots by. Old rodeo cowboys pass grandstands. strictly mans alone, feminine frills grown fact, turned seasonal events, Capes trendy Terrace entertainment district. Other Nights occur Saturdays October, December pm. Recreation hosted To anyone unfamiliar centered rods boats, sensations stepping unnerving. Plenty. pockets loud music, key successful event. element morphed lone stages Nespoli establishments Dixie Roadhouse Nevermind Awesome Eatery sideshow featuring not-quite-forgotten 80s bands. Cook, Gainesville Denise Kirkland witness band Quiet Riot perform stage. state. word vendor booths, recognize farmers markets speak directly motorcyclists. Bikers Against Child Abuse vendor, hosts vests chains promote booth Wingman--and address such. sledgehammer pumpkin pieces. mess discover attendees dress Halloween partiers headgear, welcoming party visitors. license plates stamped Ohio, Minnesota Michigan. convey communal festival, couples, interesting characters. difference rubbernecking exquisite detail 40,000 prideful owner. attendee, prepared parading rumba line appreciate anothers hobby bracing stroke super-amplified guitar. settle celebration. pretty chill, Arrianne Schuchard, handing placards observing Night. attract Glance 239-242-3209. further details, 51 Viewers national symbol, attracting audience uring Ginnie McSpadden idea placing video camera tree directed eagles nest. stream photographing birds North Bayshore Pritchetts lived ties community. Ginnies believed giving Cam fulfill role. Cam, amazed 10,000 minute streams. estimates 65 web views hail Alva, wildlife. provided bald Haliaeetus leucocephalus, enhanced viewer classroom moderated chats. educating eagles, protect conserve wildlife neighborhoods. noted stunning positive impact conservation worldwide. WILLIAM COX positioned nest left. drama associated dispute predator raids. eagle incubation early October January. Usually egg laid per successive clutch completed 3-6 days, eggs, average, Incubation 32-35 conducted female. Both brood young. eggs hatch 2-4 apart weight gain substantial, males grams day, females day. chronology nesting plumages natal approximately weeks ninth 10th juvenile stage, plumage developed, completely dark feathers. weeks, antagonism mates peak. Nestlings flapping down-covered wings, emerge preen regularly. grasping talons, pecking prey casting pellets. fifth stand loudly scream. wings carry above stealing monopolizing food, play behavior exercise frequent. perch branches called limbers. fledge 9-14 10-12 harsh challenging. does intervention, nature course. pair Ozzie Harriet history, instance, uneventful until March injured Clinic Rehabilitation Wildlife, CROW, Sanibel. fractured clavicle injuries. Heather Barron. June re-admitted months injuries territorial M15, Harriets mate. succumb Last February, eaglet E8 rescued leg. May partially limbs horned owl Bubo virginianus attacked Eaglet attack, eventually broken femur. relations board CROW. mentions volunteers life-savers project. full-time jobs and, amazing volunteers, wouldnt archives, photos, updates, Thanks tens observe eagles. Cox photographer ecologist years. VIEW ABOVE Nest watched 53 Must-see 2,000-mile scenic path crosses housands participants birders frequent bird list. Millions Floridians feeder-watchers. Society lost birding reconnect. Approximately species documented Trail, GFBWT, breeding birds, spring migratory wintering observed. exotic irregularly. wildlife, habitats butterflies. GFBWT 2,000 north south divided sections--Panhandle, West, South. sites grouped proximity different biophysical regions accessible forest, park, refuge, management county preserves section. South 122 Captiva sites--J.N. Ding Darling National Refuge, Cayo Costa Park, Lighthouse rated spots beaches, Causeway, Bailey Tract opportunities. critters butterflies creatures. island. oyster catcher, skimmer, brown pelican, tern, heron, piping plover, reddish egret, roseate spoonbill, snowy tricolored ibis wood stork. chance nests, black-backed gull, scoter redhead ducks. eider causeway. migrating hawks, orioles, grosbeaks, tanagers, vireos, warblers shorebirds Bunche Preserve, Six Mile Cypress Slough Estero Lagoon, Cecil M. Webb Management Area. Morris Myers, photographers. low tide numbers wading shorebirds, gulls terns photographed. waters rich fish invertebrates. Ospreys attracted, foraging resting Peregrine falcons attracted shorebirds. avocet, long-billed curlew, marbled godwit, whimbrel, blacknecked stilt, red-breasted merganser. displays, phenomenal. Preserve Area--just Myers--are birders. Migrating warblers, tanagers grosbeaks spring. expert list sites. Area endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. Observe woodpecker cavity April June. 67,758-acre preserve maintained mimics undeveloped expanses hydric pine flatwoods historically must-see seen easily traveled roads hiking trails. Research sections birding-101. homepage, Trip Planner Planning Tool. interested map information. clicking gives address, phone number, open, entrance fee, description, amenities, directions E-Bird Hotspot Profile. Tool, targeted Bird Species. interest. Click Amenities info restrooms, camping, access disabled, Another source Birders Bill Pranty. research, educational Trail. J.N. Refuge America 55 tos stocking GINA BIRCH ith season took hit, maybe realized change Setting might cheap, relatively lay foundation. checklist Beer non-negotiable staples. bars rarely style. rule red, bubbles. Certain spirits universally base menagerie cocktails vodka, tequila, gin, rum bourbon. Vodka blank canvas mixologist flavors tend neutral spirits. mindboggling selection, bartender Jay McAuley Cru suggests, Begin midrange Stoli. mixed drinks martinis. Tequila starring margaritas, martini-like sprit distinct smell flavor. hierarchy categories, respected Herradura Silver. gets spice oak smooth sip ice. Gin flavor, predominantly juniper berries distillers botanicals, mixologists herbal cocktails. Italy, Uncle Vals Botanical floral citrus cucumber flavors. Quite pleasing. Rum concoctions, sugar cane juice sodas. Typically, sweeter lighter mixing. Kirk Sweeney dark, aged toasty vanilla caramel, sipper mixer. looks shelf. Bourbon hands down, hottest market, shortage choices. corn, sweet. Bib Tucker Small Batch charred barrels nutty spice. Smooth complex, bourbon enjoyable goes Dawn Blauvelt Standard, enjoys craft re-created well-stocked bar. Bitters rack Theyre essential Standard twist Fashioned. suggests orange, chocolate aromatic bitters hand. Mixers break setup. Almost mixers sizes, soda tonic priorities. selection fruit splash sweetness, acidity layers flavor cranberry, grapefruit tropical nectars. citrus, backup, squeezable plastic lemons limes cans cola, lemon-lime ginger sodas stockpile, mixing wanting virgin drink. consider tomato Bloody Mary. Barware extremely important. Styrofoam do-- ever. Glass must. basic highball rocks glasses Michelle Kosteno Principato Coyote Supper stemless glasses. universally, Moscow Mule, anything. Gadgets easier. Essentials shaker tackle corks caps. extra touch, ice trays shapes spheres squares, zester stuffer. Crus stuffer, great, adding, bleu cheese martinis, creative stuff olives stocked perhaps cocktails, Shrubs OldFashioned Drink Modern Times, Dietsch. twists traditional drinks, wow guests. budget Consider celebration stock setup boost. Cheers. Birch contributor, drink, well-known media personality beer flights trying core Brewing. ups ante ye-bye bingo, hello Taking bingo hall heart Coral, cold brew. layer innovation JoAnn Elardo, founder Wicked Dolphin Distillery Cape, doors Oct. packing since. Elardos brewing ultrasuccessful, distillery. nephews employees experimenting with. tasted Hmmm, youve here. Southeast sale, immediate development. Even though quite large, expansion. perfect, converting booming brews Golden Ale Amber notes, India Pale hoppy, bitter best-seller Honey Brown malty, hints coffee. Head brewer James Retzler gateway beers, specials breweries rotating kegs Of taps, standards brews. rest dedicated promoting Visitors birds-eye view fermentation tanks brewery window buildings entrance. tour, Elardo perfected 24,000 annually. Shes kind entrepreneur operation full-service restaurant missing grow. needed, roots downtown. offset wasteland Blues faade augmented bricks bottom Educating consumer Blue. visible patrons. Asianinspired Belly Bao hit menu. taps shines finish, closely monitors. Coquito Mojito Cucumber Ortiz Confit Slider Flight favorite. Sourcing model, environment. old-time look. pit, seating 125. Garage roll nice, integrating indoor seats 75-plus people. decorated bottle chandeliers, barrel wall Patrons touches purse hooks phone-charging outlets bars. ceiling exposed beams sound-absorbing construction acoustics surprisingly Thursday Saturday. pub fare, gastropub, led chef Brandon DeMarco, graduate Johnson Wales Miami. try, ingredient technique familiar difference, Flight, Spicy Cheese topped toasted malt hops, Pork Bao, Korean steam bun filled pork belly, hoisin, jalapeo, pepper cilantro. wild, caught thoughtfully sourced. Test Kitchen Menu--it often--and Sunday brunch bottomless mimosas. bomb, mark scene, Mojito, Smokey Prickly Pear Margarita. concoctions batch similar Dolphin. 4721 SE Place, 239-471-2777 Hours a.m.-2 Happy hour 3-7 p.m. 60 Youll here straws corn. entrepreneur. lose leftover grains dumped farmer feed. shrugs, saying, 50-something Do gonna shortcuts. hamburger 11, eating healthful, Lobster Eclectic oastal Cui sine her, s r y n t Youd Live Nightly 830-1130pm Owned Operated BISTRO Mussel Monday 16.95 Crab Tuesday 9.99 Wine Bottle Wednesday 10.00 Appetizer Friday Nice Rack Tail 24.95 Oyster Saturday Day 1.00 England Bake 29.95 d Large Curve ns cree Projection rite o Fav Game 9am - 10pm Daily BarBistro 11am-Midnight 8am-2pm Sat. Sun. 1715 239-471-0136 LobsterLady ad.indd612 61 52816 Recipe Made Easy Monkey Steak Seafood SWFL DINING GUIDE Banquet Facilities Cocktails Vegetarian SEA SCALLOPS BEURRE BLANC RASPBERRY SAUCE Serves pounds scallops cup dry ounces Pinch salt bay leaves Raspberry sauce store bought saut pan, reduced half. Add pinch simmer minutes low. Cut pieces, ounce each. Take stove whisk lump thicken. temperature. Remove muscle butter, sides. overcook. Ladle onto plate arrange sauce. Garnish raspberry pure serve quinoa, rice mashed potatoes leaves. 1428 Lafayette 239-549-8800, KEY Lunch Dinner SB Brunch Pkwy W, 239-549-2366, FORDS GARAGE taste details. dcor 1920s, Ford burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. Fresh Angus beef arugula fried mouth water, names Kona Wave Goose 312. 1719 East, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY SEAFOOD MARKET Coastal Cuisine. choose Shrimp Grits breakfast Bouf Bacon Wrapped dinner, seafood freshest raw bar, fine burgers, sandwiches pasta landlubbers. night. Parkway, Units 3, 239-471-0136, ensure date. However, encourage readers ahead detailed andor reservations establishments. MONKEY BAR STEAK CENO GRILLE History. homemade spanakopita-fresh spinach, herbs feta, wrapped phyllo dough baked, chicken Marsala, George Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki meal, feast parmesan, disappointed cannoli dessert Dont miss Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. Closed Sundays. MARKER 92 Nautically Nice. draw beyond Marina Village Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. BLD 5951 Silver Blvd., 239-5415600, MELOGRANO Quality Italian Food Casual Luxury. Traditional recipes authentic Start breadsticks medieval wine, famous Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano ravioli wood-roasted coffee Limoncello tiramisu. wrong Melograno, chefs faithful time-tested recipes, non-processed foods chemical additives. Open Wednesday-Saturday, 4pm-10pm. 5971 239-214-6444, MONARCAS AUTHENTIC MEXICAN GRILL Authentically Delicious. Rich, carved surrounds peruse menu, finest Mexican dishes. Sample Monarcas beers Mexico, tequila appetizer. tortillas chips in-house, salsas pico gallo. Monarchas Aztec Cocktail favorite, Huarache Michoacano, specialty Michoacan dish thick corn tortilla beans, finely chopped onions, tomatillo tip steak. 1604 46th 239-540-9533, Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert experienced passionate proof palate, chop apple relish Pepper Painted Grouper, Ahi Tuna Salad. steak, eatery Steakhouse Indoor available, offered nightly. Street, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Parmesan Truffle Wings Volcano Spring Roll start. Hugo hand-selected 63 Crust truffle fries, gourmet Kennebec potatoes. joining Cult Carne, experience. 927 Pkwy., 239-471-0295, PARADISE DELI Heavenly Taste. variations Eggs Benedict Philly difference. Reuben Too busy dine take-out, catering array 2378 Surfside 239-2922378, DOC FORT MYERS RUM Sequel. story--a sequel. fictional Randy Wayne character Matanzas Pass banana leaf snapper Texas baby-back ribs. nights afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, Bokeelia TARPON LODGE RESTAURANT Historic Setting. Set pristine Sound, Tarpon Lodge reveals Old-Florida architecture, main diningroom 1926 historic building. delights roasted potato salad organic greens, blackened tacos blackbean salsa cilantro fraiche. catch clams shrimp pasta, Diners 4-star back-bay views. Conveniently Pineland Marina, traveling boat. 13771 Waterfront Dr., Bokeelia, N 26.39.562, 082.09.180, 239-283-3999, 64 WHERE GO WHAT DO 15, 10am-5pm Hosted Rotary present paintings, sculptures, jewelry, vendors, rock-climbing kid Vincennes Del Prado, 239-699-7942, Movie Alvin Chipmunks, Chip Jan. 20, 630pm misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon Theodore Dave propose girlfriend dump Starts dusk, suggested donation. Arts, 10091 McGregor 239-9392787, Third Drive-In sunset, permitting Fridays, Crossroads, charter school boys, drive-in River concession asks donations. Begins sunset. 1,000, sponsors. sponsorships, email crossroads-ed 121 Marion 26th Tour 21-22, 8am. Four cycling 5K mini-tour Still register, packets, maps T-shirts 5-8pm, 5848 Harbour 239-573-3128, Muscle Car Citys Monthly Show 18, 9am-1pm. Toms Traveling Tunes, trivia prizes. Trophies, registrants spectators. Serving 8am-4pm. City, 3811 Tamiami 941-5755959, 5pm Motorcycle gather music. Slow Race win gift card. Registration 530pm, race 730pm. Age, Collision 7pm Manny mammoth worry Peaches, announces engagement. unlucky love, Sid sloth couples wedding. 239-939-2787, 730pm giant inflatable screen, dusk. Jeffers 2817 3rd Lane, Conch Mondays-Thursdays Saturdays, Fridays,7pm Sundays, 12pm complete Materials provided, on-site available. 1242 239-673-6660, Paint Escape painting TuesdaysSaturdays, 10am-6pm Friday, 6-9pm Ceramic adults, decorative item gift. atmosphere enhance artistic 808 239-945-2006, Mic Press Wednesdays, Grab instrument, voice, Wednesdays 630- 930pm Press, 5789 101, 239-542-0212, Andrews 12, 6-10pm 13, 6-11pm 14, 1211pm 12-10pm Midway-style carnival rides, Ferris wheel. Food, Ms. Pageant show. Proceeds tuition down. raffle 10,000. Andrew Catholic Parish School, 2628 Prado 239-772-3922, Theatre 2pm Three bands beyond. Presented partnership, Acoustic SWFL. Doors 1pm. Screaming Orphans, presented 6pm Celtic combining melodic old-school pop Irish Joan, Angela, Grinne Thrse Diver sisters, Irish-born musicians. Includes Pop Cork 5050 drawing. MacDonalds Memories Elvis Rockin Birthday Bash Full production tribute shares, highlights Presleys iconic career, story shy humble boy king roll. Barbara B. Mann Performing Hall, 13350 FSW 239-481-4849, participating venues talent. 855732-3836, Pink Martini 8pm Drawing classical, jazz old-fashioned pop, appeal conservatives liberals alike, Lauderdale orchestra 1994. inclusive musical soundtracks political fundraisers aiding causes civil rights, housing, libraries, broadcasting, parks. 239-4814849, Masterworks Cellobration, Zuill Bailey, premier cellists, distinguished soloist, recitalist, teacher. Edward Elgars Cello Concerto, accompanied Symphony. Sinatra Ultimate Tribute 22, singer tuxedo, Dupreys flawless acting channels Sinatras spirit. Uncanny mannerisms note-for-note renditions suspension disbelief. Vocalosity all-new mind Deke Pitch Perfect, Sing-Off level. fast-paced all-star ensemble vocalists chart-topping hits innovative 12-part harmony. 67 Stars Sixties 2, 1960s Association, Gary Lewis Playboys, Lou Christie. Classics Original Symphony presents Pops Band Spectacular 3-4, joined Moretti drums, conductor Matt Catingub. Jodie DeSalvos Piano Beethoven interpretations Appassionata Sonata, monumental Hammerklavier Moonlight Sonata charming Fr Elise. Hartt Manhattan schools DeSalvo Carnegie Hall Lincoln Center. Daniels Pavilion, Artis-Naples, 5833 Pelican Bay Naples. 239-597-1900, Lets Dance Symphony, Nir Kabaretti Gilad Karni viola, Handels Water Music, Suite Rozsas Concerto Viola Orchestra, op. Stravinskys Firebird Ravels Bolero. 239481-4849, Porch 13-22, ThursdaysSundays, matinee Playwright Neary mines dear hilariously parse sex, impotency death 68 wide-eyed surprise. Audiences laugh recognizable references marriages dynamics. Theatre, 528 239-772-5862, Gulfshore Opera Splendid Scenes La Boheme, Traviata, Rigoletto operas, extended scene staged costume. Center, 701 Carmalita 239-529-3925, 28, Sidney Berne Davis 2301 First Shook 3-12, Inspired Presley. guitar-playing roustabout up, changing hip-swiveling, lip-curling fantasy. 239-7725862, Importance Being Earnest 24-March 5, Thursdays-Sundays, Oscar Wilde comedy Worthing Algernon Moncrieff, egos named escape tiresome lives. Their attempts fail, claim men Earnest. 20th Gorda Sullivan Craft Fair continued grow talents crafters, providing traditions. 331 561-746-6615, 2829, 7th Fair, vendors. artwork, photography, crafts, pottery Demonstrations, snacks, raffles Free admission. League. 516 239-772-5657, Bamboo Farm 25370 Zemel 33955 941 505-8400 History Farmers Artisans Historical Society, produce, meat, additional items, Heveron. garden 501 Shreve 941-3806814, Early Eco-Tour Tuesdays, Thursdays 730am Witness Matlacha coastal wetland creatures estuary Guides ACA-certified kayak SUP instructors master naturalists well-versed ecology skilled spotting 4120 Matlacha. 239-283-1125, Flavors October-June, 10am Matlachas salty tastes island obscure village, eccentric flamboyant colony. shops galleries Hour barsrestaurants. Leoma Lovegroves Gardens, 4637 NW, Parking Olde Fish 4530 NW. 239-945-0405, pm 4, 11am 6-10pm, 11am-4pm, invite locals self-guided tour Downtown District Gardners 239-337-5050, Market-Downtown 8am Gulf clams, breadspastries, picklesolive mixes, hydroponically sprouts, cheeses, plantstrees, jellies jams, pet treats, made-on-site guacamolesalsa. Lapio steel drum, Trop-Rock Yard Dog Charlie, blends Cajun, zydeco, grass, country, folk handmade antiques collectibles. Square, Voted 15th nation, offering fruits vegetables produce. Taylor Courthouse. 941-391-4856, Second displayed listening 6-10pm. Free, 71 specials. 855-732-3836, Pet 24, Fourth Fridays Hendry median. Pets leashed souvenirs. registration required. Cruise-In 25, 4pm cars fourth 4-8pm. Date calendar attending 72 LOGO CENTER BONITA SPRINGS Schedule 26-29 International Film films screened. Sidebar presentations, question-and-answer sessions activities actors, filmmakers, writers Centers Springs. 73 PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION THESE DATES Mercury direct decisions. moon Cancer Capricorn, warning emotional. Aquarius intelligence affairs. February Leo cause stubborn reactions. flexible. annular eclipse Pisces focuses attention long-lasting matters. Astrological Forecast NORMA HAGAN, ASTROLOGER ARIES MARCH Mars ruler enthusiastic, energetic ideas. welcome partner advantages probably work-related upgrade wardrobe. colors stimulates senses. color way. Important dates 11. TAURUS MAY fixed sign, practical liked. usual advice--especially secure astrological ground. trip. decisions planet vibrations usual. Make 26. Personal Signs GEMINI JUNE always, busiest happy. Mercury, ruler, fantastic communicator, speaking. Keeping partnerships positive, either job, challenge. Thankfully, talk yourself diplomatically situations. brighten February. entertainer, host. cruise. consideration. deserve vacation. CANCER JULY Very LEO AUGUST loyal, devoted friend. impose advantage nature. Saturn finally resolving situation steadily jolly self news. VIRGO SEPTEMBER analytical thinker, promises news financial sector, additions. rid replacements. slow liking. Changes best. LIBRA OCTOBER zodiacs planet, Jupiter, sign. favors hopes wishes, luck improving general. What favored future. Sagittarius SCORPIO NOVEMBER while. satisfied, sets improve general situation. planets showing secretly worry-free time. probable, slant. interest wonderful. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER ruled good-luck Jupiter. cheerful sunny disposition, Sagittarians definitely serious, somber influence finish projects concentrate fellow, phenomenal resume. return CAPRICORN JANUARY thoughtful signs zodiac. 8. Wait romance Venus, moves Neptune attention. matters mind. stick cautious careful ways. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY benefic lighting higher foreign travel. cultures havent curious college applicant favored. committing relationship freedom-loving surprised hear PISCES Neptune, influenced Venus aware Use considerable psychic track. transient. classes, Colors most. Pastels soft muted suit achievable sensitivity, ability empathy others, appreciated Hagan astrologer Professional Member Federation Astrologers PMAFA. Llewellyn Publications, horoscopes Moon Sign Book. Dell Horoscope astrology magazines. television appearances Morning Maury Povich Show. 1976 established Virginia Virginia, horoscopes, read tarot cards bono Homicide Division. lives telephone card readings. reached 239-4726925 75 Former insiders tale intrigue, truth DOUG GALLOGLY wife, Jackie, RUTH ANDERSON hen Gen. Miller receives urgent summons Keannealy informs 200 weapons-grade uranium missing, immediately agrees necessary happened. potential nuclear disaster beginning, Whistle Blower Double Agents R.J. Anderson Peppertree 28.95 uncontrolled reaction. actual undercover assignment chairman Atomic Commission, FBI agents assistants. investigation culprit paid uranium, Washington politics over. Infidelity murder divert Millers attention, decides findings buried, late-night ghost president. Washington, seems, proves distraction troubles, increasingly erratic Ruth insider, Nuclear Regulatory Commission incident based. authenticity, dirty, grinding machinery underpins government. spent interviewing whistleblower, foundation How truth, Andersons skillful embellishment See McAllister ARTFEST EXECUTIVE SHARON small. ArtFest 3-5. festivals executive director, McAllister, shared gearing function. year-long ago. imagined, nationally ranked showcasing 200-plus winning awards statewide internationally. saying can, cant, festival. Well, Nonetheless, soul. generous, heartfelt, wacky fortune meet. lucky spend GREAT District, Edwards Drive WHEN night, 6-9 Experience, Sunday, 4-5, a.m.-5 PARKING parking structures ADMISSION Experience 95 international TRUE CONFESSIONS FESTIVAL delivers Americana, scheduled luegrass fastest-growing communities. Plan BBQan Americana food. noon Capt. Bottom Feeders Naples, Swinging Bridge, Gals, ceremonies scholar Dick Spottswood Unlimited, magazine 1966. Event Society. 19th century surge English-IrishScots remote Appalachians blending gospel high-energy pace focusing harmony instrumentation. emerged radio mainstream performers Monroe Brothers 1920s. Grass Boys Grand Ole Opry 1939. bluegrass Naples-based appear jamboree. dating 1960s, Appalachians. 12-5 Museum, 544 Blvd. Advance gate jamboree visitors, Kirkwood, organizer. imagine, interest, end-of-January fundraiser museum. 239-772-7037, TONI PALUMBO Maria Sanchez, Estate Broker 865.712.0733 8695 College 1140 MyersCape COUSINS REAL ESTATE Us Buy Sell Property Assistance Builder Land Commercial Short Term Vacation Rentals 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN Bottled Taste Few Cents Culligan Aqua-Cleer drinking system. fresh, sink, MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 San Carlos Blvd Publix Shopping Center Thru Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 CopierPrinterScanners Printer Print Cost Recovery RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac Much ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 Call Appointment Mon-Fri Public 2018, donors artisan merchants services. wishing involved ondering colorful sculptures Leagues 2018. sponsors artist-painted sculpture, sponsored locations Linda Young receptionist Kindness Animal fiberglass dolphin painted Betsy Koscher rests. date League, Community Foundation, Auxiliary, Lady, Michaels Jewelry, Razzle Dazzle Auto Galaxy. 956 VOLUME Published CCL_Cover_JF17.indd 1235

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